A Few Bloggers That You Might Want To Check Out

Last week I reached out to my list and asked them to suggest Internet marketing bloggers that they think provide great material but are not very well-known. I’ve included their emails with a link to both the suggested site and their own sites. Enjoy!


I like reading Justin Dupre because he speaks in a straight forward manner and doesn’t hype products. I like his honesty. Plus, he gives most of his advice away free on his blog.
He does mainly PPC, but there is a lot of crossover to SEO niche sites. Besides I, personally, want to get into PPC after my niche sites start producing to diversify. Like Mike, he says you can start small sure, but there comes a time to scale and that takes investment. Another similarity to Mike is that the investment dollars goes into tools and hosting, not another WSO or the latest product launch. He also frequently gives advice on how to raise money to put into your business to get started right.

Hi Mike,

Tom Ewer from Leaving Work Behind is killing it online. He consistently puts out extremely useful and entertaining content, and he is very involved with his readers. He can also be seen guest posting on blogs like Niche Pursuits.
I think Tom is definitely a Blog to watch.
Hi Mike,
I have two favorite IM bloggers that I like to read, One is Matt Carter on MattsMarketingBlog.com  He is very sensible and thorough. He knows that he does not know it all and he makes use of guess boggers and content based webinars and passes that info onto his followers.
Another favorite is not really a blogger (at least not that I know of) but posts very regularly on the Warrior Forum. Alexa Smith is an authority in the area of article marketing and article syndication and several other topics as well. She is both intelligent and knowledgable and she communicates (writes) very well. He is definately NOT afraid to “tell it like it is” and she regularly, as in daily, will dispell some common IM myths.
Those are my suggestions – David from Massachusetts
Hi Mike
You might want to check out http://www.livinginthailand.net Its a 31 day account of living in Thailand “Decently” with $400 a month just facts and pics, and also covers all the things I learnt during the 1st 18 months, during the 31 days. Geared to guys and gals wanting to make a living on line…
Have a great day



Check out these blogs and let me know what you think about them in the comments below. Also, it’s not too late to chime in with some great bloggers if you’d like to recommend them.

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  1. I know all the above blogs, but living in Thailand is one which i don’t know about it. Seems interesting site compared to other blogs. After seeing that site I learned one thing, that we can make money by entering any niches but only thing we need to remember is we have to share useful information with our blogs.

    1. Arun,

      That’s one of the most important things…your info must be useful…and unique. If you just go around regurgitating what everyone else says then you won’t be special.

  2. I only know few of those blogs. Tom Ewer was once a guest of mine on my show @ivblogger.com but I sure know alexa smith – hardly will any WF user not know her.


  3. She makes some lengthy, informative posts on the WF. I think she might even sell articles, but I can’t recall that with certainty. I have read a few of her posts here and there, and she seems to be fairly well informed.

    1. Mitch,

      I wonder why she doesn’t have her own blog. She’d be able to promote herself better that way.

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