Episode 104: Why You Should Get an Online Marketing Coach – with Alex Jeffreys


It can be a lonely world out there when you’re working from home. It can also be doubly hard being successful when there’s so much information being thrown at you constantly…contradictory information! Alex Jeffreys is on the show today to talk about how getting an online marketing coach can be the exact thing you need in getting you going in the right direction.

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Episode 104: Why You Should Get an Online Marketing Coach – with Alex Jeffreys

Mike: Hello there, everyone! Welcome to Episode 104 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we doily interviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, I have Alex Jeffreys on to talk about the importance of getting a coach when you’re going about a – doing your internet marketing business. Now, a lot of us, including myself have gone a long way without having a coach but by doing that, we’ve spent a lot of money, done things that more experienced people might not recommend and it’s – I don’t know, for me personally, it can be really confusing with all the information overload out there. All kinds of different people promoting different ways of making money online and it just can get really confusing as to what we should be doing. So yeah, we’re gonna talk about how a coach can help you really speed up the way you’re doing things. Of course, it can be a little more expensive because most coaches, I would say, 99% of them won’t do it for free. They’re gonna expect something in return, whether it’s you kind of working as an intern for them or most of the time, it’s gonna be a fee that they’ll take from you, ranging anywhere from $100 to $10,000, probably even higher. So, yeah. We’re gonna get into that today. And, enjoy the show.

Mike: We are here today with Alex Jeffreys. Alex, welcome to the show. Alex: Thank you for having me, Mike.

Mike: Okay, Alex. We tried to record this a minute ago we had problems. So, I’m gonna ask you again, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your internet marketing journey?

Alex: Sure, so I’ll be quick with this as an introduction. I started it on the internet nine years ago. So, February 2004. I started doing ebay, I started doing this whole lot in a market place called ebay. Really, I got fascinated with ebay. I was selling digital products over there. You know, I come across a person called John Forhill. At that time, he was – right now, he is called, you know, the ebay guru. He’s definitely the person who’s got the best information published about them in ebay. And I also came across these things called wholesale list, so I could resell. Now, as I was looking on the whosesale list, there was um, there’s this wholesale list about motorbikes. So, I was looking at that , they had all these motorbikes you could bring in from China and sell, you know, as wholesale. As I was looking at the numbers, I was like, “Wow! These are some huge margins”. So, I started to research this China marketplace and so as all this different warehouses. And I realized that I could make a serious amount of money on ebay. So, I basically shifted from selling wholesale list of, you know, resell like books on ebay to opening up an import company and bringing in motorbikes in China and actually selling them on ebay. Now, what was really interesting is I couldn’t afford at the time to sell – you know, to bring containers of things or motorbikes over. So, what I actually did was I was selling these motorbikes as in oversea, I was selling it to a discount so it’s cheaper than in competition and I got paid in advance. So, the motorbike arrives, I paid all that money to shipping port, so I didn’t to bring deposits to get the containers sent over. I basically – all the customer’s pay, I gave it all to the shipping port and I open up the container at port, I’d stick them all in this company called Initial City Link, they will ship them all around the country and that’s pretty much the crop at the top.

Mike: So you didn’t even have to have a warehouse or anything? You just got it in and immediately just sent it out again.

Alex: I did have a warehouse coz I wasn’t selling – I wasn’t selling of all the units that quickly but, you know, on the most part, it was making profit with whatever was left.

Mike: Cool.

Alex: So I will hire a container, I’ll store it. It cost me a couple of hundred dollars a month to store the bikes but we were making good profits. We make six figures in the first four months we’re doing this. Now, just some interesting things here: number one, um, I got myself a mentor at that time who was my very first coach ever, his name is Courtney Walden and he’s a local business coach and he basically taught me the fundamental Business 101 stuff like ah, blocking out time. You know, planning tomorrow and today. Just really the fundamental things on business that are stuck with me forever, you know, if you don’t have these kind of things, you’re really gonna fail in business. So, that’s number one important thing. The second things is I really got interested with marketing on the internet. I love, you know, we had like procedures. So, say I was – say the phone rings and here is the phone. Then, I will get the phone, I’ll pass the phone to somebody else who is the secretary, wife or girlfriend, right? She goes to the phone and says, “Hey AJ, good to hear you”. She then takes the person’s telephone number, details and stuff, and then pass over to me, right? On a piece of paper with some questions, like we run through all the questions. So, we took the people through the phases. And we had this procedure where we knew we can close all our phone and also, I was studying how to battle my auctions than everybody

