$100 Niche Site Giveaway

It's been a busy past couple of weeks with participating in a debate at the Adsense Flippers, publishing an overdue June Income Report, and then by far my most popular post so far about my Internet Marketing journey. Let's just say I'm happy it's the weekend.

I've been wanting to do a niche site giveaway for a long time now. I've mentioned it to you all before, and finally it has come to fruition. I'm giving it away so that I can give a little something back to my readers and also in hope that you'll spread the word about my site.

The way the contest works is that you click on the link below and submit your name and email. Don't worry if you're already on my subscriber list, it's fine. After you submit your name and email you'll be given a special link unique to you. For every person that you send that link to and that enters the contest after clicking it, you'll receive 10 extra chances to win the $100 niche site.


So, if you enter the contest, and then get 10 friends to enter the contest, you'll have 101 entries, thus a higher chance of winning.


How can you win?

1. Share your special link on Facebook.

2. Share your link on Twitter.

3. Email your link to your friends (but please don't spam).

Don't forget to like Mike From Maine on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to get the results of the contest

Good luck! The contest ends Friday, July 27th at 11:59PM EST.

You must confirm your email address to be eligible to win.


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