Episode 49: Squeeze the most cash out of your niche sites automatically with a SMART theme – with The Adsense Flippers

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I have Justin Cooke, Joe Magnotti, and John Devries from the Adsense Flippers. They explain all about their new theme which automatically split-tests and optimizes niche sites to place ads in the best position to get clicked…and thus make more money.

Watch the show below: Duration: 24:45

Stuff mentioned in the show

IntelliTheme (affiliate)- The Adsense Flippers’ new theme for niche sites

AdsenseFlippers.com – Justin and Joe’s main website. You can check out their sites for sale HERE

Whatthedev.com – John “the intern” Devries’ site



  1. Nice job putting this together, Mike. Thanks again, we had a great time chatting with you! :)


  1. [...] no surprise that Niche Pursuits, Flippa, TropicalMBA, and Mike From Maine are on the list as we’ve continued to build relationships with all of them. [...]

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