else coz it’s a very hungry market place, very ah, competitive market place. And ah, that’s when I typed into internet, internet marketing. And I’ve come across these whole world of internet marketing I didn’t think I was falling to.

Mike: I think the first time that someone would go ahead and try to type in like make money online or internet marketing, I just – when I go back and think about when I was learning just anything, I think the first like things I started to learn were how to make an HTML website. This was back in maybe 2005. And luckily, luckily I had my brother who was already making six figures on the – online, on the internet. And he was already do – he was already successful which made me know, okay, this is something that’s like, you can – it can be done. There are ways of doing it but then you started going into like the Warrior Forum or into any of these places online and it gets so freaking confusing. And even now, after all this time, when I go into these forums and look around, I still get sometimes so confused, looking at all these information because there’s so much information coming at you and you don’t know which information is true. You don’t know who’s just trying to sell you something and you don’t know who’s like truly trying to help you – which there are people that are doing that, real coaches doing that.

Alex: So I – I could totally agree with you coz back in 2006, when I was just first starting out, you know, with this internet marketing stuff, I was lost who to trust, I will go through all these different websites and I didn’t have a clue who to trust. However, I remember that John Forhill was one of the guys I did trust. You know, he was like in this ebay guru, so I was like on John’s list. I basically forgot about everybody else. John introduced me to some other people and whoever he recommended, I then trust naturally. And there was a seminar there that was upcoming by two of John’s friends. And this seminar is at Alabama at the USA. I live in the you know, the UK, so I bloody ended up going to Alabama, flying from London, UK to Alabama. Yeah, it was crazy. Um, my friends —

Mike: What did you think of Alabama, by the way?

Alex: I didn’t leave the headquarters out, so I just went to the conference – um, just went to the conference, didn’t step outside of the building, to be honest with you. The conference was inside of the airport terminal, so um – but my friends thought it was crazy going to Alabama. My mom thought I was gonna get kidnapped out there, meeting some people on the internet gonna teach me how to make money. There is just this whole episode around it. And ah, the thing is so – the seminar, I learned something really important that – you know, if you can make money, you can make money but if you can teach people how to make money, you can make ten times the money. And that struck me ever since. So, I’m now – I’m now making this money on ebay, I could teach people how to set up this ebay business coz I got these procedures and place. I’ve learned from Courtney, you know, what’s going on, really how to run a business. I’ve done really well. I could teach this. So I then created a website, and it’s my first information product called Easy Profit Auctions, alright. So I then started to build my first information product. You have to realize now, Mike. I’m dyslexic. I can’t spell. Um you know, it was a hard process. It took me several months to create this information product and it look horrendous by the end of that. Luckily, my auntie helped me, you know, reconstruct it and basically get it ready for launch. Um, but at that time period, I was very lost in trying to launch my first information product on the internet. There is a website that needs to be built that must be tied together with your responders. Sales copy need to be wrote. Product needs to be there. You need affiliates. You need your graphics. Everything that comes with that, I was totally lost. So, that’s when I read a book by Mike Filsaime and ah – when I read that book, it was the very first information product that I read, I was like – it was at a max level, it was groundbreaking stuff. So, I was like, I need to meet this certain dude. Whoever he is, I need to meet him. And then luckily enough a – six weeks later, he was actually a speaker on stage at the UK. So, I attended that seminar. Basically, Mike Filsaime, you know, joined this coaching product and collect $5000. I didn’t have that money at that time. I maxed out all my credit cards. You know, we were on a huge credit card debt by this time while I’m trying to learn this information business with Mike Filsame and I started working with him but then, two months later after you know, basically got me focused, I launched my first information product, my first website. And we basically went live. We did $27,000 the first we went live with that product as well, which is pretty, pretty cool.

