8 list building plugins all packed into ONE super powerful tool – with Sam Zadworny

Episode 9

See that optin form at the beginning of the post? How about the one that popped up when you visited the site? And the one in the sidebar? And the slider bar on the left? What do they all have in common? They are all from a single wordpress plugin!

Today I talk with Sam Zadworny about an awesome new plugin that he’s developed to help with list building. His plugin is really a “swiss army knife” of list building tools as it incorporates inline ads, popups, sidebar ads, sliding ads, and much more. Check out the video below to learn about Sam’s interesting story from working as a gardener to being successful as an online marketer.

Watch the video below: Duration: 32:58

[leadplayer_vid id=”506AF293A56F0″]Stuff mentioned in the show

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Let us know how you collect emails for your list in the comments below

  1. Hey Mike –

    Another great interview. Wonder if you can keep it up at this rate of one per week day? It’s nice to have new content on your blog every day.

    As for the opt-in boxes. I really hope this is just a temporary example on your website as you have way too many opt-in boxes now all over the place on your blog. Also when you click on the button to not show them anymore they still show up. Something might be broken there. Might want to look into it.

    I’m thinking if you are using opt-in email features you should one or two at max. Anymore than this and you are just trying to force it in peoples faces.

    1. Hey Mike – also wanted to say I like how you paused the video and collected the email address. Is this part of this plugin from Sam? I was wondering how you built in that and the button on a YouTube video. Was really cool features.

      I remember you talking about this in another interview where you said people will notice if a video stops and the audio stops as people a lot of the time will turn on the video and then do something else and only check if the video stops. Hope this feature works out for you!

      1. I’m able to pause the video by using the Lead Player plugin. You can checkout a great review at Smart Passive Income

        1. Thanks for sharing that plugin. It’s awesome. Especially since I am getting into Youtube videos now that could be really helpful. Thanks again.

    2. James, I agree that using too many just gets in the way. There has to be a happy medium.

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