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Start building your list like the experts with Optin Emperor – with Precious Ngwu


Episode 195

We all know that depending on Google for traffic is just a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why you should be building your list with the BEST tools available. Precious Ngwu is on the show today to discuss his Optin Emperor plugin which creates splash pages to easily collect email leads.

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Optin Emperor (affiliate)- Precious’ splash page plugin

  • July 22, 2013
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Nick - July 23, 2013

Don’t even THINK of buying anything made by Precious. He’s the biggest Nigerian scammer on the web. In fact, delete and blacklist anyone promoting his stuff too, he’s a thief and has been banned from the Warrior Forum because of it.

Don’t believe me? “Google” the term “Warrior forum SEO Prince”, (SEO Prince, Optin Emperor, sound similar?) and you’ll find HUNDREDS of people trying to get a refund from the last software he created that DID NOT WORK… and by the way, he will NOT honor his refund. Stay AWAY!

    Mike From Maine - July 23, 2013


    That doesn’t sound good 🙁

    I’ve asked Precious to respond to this.

    Mark Hnatjuk - October 26, 2015

    Hi Guys,
    This is obviously an old post but it rally caught my interest.
    1.I have purchased software from Precious and had no issues with his products. In actual fact Precious in my humble opinion is quire an innovator in IM software automation arena. I did have one uncomfortable experience about 10 weeks ago when I requested a refund for a $147.00 video plugin product. It took about 15 days but Precious did honer money back guarantee on this product.
    2. Over the past 12 months or so I have had a number of issues with software and IM coursers I have purchased from a number of vendors. I have also lost money because the vendor had no intention of issuing refunds in the first place. Usually they remove the sales page within two weeks past the launch as well. IMPORTANT: There seems to be a pattern here with more unscrupulous sellers and software developers scamming us all especially in IM arena. I note the increase went through the roof since PayPal removed purchaser protection for digital products. I also note dramatically higher risk of you NOT having you refund honored if the seller is using jvzoo.com as a processor. Could this be one of the reason that so many sellers in the IM arena have deserted the original digital goods processor “ClickBank.com”? Anything you ever purchase via ClickBank you the purchaser has “ClickBanks” utmost protection if you are not satisfied with sellers product. You do not have to beg and or chase the vendor if you have purchased through ClickBank. I am yet to see jvzoo.com place a visible support and or vendor complaint URL for us the purchasers. Yes, I have purchased over 90 products via jvzoo.com as payment processor. I have also had all of my issues with vendors using solely jvzoo as the processor [not sure if that is the right term]. So the moral of my log winded story is: Choose to buy digital products from the vendor that gives you the option to settle your payment with both jvzoo and clickbank.
    3. I am from Australia and do know many nice and decent folks from Nigeria. There are crocks and decent people everywhere in this world. I think that Precious is a decent young bloke whom has made a couple of unwise business choices. So have I…..and what about you? Hey Mike….thanks for the great info and the space…. Mark

Precious Ngwu - July 23, 2013

Hey Nick…

Thanks for letting out your feelings…

Just like every other person, you probably don’t really know much about the product SE Prince and I hardly think you own it yourself.

First of all… I’m NOT the creator of SE Prince, I was the JV broker of SE Prince…

Who is a JV broker…? Someone that gets affiliates to promote a product, and the product creator of SE Prince is Dontrell Llyons, the reason I got slammed there was because I am the more popular one and my name was probably an easier reach and just as you called me a “Nigerian scammer”, it was probably sounded better for others than way than face the real fact that the creator is an American living in California precisely.

Yes, I will be honest… SE Prince wasn’t the best product that I’ve helped promote but I refuse to be held 100% accountable to it’s inability to satisfy it’s customers because of the following reasons…

1: since I was not the creator, the support desk was not controlled by me… hence, you were 100% under the care of Dontrell Llyons

2: the sales of SE Prince never went to my Paypal account hence I wasn’t responsible for refunding customers, again… Dontrell was in control of that… NOT ME!

However, I made an error in judgement of trusting him to take care of the customers which backfired on me a lot and I learned a lot from it about partnering with people or brokering for people on their products.