Mike: Wow. Yeah, that’s nice.

Alex: But what’s interesting is that a lot of that money was not mine graphically. Copywriting service. I paid affiliates. Um, and then, what really hit me is the second week. A week after my product went live, we made no money. That was like almost $0 coming into the account. So I’m like, oh geez. It’s time to get a job again, right? After the day job. And I was kind of, I’d say depressed. Like I – you know, I’ve never been depressed. I was kind of really down. I was like, shit my business is bad, you know. And then, I discovered, I said hang on a second, last week you just made $27,000 with the website – information, sending information. And now, the website’s built, the sales drastically converts, the product’s created. All we need to do now is just get traffic. The best way to get traffic is affiliates – All I need to do for the rest of my life is just get affiliates to promote that sales letter, I’m good. So, that was then, that was the only thing I focused on for the rest of that year, was to get affiliates to promote that sales letter and also email in the customers – doing email marketing to the customers. So, I learned two sets of skills on that year: build relationships with partners and also, how to write real good sales emails that build, you know, that build relationship and covert like crazy. Um, that year – we finished off that year doing over a $100,000 — $115,000 with that website. It was pretty cool.

Mike: Yeah, that is really nice. I mean, you went from being in debt to being very – to doing very well in a very short amount of time.

Alex: Yeah and I mean, you know and it took a lot of work. Reality-based, it was a daily – a daily effort, right? You know, it was a daily effort. And the thing is, people will think that since that marketing stuff is all applied to websites. You know, I’ve got loads of websites, not all of them particularly bring in sales and make money. However, it’s nothing to put on and strive to always do better. So, right now, in my work office you know, we’ve got office next door there. There’s a couple of people in this office. We have office here, there’s several people out there. Um, I grew the company. You know, we are basically doing you know, a lot of coaching, a lot of consulting, a lot of you know, of teachings. And ah, we’re striving. You know, the company is growing and that’s what we’ve done every year, we’ve grown every year. So, going back to that point, I didn’t settle for what we were, I wanted more. Are you with me?

Mike: I’m with you, I’m with you. Yeah.

Alex: And that happens to people, whether if it’s from greed or whether it’s from ambition, everybody wants to grow. You know, it’s natural.

Mike: And a big thing with you, I mean you’ve got your website Marketing with Alex and it is – I mean, you’re big into the whole coaching thing. I kinda want to dig into that with you and how you feel about the importance of getting a coach. Is it necessary for everyone? Is it something that everyone should be putting like in investment end or at certain point, you should be doing it? So, let’s start with one question first: Why should you get a coach?

Alex: Okay. So, you know, I was lost, confused until I got a coach. Now, and Courtney was my first coach. He taught me the principles that stuck with me until today, okay? Mike Filsaime then was my coach and after that, he taught me about information product launches and how to get everything together and compile the websites so, you know, you’re not lost. So, I know now everything – I was just gonna, I was gonna see the drawing here. But you know, I know pretty much – I now know how to construct everything for product launch, okay? Mike taught me that. Um, you know, after I worked with Mike, what happened then is I – I wrote a book called Post Launch Profits and that book was a free book, a giveaway for free and it spoke about my journey from ebay to the launch I spoke about and then the next, we’re having no money and ways I made it possible to generate over a hundred thousand dollars. Everything that went all that year, I put on the book that I gave away. I gave it away for free. That generates 8,000 doctrines the first week we gave it away. I got a mail list of 8000 people. Remember, that past year I’ve really learned email marketing, so now I was – So now, I was emailing these people. For example, I send two or three emails a week, I was generating about $10,000 a month income. So, that was pretty cool, life was really easy back then. You don’t have to do so much from sending a couple of emails. Just really write, you know, well-crafted emails. Spend a few hours writing that email and send them out. And then, I was like, this is too easy. So, I – I was like, how do I replicate this? So, I then wrote a book called Post Launch Profits Secrets. And it’s basically the secrets behind giving away a free book and generating 8000 doctrines and making money just sending emails, then I wrote a book too, the Post Launch Profits Secrets. And I built another list of 10,000 people. So now, whenever I sent an email, it was going out to 18 – 20, 000 people. I was generating that much more money. We were about $20,000 a month. Now, around that point, I was blogging to internet marketing people to let them know my results, how I was I doing. I was also communicating with my list in this manner. And ah, Mike Filsaime who was my coach, I mean we’re good friend at that point, is telling me, you wanna – you wanna speak to my mentor who’s Rich Jeffrey who is basically somebody who helps you excel even further. So, I started with Rich, joined Rich’s coaching program and basically launched my coach – my first coaching program, that month I joined Rich. Um, because of the buzz and the manner that I created, you know, working with Rich over the 30-day period, when I launched my program, it went from going $20,000 a month consistently for sevnl months to that following month having over $330,000 sent in my Paypal account.

