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How to make up to $497 each making videos for local businesses – with Sam Bakker

Episode 257

Sam BakkerYou’re a genius! That’s right, I said it. Why? Because compared to most local businesses you know 1,000 times more than they’ll ever know about online marketing. And it’s your DUTY to help them…and make some money too.

Offline businesses need customers, and in order to get more customers they need to get their message out there…and that’s where you come in. If you can provide a service that will bring them more business then they will HAPPILY

pay you over and again for your help…and that’s where Sam Bakker comes in.

Sam’s on the show today to talk about a method of selling easy-to-edit videos to local businesses for big profits with his Local Video Takeoff product…check it out below!

Watch the show below: Duration: 31:24

Stuff mentioned in the show

Local Video Takeoff (affiliate)- Sam’s product that will help you make money selling videos to local businesses

Sam’s website


  1. I never ever heard Sam Bakker with New Zealand accent it is weird!!!!!

  2. Mike From Maine says:

    To people in New Zealand our accents are weird too :-)

  3. That’s not what i meant, i have been to dozens of webinars with Sam and he had more of an american accent

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