Revenue Update for March 2012 - Spending too much

Revenue Update for March 2012 – Spending too much


ManageWP: $115

Pingler: $5

Social Adr: $94

Ezarticle link subscription: $30

Build My Rank:$70

Free Jing and ScreenCast Subscription for
easily explaining things to workers : $10

Whoosh (CLOSED) rank tracking subscription: $50

EZarticle spin credits: $360

Copyscape: $25

AMR/UAW outsourcing: $240

Odesk writing and outsourcing: $1,512

Domains and hosting: $788

website creation outsourcing: $60

Header: $468

Total expenses: $3,827




WPGoldmine commission: $9

Website sale: $500

Text link ads: $75

Adsense: $1800

Total Revenue: $2,384

Total Profit: $-1,443


I know I know…my expenses are really high. The reason why is that this last month I experimented with adding 4 more articles and a header to each website I have had made. This means an extra cost of about $20 per website. That’s a 100% increase in creation cost per website. Ouch! It’s too early to tell if it will be lucrative or not because these sites are only a month old. Time will tell.

I think to cut down on expenses I will go back to making one-page sites with no headers. If they rank then I will have a header added to them and add content. If not then I won’t waste the extra money. I think this will be better in the long run because I will be able to produce double the amount of sites for the same cost. Therefore I’ll have double the opportunity of discovering niche sites. I’ll also be able to be a bit looser with my niche site keyword selection process.

The good news is that I sold my first website for $500! This was a private sale to a person who had previously bought a link on the site. I offered to sell it to them, and after some deliberation they took it.

I also had my best Adsense month ever. I took in $1800 in Adsense revenue. That’s $560 more than the previous month. Not too shabby. But now I must focus on making more sites.

How much will each site cost? They will cost about $20 to $22 each. That includes keyword research, domain name, hosting, one article, domain setup, and link building. My next post will break-down my website creation cost.

  • April 5, 2012