Mike: Wow.

Alex: We generated like $330,000 the first week I launched my coaching program. What’s very interesting is, there was no information created. I was just selling an opportunity.

Mike: So, you were selling it first and then, later on you would create a product, the coaching?

Alex: Yeah. And Rich told me how to do that so that my next coaching with Jay Abraham told me how to sell an opportunity before you create it and how to construct the coaching so that it becomes as the best part, you know, possible and he taught me to create a buzz and stuff around it as well, so it’s pretty interesting.

Mike: One of the main comment threads that I’ve learned from talking with people that have had mentors and coaches is not – I mean, of course it’s important, the information that you get from these people. But one of the, I think most important things that you get from being attached to someone and learning directly from someone is the connections and the networking that that person can then get you in contact with. People that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach out to and contact coz they won’t know who

you were. And that person can – will, in a way, vouch for you and because you’re their student and they’ve had a chance to talk with you a little bit and they know that you’re – that you’re actually someone that feels comfortable in referring. So yeah, have you found it to be that way as well, that the relationships that were created from mentoring and coaching?

Alex: Sure. So, then again just to put it –put it, you know, before all of that, why it’s important to have a coach is because they’re more rich story during that period of time and replicated over and over. So, we’ve done that, you know, $300,000 many times in a week period over and over. It’s a skill I learned once with my mentor, I left the nest, I had that skill, I used it many times to make millions of dollar. Now, with regards to then, you know, opening the doors by mentors. Absolutely. Um, you know, I been under Rich’s, you know, wing, introduced me to Jay Abraham. You know, took me to Vegas, you know, penpals with Jay. Jay, then, actually bit me up in the room. He actually slapped me across the face three times to increase my prices because I was doing so well in coaching people and getting such great results. I thought I had a cap in my coaching at a $1000, like that was all I thought could charge people. I was like, Jay I’ve got everything. My heart and soul want to bill this coaching for a thousand dollars, there’s no way I can charge more. And he slapped me. And you know and he’s a very charismatic guy. I don’t know if you – if you’ve met him —

Mike: I haven’t met him but I think I need to.

Alex: Yeah, he is a very charismatic guy and ah, when we walked into a room, the room lit up. You know, he’s just this great guy – I actually thought he was gay guy when I first ever met him.

Mike: You should be – you should be startled of him. He hit you.

Alex: Yeah, so ah, so the – then, I said I can’t. Then he slapped me again. And he said, any more excuses? I said no – and before he even say anything and slap me third time, I said, “Okay, okay. I’ll put my price up.” He said, “You know, you start charging at $5000 for the few coaching from here forward. So, um, I kind of posing doubts. I left Vegas. I moved to California for a few months. We lived in California for a few months. And I did not open up that coaching program. I was too scared to amend it. That was July 2010, it took me until March 2011 to open that coaching program and I still got doubts, I charged with $3000 for it and it was selling so easily though that I put the price at $5000, you know, shortly after. So, I grew some balls.

Mike: Good job!