And contrary to your claims, when Dontrell practically went AWOL, I used my personal money from my personal Paypal account to refund customers who reached out to me, I could go ahead to show you proofs of that from my Gmail account, Facebook inbox and customer support desk but it really doesn’t matter.

So, the question here is… are you talking about me as a person or just sharing a bitter experience of a product you may have purchased or heard about?

Because if you’re talking about me as a marketer then I must tell you that your claims about me NOT caring for my customers is 110% WRONG!

In fact, as it stands now in our industry…

…I’m offering probably the BEST customer service possible!

And it’s not just with the speed at which we reply tickets and take care of customer requests but right now, I’m the ONLY Marketer offering LIVE Customer Support to his customers… you can’t beat that easily.

It takes a lot of experienced customer support staff to offer such service and I hired a lot of them and spend a lot of money to make sure my customers get the best experience possible.

And please… you have NO RIGHT to comment negatively on Optin Emperor, a product which YOU’VE never purchased, currently… it’s one of the VERY few WordPress plugins to offers unparalleled LIVE Editing interface.

How many of the plugins you have now on your site that has such powerful feature, you don’t know how much coding you need to put a different LIVE editors for different templates that update in real time.

That’s the EXACT reason marketers don’t build it into their plugins… but I PAID some of the BEST programmers out there because I want my customers to enjoy… other people will rather save the money but I don’t mind at all because all I want is for the best experience possible for my customers

On the other note… if I was a scammer, I wouldn’t be so keen to jump on a LIVE video where thousands of people will see my face, I should be been good using fake photos… what do you think?

So please… stop spreading foul statements and deceiving people in other ruin someone’s name, it’s called defamation and has serious legal consequences, maybe you should try reading this sometime: http://ebrianrose.com/blogger-ordered-to-pay-me-tens-of-thousands-for-defamation/ and learn more about why defamation such as this is not really appreciated.


    Pete - July 17, 2016

    Precious Ngwu – you ripped me off too with a fake link for Origin Builder, you slime fuck, why you been banned so many places ?? – it’s only libel if it is NOT true, it is NOT defamation to tell the truth about a lying FUCK, which is you Mate – come meet me face to face anytime and the truth will be felt as the force of the universe in your coward bones – Pete Petersen, Canada 3585 Graveley St, Vancouver, BC V5K 5J5 come to the police desk and ask for me

    PS, but you won’t do anything, you’re from a generation of puke sissies with no guts and no honour, so fuck you ! You took my money and gave nothing and I’m going to let EVERYONE POSSIBLE know your coward guts – not everyone you ripped off is a gutless white homey, some of us will take care of business old school you punk shite

Davin - August 19, 2013

Hmm, well I’m not sure what type of support you are supplying Precious…I’ve put in a support ticket over a week ago because your Optin Emperor absolutely DOES NOT work with Get Response code, and still haven’t heard a peep…if that’s the best in the industry…then everybody is in one HELL of a lot of trouble!

    Mike From Maine - August 20, 2013


    I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll pass this on to Precious.

    Mike From Maine - August 20, 2013

    HI Davin, here’s the response I got from Precious:

    “Hey Davin…

    Hope you’re having a great day and honestly, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles.

    But fact is that we’re currently supporting this plugin and providing support all the same so this is not like some abandoned project.

    In fact, I just released an update of the plugin yesterday fixing all known issues and even notified everyone via email, maybe you missed it somehow…

    I’ve uploaded a copy of the email to my dropbox account: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3hboz0qlbl80o8/email%20release.png

    We do our best to be up par with our customers, if you filed a complaint correctly at our Support Desk here: http://pagedsupport.com, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have received a response.

    But if there’s such a case where your ticket your got mixed up or missed out on, then I deeply apologize on-behalf of myself and my team.

    Everybody who had issue with GetResponse can download the new fix we just released last night, if you still experience any further issues, please notify our support desk.

    And this time around, I will make a special case for you: Next time you contact my support desk, use the title “For Precious, Davin from MikefromMaine.com” and the ticket will be particularly reserved for me and I will personally attend to you myself as a way of showing my gratitude to you.

    Once again, I apologize for any issues you might have suffered while attempting to use our product.



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