Syndication Rockstar Review with Sean Donahoe

Syndication Rockstar – How to rank your websites in Google with FREE Viral Syndication – with Sean Donahoe


Episode 13

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I talk with SEO expert Sean Donahoe about SEO after the Google Exact Match Domain update. He talks about how he uses free web 2.0 links to build a “blog network” to rank his websites.  We also discuss:

1. How can you get exact match domain to rank after the update?

2. How can you syndicate your link building on auto pilot for free?

3. How can you avoid getting a Google slap when doing link building?
Watch the show below: Duration: 37:54

Stuff mentioned in the show

Syndication Rockstar (CLOSED)- Sean’s plugin that puts web 2.0 link building on autopilot.

  • October 8, 2012