Alex: Yeah. And since, and since – and then, just recently, I’ve been living in Florida for few months. Just a few road from Rich Jeffrey. And at Wednesday, Jay is coming to town. So, you built a great friendship and so, I wouldn’t say I’m scared of Jay now, I say we’re really good friends. Like, we built a good friendship. Also, who was there was Michael Mattison. You heard of him? He’s really with Mark Ford. Um, you know, he was there. So, Rich introduced me to Mark. Mark’s, you know, make billions on the internet. You know, wrote a sales letter that made you a hundred million – his last sales letter made a hundred million that he wrote. We said this while smoking cigars, he said how he’s made 1.4 million the last weekend or something. It’s just crazy numbers and I’m just sitting there like, wow. Now, I’m allowed in the circle coz my mentor introduced me. I become friends — my mentor, he did introduce me to this certain people with that very affluent and influential people. And Mark then went on to, not really coaching, but he gave me advice. And, you know, his advice was dude, you’re a dickhead. He was like, you know, he was like, I know these are just words, come on. You know, what are you doing? Coz I was moving about my business where it was and it was, you know, I was striving like tomorrow morning I’ve got like twenty things I need to do at once. And he was like, tomorrow I need to do Judo. I need to read a book. I need to go for a swim. And I need to write something and I’ll be done all of those, I maybe play golf in the afternoon. And I’m just looking like, wow. He said, you know, you need to stop running a business and actually work on the business. And that was August 22nd, 2012. The very next day, when I woke up, I quit right off my company. So, August 23rd, I phoned my team, I said, don’t want to come to team anymore. I handed off something — I gave a percentage to the company. I no longer run the company. So, now I’m free to work on the smallest amount of things with the biggest impact.

Mike: And I think that’s really important where you said there, you don’t wanna work on running the company anymore. You’re gonna work on the company and make the company better. You’re not gonna be involved in the day-to-day little things. You’re gonna – okay, you have to kinda – I think that’s really hard for people, especially after you’ve put your heart and soul into a business and – which you have to do. You can’t be – You have to run your business initially which is something I think a lot of people are thinking, okay, outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing. Hire someone to do it. You have to do that and get your hands dirty and know how things are working initially but once you got that system set up, once you know how everything’s going, one of the hardest part is stepping back and saying okay, you do this. I’m gonna do the behind-the-scenes work. I’m gonna actually make this business increase so much more than I could if I was actually running it.

Alex: I’m – I’m honest. I’m no good in running the company. I’m no good at management. I’m no good at hiring or firing. I’m not that person. So, I’m just good at – in coaching people, holding people accountable, writing, creating videos. You know, I found one good hand and I’m set. That’s what brings the money into business. I’m good at, you know, I become good at copywriting and stuff.

Mike: Let’s get back on a little bit on coaching here. And if someone is looking to find a coach, looking to find someone that can mentor them. There’s so many people out there willing to do it. You’re willing to do it. I’m willing to do it. The guy next door is willing to do it. Like, how are you able to find someone that you can trust enough to be able to hand over some money to, make that initial investment and then say, okay, this person’s actually gonna make it, so that this investment I’m giving is actually gonna make me better and make my business take it to the next level.

Alex: Um, resonate with the person. Really understand what the person’s philosophies are. Understand what that person’s outcome is for you. So, people – people are two deep seekers, hear his ideas and they buy in turn. In my business, what we do, before we ever allow people to apply to be coached by me, people can’t just buy my coach and would have to apply. They have to go through an application process. Before they apply, they have to go through an educational process of what the business at least. So by the time you come through the application process and you speak to somebody on my team, you know what the business is, why everything happens and then, you know, more than likely you’re willing to buy into the coaching. It reads out a lot of draws. Did you get me? Um, and it also educates people. If you don’t want that kind of business, right? So, by the time that somebody comes into the application process, they already know it if they want or they don’t. And I’m often there to manipulate them on the phone or anything. It’s just like, if you apply, we know that these people are hot people applying for coaching.

Mike: I think that’s important, like – I think it’s nice to have that application process because then, when people apply for it, they’ll know exactly what they’re getting into. They’re not gonna make that payment and then expect someone to just hand them a business on a silver platter. They’re gonna know what’s gonna be coming to them.

