How To Discover Best Selling Kindle Amazon Book Ideas with Steve Scott

Why Steve Scott is transitioning from blogging to Kindle publishing…and why you should too

Episode 17

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I have Authority site Master, Steve Scott. We talk about how Steve started making money on the Internet by selling evil eye jewelry on eBay until a competitor undercut him and drove him out of business. He’s got a great story to tell and we even come up with a few great ideas during out discussion.

What’s in the interview?

1. What direction is Steve taking his business in?

2. How can you use a WSO to help launch a Kindle book?

3.  How much is Steve making from publishing on Kindle?

Watch the show below: Duration: 42:36

Stuff mentioned in the show

How To Discover Best Selling Kindle Amazon Book Ideas (affiliate link) – Steve’s new book out on Kindle.

Steve’s website

  • October 12, 2012