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Video 1 - Your Home Base

My Home Base: This is where I live online

Video 2 - Start Now!!!

My About Me page: This is where I tell my story

Video Three - Know Your Numbers

Income Reports: Here's where I track my expenses and profits each month

Video Four - Audience Relationships 101

Video Five - Authority by Association

Video Six - Value, Value, Value

Video Seven - Networking

Video Eight - Build your list

Aweber: Start building your list for $1 with this auto responder
Warrior Forum: This is a great place to build your email list when you put your squeeze page link in your signature
Solo Ad Directory: My list of solo ad providers and results that I've had

Video Nine - Create Products

Video Ten - Where the heck is the money?

MunchEye: You can find affiliate products to promote that will make you money before you have your own product

Video Eleven - The Secret to Scaling

Video Twelve - How the heck do I get started?

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Now that you know the general idea behind my business, now it's YOUR turn to repeat my results. Below you'll find ACTIONABLE training on how I make over $277 per day in affiliate commissions. Watch all the videos and then take action!


1. Find a high converting product on Munch Eye

  • Check muncheye.com every day
  • Plan out your promotions at LEAST a week in advance
  • Check out which products become JVzoo Product of the Day and WSO of the Day
  • In the beginning you can promote products that have already been awarded, but if you can try to guess them in advance you'll get more sales in the long run

2. Contact the product creator and get the Sales Page and product access

  • Skype, Facebook, email, JV signup
  • Ask for the sales page preview and review access
  • Let them know that you have a website, Youtube channel, a list of X subscribers, et cetera

3. Go through the product and make a quick presell video telling when the product goes live

  • Get info from JV page
  • You can also use demo videos
  • Ask the product creator for a special overview

4. Make a 5-10 minute review video showing the sales page and product

  • Record a review of the product
  • Be honest

5. Show the review to the product creator and ask if you can put a bonus in their download area (free traffic)

  • Let the product creator know that you are doing something proactive to promote their product.
  • Show them your presell and review
  • Ask them if they need a written or video testimonial
  • Ask if they allow bonuses in their download area for affiliates that promote

6. Send the presell video to your list the night before

7. Send your review video to your list when the product launches

  • Send an email to your list an hour before the early bird goes live with a link to your review
  • Then send an email right before the cart goes live
  • Or just send an email when the cart goes live
  • If you're not promoting every day then send another email to your unopens around 7pm EST

8. Repeat

  • Setup your promos on your calendar
  • Don't leave things until the last minute

9. Taking it to the next level