Adsense Avalanche Review – How to find the highest paying niches for Adsense

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How to get up to $108 clicks from Google Adsense – with Ron Rule


Episode 276

adsenseclicksEver wondered how some people make sooo much money with Adsense, but all you can seem to make is $.25 clicks from your advertising? Did you know that there are keywords that will pay up to (and over) $108 per click?!

Ron Rule is on the show today to talk about what kind of keywords pay the most and his new course Adsense Avalanche.

Watch the show below: Duration:  26:45

Stuff mentioned in the show

Adsense Avalanche – Click here to check out my discount and bonus

Maximize Your Adsense niche site earnings with IntelliTheme – with Joe Magnotti

Episode 138

When building niche sites you’re often dealing with sites that are bringing in anywhere from $1 and $100 per month. A slight change in ad placement, colors, or theme can increase a site’s earning quite significantly; when you have over 3,000 websites, as Joe Magnotti does, these little changes can make a BIG difference.

Joe Magnotti, from The Empire Flippers (formerly The Adsense Flippers) is on the show today to talk about the strategies he and his partner Justin Cooke use to build niche sites that have endured through numerous Google algorithm updates. He also talks about his Adsense optimized Intelli Theme that automatically adjusts advertising placement.

BONUS: I’m giving away ONE free .com,.net, or .org niche website to everyone who buys IntelliTheme through my affiliate link. Just email me your receipt and I’ll transfer you a free niche site (includes domain and content).

Watch the show below: Duration: 17:51

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IntelliTheme (affiliate)- Adsense theme that maximizes your earnings


What posting a check from Google Adsense for $132,994.97 did for his reputation – with Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker

Episode 93

I’ve been making a living on the Internet since about 2007 now. I remember coming across Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker way back before I had accomplished any real success online. I remember looking at that big Adsense check that he posted on his blog and thinking “wow, you really can make money online”. Jeremy is on the show today to talk about some of his experiences along the way and to talk about his new book “Nothing’s changed by my Change: The Shoemoney story“.

Watch the show below: Duration: 45:16

Stuff mentioned in the show

Nothing’s changed by my Change: The Shoemoney story (affiliate)- Shoemoney’s book – Jeremy’s website

Episode 77: How to use Long Tail Pro Platinum to do LASER-TARGETED keyword research – with Spencer Haws

I’m a fan of Long Tail Pro…let’s just get that out and into the open. I have it on my computer and it’s the first thing I open when I do keyword research. When I originally bought it I paid $97 for it. Spencer Haws is doing a 7-day discount for it and announcing new features, so I had him on the show to find out what all the fuss is about.

Watch the show below: Duration: 26:21

Stuff mentioned in the show

Long Tail Pro (affiliate)- Grab it now while it’s at a discounted price

My previous interview with Spencer Spencer’s blog