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Subject: My Dirty Little Secret

This morning I was trying to dig up access to a product I bought a while back.

So I ended up in Warrior Plus and dug thru my ‘purchase history’.

Damn that was a weird moment! I found DOZENS of products I’d purchased

that I’d NEVER even opened…

NOT a good feeling. Been literally throwing money away. All for fancy sales

pages and slick emails that arrive in my inbox every hour.

So I made a decision. From now on, I’m only going to pursue products from

people with a proven track record, with proven results.

Why burn money? Instead, why not invest in a proven system that’s tested

to work when applied? Yup, that’s going to be the way I do things moving


Was fortunate enough to review such a system from someone I have

tremendous respect for. And this one system is the one I’ll be following

from now on. Will be ‘spring cleaning’ my hard drive of all the other

distractions first thing. And leveraging this one to my full advantage,

starting now.

Wanna see how a guy who earns a consistent 10K per month makes it

happen? Well that’s what I just discovered. And tomorrow I’ll share the

details with you.

Till then,

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Subject: Know Anyone Who Suffers from SOS?

SOS, or Shiny Object Syndrome, is the silent and deadly killer of

so many online marketer’s dreams.

I was a victim. The disease is merciless and can attack anyone

without warning. How did I escape?

By being lucky enough to become associated with people who

had moved beyond SOS and achieved true financial freedom.

And perhaps the most influential of these people has been

Michael Thomas, fondly known online as ‘Mike from Maine’.

Mike’s documented his journey from earning literally nothing

to over 10K per month, every step of the way. And tomorrow

he’s doing the unthinkable…

He’s releasing his personal blueprint, along with real world

case studies, of exactly how he did it. So you can simply

copy his methods and duplicate his results.

This product will change the face of earning online. Because

finally, someone who is actually doing what he’s teaching

is holding nothing back and sharing EVERYTHING you need

to do to make it happen.

Will let you know the instant this becomes available.

Till then,

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Subject: It's live!!!  Get Affiliate Income Secrets now!

Ever been sold on ‘that’ bill of goods before? Guess

what? Doesn’t really hold water in the world of IM. Because

to really get to a life changing income on the internet...

You’ve got to build it right. Assemble the pieces and put ‘em

together ‘just so’ in order for the magic to happen. Good news?

It’s really not hard.

All you need is a blueprint to follow, a map showing

you how to get from A to B.

>> Get Your Own Blueprint Here! <<

This blueprint’s been assembled by one of the most

highly respected online marketers in the game. Starting

from absolutely zero he now regularly banks 10K or

more, per month. With publicly stated proof of how he

does it.

And for the first time EVER, he’s revealing his no-holds

barred, step by step system for you to follow. So that

you can literally duplicate his results.

This comprehensive program details every single step

you need to take if you’re ready to truly live the

internet lifestyle. And there’s a fast start action guide

so you know exactly what do, and when, to get started

in the fastest time possible.

>> Check This Out It’s Beyond Awesome! <<

Sure, you could keep chasing shiny buttons and hoping.

Or you could simply follow in the footsteps of a proven,

respected, internet earning machine.

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Subject: Wanna Get Schooled?

My friend Mike is pretty interesting. Used to be a teacher.

Gave it up to pursue ‘the internet lifestyle’ a couple years

ago. And pretty quickly doubled his income, to the tune

of around 10K per month!

He started from scratch and built his way up. And

documented the entire journey along the way. For

the first time EVER, he’s showing how you can copy

his results and go from zero to 10K per month…

>> Get Your Hands on This Now! <<

Every simple step from building your brand to earning

commissions, each and every day. Ridiculously simple

by just following the steps he lays out. From networking

‘the right way’ to exactly how to build your list, no stone

is unturned.

>> You Owe It To Yourself to Check This Out <<

Mike’s done it, and is doing it. Best part? He’s a

teacher at heart. So he’s put out a lesson plan that

a grade schooler could follow. Even includes a quick

start guide so you know exactly how to get moving as

fast as tomorrow!

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Subject: Now This is My Kind of 12 Step Program…

Does 12 steps sound like a lot? Depends on your goal.

If your goal is 50 bucks a day, then sure. But let’s say I

could show you how to make about $300 per day…

Would 12 simple steps to making 10K per month seem

like a lot then? Especially if those steps were simple,

repeatable and easy to follow? Because that’s what we’re

talking about right now.

Check Out Affiliate Income Secrets Now! [LINK]

Michael Thomas, fondly known as Mike from Maine, is

indeed earning 10K per month, regularly. And for

the first time ever, he’s revealing his personalized 12

step program on how you can do the same!

It’s not hard. It’s a simple process. You just need to

know the pieces of the puzzle and how to put them

together. And that’s what Mike explains, in his

signature style, in this course. No brainer.

Click Here Now To Get to the Goods! [LINK]

Mike’s one of the most respected marketers online.

His customers, colleagues and even his competitors

have nothing but great things to say about him. So if

you’re ready for a legit, ethical way to create MORE

than a comfortable online income, this is for you.

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Subject: Teacher Throws in the Towel and Trades Up to 10K Per Month!

How many former teachers do YOU know that are now making

10K or more every single month?

Well I’m lucky enough to know Mike and here’s your chance to

get to know him as well. Because for the past 3 years he’s built

up an incredible online business, documenting every step along

the way.

And today, he’s put his entire process together into a simple

course so you can do exactly the same thing….

>> Check Out Affiliate Income Secrets Now! <<

This guy has posted, publicly, his monthly earnings reports for

the past 3 years. And he’s now regularly hitting over 10K per month.

All through trial and error, but he’s got it down to a simple step

by step process that anyone can follow.

>> Grab It Here, It’s Awesome! <<

Ready to trade up yourself? This is your chance.

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Simple Steps to 10K Per Month

Making 100 bucks a day online ain’t that tough. Lots of ways

to make that happen. But hitting close to 300 per day?

That requires a system. Built with a solid foundation so it’s

repeatable, day in and day out. The kind of system that pours

cash into your account whether you’re online or not.

Build Your 10K Per Month System Here!

This course is a rare release by my friend Mike. Why doesn’t

he release products that often? Because he doesn’t have to.

Because by simply following the steps he shows in this course,

he crushes affiliate commissions each and every month.

Here’s your chance to see how he does it. Literally be a fly

on the wall and watch over his shoulder as he shows you

how to set up the same system he’s running himself. For

absolutely massive results.

Check This Out Now!

Mike is the real deal and is presentation style is so friendly

that anyone can follow along. Regardless of where you’re

at, this will take you to the next level.

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