Seamless SEO review – 235% increase in Traffic in 24 hours…

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Seamless SEO is a WordPress plugin that ensures that you optimize your website content fully in order to receive the most traffic from Google.

Most people think that building backlinks is the most important part of getting a website to rank in Google, when in fact on-site optimization can bring in tons of traffic on its own.​

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Click here to get an early bird discount on Seamless SEO along with my special bonuses

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[Review] FB Classroom – How to make profitable Facebook pages

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Launching today at 11am EST on Tuesday, February 18th​

If you're struggling with making money from your Facebook pages then this could be the course for you. Bill Guthrie and Will Haimerl teach you how to build Facebook pages that make money...without buying "Likes".

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Watch my review

Click here to get the lowest price on FB Classroom along with all my bonuses

FB Classroom Bonus:

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Bonus #1 – Social Media Power
Discover How To Harness The Power of Social Media Sites like Facebook And Twitter To Ignite Your Business Through The Roof…This Guide Will Share With You 200 Powerful Social Media Tactics For Increased Sales, Fans and Followers!

Bonus #2 – Unstoppable Facebook Traffic
Get Enormous Social Media Traffic Instantly By Discovering The Super-FAST & EASY Facebook Strategies! I Was Scared Out of My Wits Whenever I Used This Tactic – But the Strategies Was Too Good to Pass Up!

Bonus #3 – The Ultimate Social Media Plan
Social Media ebook “The Ultimate Social Media Plan” covers Understanding the Value of Social Media Buzz and What It Can Do For Your Business, Developing a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan, Set up and Manage a Facebook Page That Works

Bonus #4 – Using Facebook to Build Your Success
Facebook Marketing ebook “Using Facebook to Build Your Success” covers 5 Simple Steps to Advertising Success on Facebook

How to Grow Your Email List While You Sleep Using Safelists and Automation

Episode 303

safelist pirateI love anything that I can use that will make my list building efforts easier. One thing that I had never experimented with before were safelists, which are email lists specifically created for marketers to market to each other. I’ll let my guest, Stefan van der Vlag explain the details.

sp-closer1Today we’re going to discuss how to use safelists to build your email list, and how you can completely automate the process with Stefan’s Safelist Pirate software.

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Watch the show below:

My Top Ten Best Interviews and Reviews of 2013

I know that most of you are busy today getting ready to celebrate the New Year…so am I.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to make a list of the interviews and products that were the MOST popular in 2013.

Happy New Year and enjoy!

lead playerLead Pages and Lead Player: Clay Collins talks about two AMAZING products that I both use that will help you build your email list. WATCH THE INTERVIEW

money treeThe Money Tree Method: Expert product launcher Russ Ruffino talks about
how he has been able to catapult himself to success through launching products.


arbitrage underdogArbitrage Underdog: I did an interview with Tom E and a review about this product. It’s also listed as one of my favorite software tools that I actively use.



listfrenzyreviewList Frenzy: This is one of my favorite products of the year as it has to do with building a list using ad swaps.
I did an interview with the product creators and with one of their students who had made money with this method.



long tail proLong Tail Pro: Spencer Haws talks about his AMAZING keyword tool that I’ve been using for the last few years. If you do keyword research you should check this one out.


affiliate mini site secretsAffiliate Mini Site Secrets: Dave McGimpsey talks about how he’s made money with little affiliate niche websites.
This one is a classic and has been very popular with my audience.


adsense avalancheAdsense Avalanche: Ron Rule talks about the importance of choosing high paying keywords when making Adsense Niche sites.
I did both an interview and a review.


CovertStoreBuilderCovert Store Builder: Cindy Battye talks about how you can make simple Amazon websites with a few clicks of a button.



simple novice profitsSimple Novice Profits: This interview with Vinny Boccalino is one of my favorites as he really opens up and
tells us everything about the product.


solo ad business blueprintSolo Ad Business Blueprint: Kate Rosenberg tells her story about how she started her solo ad business…and her products as simple awesome.



I hope you enjoyed this list, and have a Happy SAFE New Year!


How to make money selling shirts about things you see on TV – with Duncan Dennis

Episode 286

I’m always on the look-out for new and interesting ways of making money online.  This one definitely fits that category as it involves sitting on your butt and watching TV.

Of course, there’s more to it then just the TV part, but I like that fact that it teaches us to be a bit more aware of the trends going on around us.

Duncan Dennis is on the show today to talk all about his Coach Potato Profits method, and he even gives away some of his methods in today’s interview.

Watch the show below
Click here to check out Couch Potato Profits


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