How to chat with your clients AND collect leads from them at the same time – with Kevin Docherty


Episode 217

See that little chat box in the bottom left-hand corner? If you’re a frequent watcher you’ve probably become used to it, but if you chat something in there then there’s a very good possibility that I’ll be answering you from the other end. And if I’m not there to answer I’ll definitely email you back. Why do I put in the time to do this? Because I think connecting with my audience in this way is one of the ways that I can differentiate myself from the competition. And I like doing it, too 🙂

Kevin Docherty is on the show today to talk about his WP Chit Chat plugin that provides the same chat function that I have on my site, but with a special twist: it helps build your list at the same time.

Watch the show below: Duration: 27:04
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