$.99 Special Offer – FB List Simplified

fbamazonThis week we’re doing a bit of an experiment. I’ve gotten the rights to offer you a product for $.99 that is currently selling for almost $12 normally on the sales page. This special deal will last for 24 hours from 10am EST on Saturday, April 19th to 10am EST on Sunday, April 20th. After that the price will go up to $2.99.

Why is it so cheap?

We’re offering this for $.99 on Amazon as a way to reward you for your support.

What can you do to help?

It would be VERY helpful if you can come back and leave a quick review on Amazon. These reviews will help raise the book’s rank in Amazon and get more sales for us in the long run. We can’t do it without your reviews.

Click here to get FB List Simplified for just $.99 on Amazon (this deal ends at 10am EST on Sunday, April 20th)

Come back at 10am EST on Saturday, April 19th to get FB List Simplified for just $.99 on Amazon along with my special bonuses

Watch my video below

FB List Simplified Bonus!

Buy through my link and you’ll get the following NINE special bonuses. Just email your receipt to mike@mikefrommaine.com

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