Lasting Lead System review – Add $99/month Per Customer Income Streams to your Business

Lasting Lead System review – Add $99/month Per Customer Income Streams to your Business


Check out my Lasting Lead System review below

Lasting Lead System is a course that teaches you the method that Sam Bakker and his girlfriend have used to build up a recurring income of $5,000 per month from $99 per client newsletters.

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Lasting Lead System Bonuses!

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to

Bonus #1 – Offline Marketing Madness ($17 value)
Harness the Power of Offline Marketing for Business Success!

Bonus #2 – Offline Goldmine ($27 value)
Make Money Helping Offline Businesses Succeed!

Bonus #3- Retro Reppin – Offline Reputation Management System ($7 value)
Build A Complete Reputation Management Business!

Bonus #4 – Responsive Offline Deals ($27 value)
How To Close Offline Deals!

Bonus #5 – Offline Marketing ($17 value)
Build An Offline Business Without Cold Calling!

  • April 16, 2014
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- April 16, 2014

The material in the Lasting Lead System members dashboard does not match Bakker’s sales page and is incomplete. You should check out the member site before promoting this product further.

    Mike From Maine - April 16, 2014


    What’s missing? I’ll let Sam know so he can address it.

      - April 16, 2014

      The newsletter downloads do not contain the .doc or Ai files.

      The contents of Bonus 1 and Bonus 3 is completely different that what is advertised on the sales page.

      Here is the sales page URL:

        - April 16, 2014

        You should compare the sales page copy to the member site for yourself.

          Mike From Maine - April 16, 2014

          Knowing Sam, I’m sure he just forgot to add it in. He’s not one to underdeliver.

          I’ve brought it to his attention…thanks for the heads up.

    Sam - April 16, 2014

    Hi Neil,

    I encourage you to check the members site again now. The missing content has been updated fully. I’m still waiting on the Word files to upload but those will also be up in the next hour (I uploaded the wrong zip files for each). Thanks for the heads up and enjoy the product :). I have added in some additional bonuses as well to make up for the delay on this.

    Sam Bakker

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