Alex: Yeah, you know. And that’s the main thing is ah, there’s a lot of delusional people in the internet marketing space and you know, I’d say that they’re all over me because if you look at any of my blog posts through the years, you’ll see somebody say, even on webinars, or even on webinars. They ask people this question, you know, would you like $10,000 a month, right? And people would be like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, maybe, no, not enough. And I’m like, pick all the persons that says not enough. I’m like, okay, why is it not enough? Coz I want more. Okay, how much are you making now? Zero. How long have you been trying to do this for? Five years. So why isn’t $10,000 enough? Well, I just want more than $10,000 a month. And I’m like, who is he. That’s a good starting point, this man. And those kind of people, you know, they will definitely never be coached by my because I have no interest with speaking with somebody like that. But also, $10,000 a month is a fabulous income stream. You know, I live on $10,000 a month lax enough, are you with me, like I can lax life, with a very wonderful lifestyle. Often, I strive to make more than that, we wanna make ten more rank but I’m just saying lifestyle you know – it’s a, it’s a goal. $10,000 a month is pretty simple to do once you’ve understood everything. You know, it’s um – it takes time to get you there though. Like, you gotta start with your first dollar, you gotta start with your first hundred dollars, your first thousand dollars, you know, and then make than consistent and make that $10,000, make that consistent and then strive. You know, it takes time.

Mike: Yeah, I think – I think, that’s a really good point. The fact that you need to – you need to be, you need to have those little goals that, like I remember for me, the first day that I made a hundred dollars in a day on AdSense, that was a big thing for me. And it wasn’t – there were days – I was doing $25 a day, $50 a day, $75 and then I hit that $100 goal. And of course, I wanted to make more than that but it was one of those little steps in the process that was, that was – you know, I wanna say, not to sound cheesy but like, it was like a magical, a magical moment for me and I wrote a post about it and I announced it to my list and everyone, woohoo and patted me at the back. For me, it was – it was fantastic but if I had said, oh I wanna make $1000 a day, it’s — it’s one of those things – okay, it’s possible in the future but if you, if you’re not reali – I think you need t be realistic about things at the same time.

Alex: Sure, and you know, I just want to show you here, like this is a new product that I’m writing. Just like what here – I don’t know if you can see it. But it’s a new product that I’m writing. I’m writing it this morning but it basically it talks about one of the products I’ve created in the past and you know, one of the products is called Triple Threat Affiliate and that’s when I first made my $10,000 pay. Um, now I make $10,000 in a day because I’ve already done a series of things before it. And I actually got a coach, Andrew Fox and I have paid Fox to help me become a good email writer. So, you know, there’s was this whole process, you know. It actually cost me $5000 to know how to make my $10,000 day, right? But then beyond that, I have a skill. I was able to take it to $16,000 day, a $32,000 day and a $64,000 day. I know, they double – I don’t, like that’s just weird but that’s what happened. Um, with that process, just learning that. Um, and I’ve had a $100,000 day on a few cases as well now. Um, but that was, you know, that’s like here and there was a story many years to get to that point. And um, even on here, it talks about – I’ve got plenty of codes, you know, a million dollars in 21 days. I made a million dollars in 21 days and it is here somewhere, but I explained about it. But um, when I sold that product, you know, I want to educate people about how I did that. I don’t expect people to buy into it and think of them making a

million dollars in 21 days. But people do. And they buy it and say – they refund it and say, “I thought it’s gonna give me million in 21 days.” Or no, you know, it’s more of an education, what went on in the business to actually generate that kind of income and you know, where we come from. So, you know. It’s a – you know, there’s a lot of delusional people but also that product educate people, correct people that would actually wanna work to be closer and to actually get to that level themselves and that’s, you know, where I pick my coaching clients for those different friends and products.

Mike: Who would you suggest should – who shouldn’t be going and buying coaching? What kind of people would you say, “Don’t come to me. I don’t wanna coach you. You – you’re not gonna be – you’re not gonna get anything out of this.” Like, who would you say no to?

Alex: Okay, so some – you know, I would say, if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. But then, I’m hypocrite here coz you know, we’ve just shot another video. I know you’ve watched that recent video that we shot, right? We just shot another one that should go live today. And it talks a lot about the debt I was in. And how I was still get into more that. You know, even when I was doing my first few days of coaching, I didn’t have the money. $5,000. I didn’t have it right — but I knew I have to join that. And I told my wife, all my credit cards were maxed out, who – she couldn’t get them anymore. Luckily, she got her limit upgraded. I wasn’t just getting into that. I got my wife into that as well, and I’m admitted to that. The same process, to learn this stuff. Now, I don’t advise that or endorse it to anybody because it is my story, what I have to go through. I was driven to make it happen. So, who I wouldn’t want to coach is someone who isn’t driven. You know, I have a burning desire inside of my stomach to become successful from a very young age. Somebody who’s not gonna take action, then that’s somebody who I do not want to work with because every time you come back, have you done that? No. And there’s two sides of business: results or excuses, right? You either get results or have excuses why you didn’t get results. If somebody keeps getting back with excuse, after excuse, after excuse; they’re not coachable, you know. It doesn’t matter how much you wanna hold them accountable, they’ll have the excuses why it wasn’t done. So, they’re the kind of people that just can’t be helped. I – if you look at anything that I’ve done in the past, when – when my business screwed up and we screwed up many of times, okay. I take full blame. Honestly, it’s my business. You know, I’m the person to blame. I can point fingers to somebody if I want to but the reality is that that’s a little bull, you know. It was me who dropped the ball. Pick it back, pack a rope with it, you know. Get back on game.

Mike: You’ve got your – your coaching product in the Warrior Forum and it’s Marketing with Alex where people can sign up, I think it’s $27 –

Alex: It’s $1000 product, right? I put it off to 27 bucks.

Mike: And, if someone was to go ahead and buy that, what shouldn’t their expectations be?

Alex: It’s education, you know. You shouldn’t expect to become rich. You know, this is what I say and I’m saying it in my product for years now. I’m here to put the money in my bank, not put the money in your bank. I’ll just educate you how to do it. There’s no way I’m gonna put the money in your bank. I’m gonna put the money in my bank, right? Um but the reality of it is it’s education. It’s bloody good education. It’s tens and millions of stories and success stories that has come from our program. And the fact is they’re people who took action. They’re people who followed the advice, put it together. So, just put it into perspective, you know. How I started out, when I taught about Easy Profit Auctions, I went on launch and then – you know, I did that because I was in ebay. I launched it on ebay and then I had this ah you know, lot of profit to me but I was told, if you can make money, you can make money but if you teach how to make money, you make ten times the money. So, then I was like, okay. So, I built a program called Easy Profit Auctions then we really, you know, have to put – again, lots of mentors helped me put that together. Then, I knew how to do that, made six figures, wrote a book called Post Launch Profits, gave it a way for free, built a list, guarded by a mentor to teach me how to do email marketing coz I knew that was key to the business. I was like, how do I scale this? Well I – you know, it’s like let’s just look past. I’ll do Post Launch Profits Secrets. So yeah, I’m back again. Post Launch Profits Secrets built another big list and this big list now – I surveyed my list and asked them, what do you wanna learn? They said, I wanna learn list building. So I created a course called List Building with Alex, gave it for my list for free. They loved it and built a load of rapport with me. And then I started to nurture these people towards – coach them when I was with relatively rich, learn some tricks about it. Basically, all stuff of what I worked a year. For three years, I basically took the rest of the time off. Got quite lazy at that point coz I got really good at making money and I just did become lazy. Then we have another strive again. Then I opened up, you know, a few different membership sites, a few different programs. Then, Jay slapped me to put my prices up. What interests me is, you know, this is whole business about customer acquisition. You need to acquire customers into business or the business dies. Um, it’s the life. You know, the customers are the living blood. The Warrior Forum is a great place to acquire customers fast, okay? So, I take in from all of my different packages, I‘ve just taken different products, launched them in the Warrior Forum for a cheap and then taken people through the email sequence to sell them more high ticket stuff. And that’s basically how my business is. Customer acquisition, increase the customer value.

Mike: Well Alex, thank you so much for coming on the show today. Is there anything that we didn’t touch on that you want to mention before we wrap it up?

Alex: Um, you know, say it to people. You know, be in for the long hold don’t be in it for as long – don’t get it for a quick scheme, you can’t get rich just by having a system. Don’t um, don’t try and you know, try and make money today. You know, always look for quick, not for quick win definitely but not – I didn’t even say money should win. I just say, learn something. Um, like for instance as you said about the hundred dollars you make, when you wrote to your blog and you mentioned that, I don’t know if you realized, but the momentum that could have given you would be phenomenal because – yeah, this is what I would do if all – what I tell all the coaches used to do, would be willing to get out of there until you get the momentum. You can then utilize that to create a free product, how you did that in a bit more that given away. Then, email the people who well maybe, sell them a video version or live webinar. You know, a bit repackaged if a video or a webinar. Launch a paid product somewhere. And then, utilize that, those customers and actually always use what was in the past and move forward. I can’t predict when my business is gonna be in the future. All I know is I’m gonna use whatever I’m doing now, I’ll reflect and I’ll project what I can do with it. Do you get me? So it’s always what we’ve done recently and we project forward, that’s how we come to always grow. We use the momentum of what we’ve recently done.

Mike: It’s almost like you give yourself permission to fail a little bit because you trial all these different things and you trial these different methods and ways of doing things. And the ones that end up succeeding, you can then repackage and then teach people how to do that and generate income from that. Teach people, help people and provide more income into your bank account so that you can try out more things. It just seems that it can be one of those things that just keeps on going up and up and up.

Alex: All of my success has come from my failures. Only when I am down in the down is when I become successful very quickly afterwards. Um, but here is the thing, I don’t just fail and go, “I’m failing.” I also have mentors there to advice me the correct things to do. I tried them out. I get that, you know, I get that you know, the persistence or the momentum and I teach it to the people. Here is how I failed and here is how you can overcome it. And ah, my business moral was very simple, okay. You want to acquire prospect off the internet, turn those prospects into customers and then, put those customers in through a process of selling them of stuff related. Really simple. I sell information on the internet and actually yeah and now approximately – right know, I tried to acquire customers directly as a prospect coz you know customers are worth that much more than a prospect is in monetary terms. So, we – but that’s we do. We acquire prospects and customers and I put them through a value funnel, that’s what we call it where we educate, why don’t you buy more stuff from us. And that’s my business waffle.

Mike: Awesome, Alex. Well, if people want to get in contact with you, where can they reach you at?

Alex: My blog is marketingwithyou.com. And if you wanna put a link underneath to the coaching lectures, that is a web program released in the Warrior Forum on the 27th but it’s still – well, there are two things: number one, it’s a great educational thing as what we’ve spoken in a lot more depth. You know, sold millions of dollars worth that product. In case people want me further and that’s how basically I acquire the correct high-level coaching clients because that program you know, either rejects the trolls or brings the big dogs, you know.

Mike: Brings in the people that are serious about it.

Alex: Yeah, definitely. And I only wanna work with people that are serious. I don’t wanna waste my time, you know, working with people that are delusional but you know, if anything, that program will educate you if internet marketing should fit you or not because maybe it’s not for everybody, you know. Maybe, it’s a realization. It’s not for everybody. Especially people who are delusional. So, it’s been a pleasure. It’s been a pleasure. It’s been a pleasure, Mike.

Mike: Thank you, Alex.

Mike: I hope you enjoyed today’s show with Alex. If you’re interested in checking out his coaching program, you can go to mikefrommaine.com/alex; A-L-E-X and yeah, that will show you, there’ll be a link there and there’s a little video on this page with an interview that I would recommend that you check out. So yeah, mikefrommaine.com/alex. Thanks for watching and I will see you tomorrow.

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