Episode 105: How to make a living with a complete turnkey system that you can try before you buy – with Sarkis Yambestian


This is one of those systems that I was initially skeptical of at first. Sarkis Yambestian makes some pretty bold claims at how much money you can make with his method, but he’s got the proof behind it. He’s brought back his Business Turnkey Exponential WSO to make his system even easier now. Find out how you can get involved in the interview below.

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Episode 105: How to Make a Living with a Complete Turnkey System that You Can Try Before You Buy – with Sarkis Yambestian

Mike: Hello there, everyone! Welcome to Episode 105 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do daily interviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, I have Sarkis Yambestian on to talk about his business Turnkey Exponential Method of making money online. Now, if you are a fan of the show, you’ll probably remember that I had him on last year to talk about this method but he’s gone ahead and changed it up a little bit and he’d recently – he’d recently got WSO of The Day again. He got it for the first time as well. But what I really like about how this works is if he doesn’t make – sorry, if you don’t make money, he doesn’t make money. So, he is invested in getting you all the resources you need, all the right information you need in order to make the most money that you can. But let’s get right into it with Sarkis. Here he is.

Mike: We are here today again with Sarkis Yambestian. How are you, Sarkis?

Sarkis: Doing great, my friend. Good. How about you as well?

Mike: I’m doing well. Let’s – we’ve had you on the show before, so people that are watching this now, if you’re interested in learning more in depth about Sarkis’s method, you can go to the link below in the show notes on mikefrommaine.com and you go and watch that interview after you watch this one. But we’re not gonna dig as deep as we did in that one but we’ll still cover a little bit. So why don’t you give new people that haven’t watched that interview, why don’t you let us know the general idea of your method.

Sarkis: Well, um. It’s – it’s a very simple concept. The process is really simple in that business owners and today’s economy are getting declined for loans. Um, they’re hurting for a cash flow. They’re fighting for the last scrapes of customers that come in. They’re very limited with the marketing they have. They need a cash flow. It’s a catch-22, you can’t grow your business unless you have the cash to grow it with. You can’t get the cash to grow it with, unless you have the customers. So basically, the whole concept of this offer is there is a lender that I deal with and you take the business owner and you get them to shake hands with the lender. Once that happens, with each occurrence that happens where the business owner does get a loan, you get paid one and a half percent. And that’s only the beginning. The WSO, what it does is, it shows you how to recruit bank managers and CPAs to send those customers on your behalf to the lender.

Mike: And what I originally like – I originally like about what you’re doing is and, and I think it’s probably still gonna be going the same way is if the people that are using this method – they’re kinda like lead generators for your business. So, is it still the same as if, if they don’t – if they don’t have success, then you personally don’t have success.

Sarkis: That’s right, Mike. You see, the whole system is based on me giving you all the tools you need to make the system work. And therefore, every time you send, let’s say a business owner, to the lender who gets a $100,000, you get paid $15,000, I get paid $15,000. The nice thing about my system is it’s a copy and paste job. I’ll give you all the swipes, all the tools you need in able to replicate that a hundred times in a month. So, if you are doing that a hundred times in a month times a $100,000, you do the math. You know, so it is in my best interest that you make – you do well in this system, absolutely.

Mike: Now, you’ve already released this before. And it was really successful. People loved it. It was WSO of The Day. Now, it’s again – the new version in the WSO of The Day. So, it’s really resonating with people. Can you give me an example of one or two success stories – one or two people that have gone out and done this and what kind of results they’ve had.

Sarkis: Okay. Well ah, there is quite a number – okay, well there’s this gentleman, his name is John. And he’s from Mombasa, Africa. This guy hardly speaks English. Like, he speaks English but not perhaps as well as you and I. And he knows, I mean, he didn’t know how to turn on a computer, basically. He – I sent him the file, he didn’t even know how to do that. This guy is one of my top performing members, my students. He took my course. He had to get a translator to translate the course. You see, you never actually need to talk to a business owner. You don’t have to do anything. You never meet the business owner, you don’t. Now, this guy is in Africa, promoting this system to business owners in the United States. Now, the business owners in the United States have no idea this guy is in Africa. In fact, they don’t care. They need the cash, right? They wanna go to the bank. They wanna know who the lender is. This guy is generating just under $10,000 a week doing this system. So, that’s one guy. I have a lady that’s generating about – she’s here from the United States, I think she’s in Florida. She’s doing about $8,000 a week. I have another person – so, I mean the list just goes on and on. And if you actually visit the page, you can see a list of people there who left testimonials who’ve set, you know, who are making really good money. And the nice thing about this system is you can network with these people and let them help you as well.

Mike: Okay, it’s – it’s kind of like a community of everyone, doing this method and kind of bouncing idea off each other, telling each other what works and what doesn’t?

Sarkis: Absolutely. We um, what we want to do is everybody – there’s – there’s enough room for everybody to make money with this system but the nice thing, the reason it’s resonating with a lot of people is because it really takes no internet marketing skills. So, if you come in doing this with no background, no internet marketing skills and if you watched the last video, you know, remember I told you I don’t have any internet marketing background, right? So, you come in, you do this knowing nothing, you can walk away literally with thousands of dollars a week in income.

Mike: I mean, it sounds really good. I know there are people watching this that are gonna be skeptical saying, “Okay, this sounds too easy. Copy and paste. It’s –“. What would you say to those people?

Sarkis: Well, what – what I do is I give you the course for free. You can actually watch the course, the core program. You can see what’s involved. You see, I hate programs where you have to buy to find out what that great secret is. There’s no such thing here. I provide full 100% transparency with the whole system, from beginning to end. Not only that, but I include part of the bonus which includes to show you how you can build traffic to a point where you’re getting conversions – crazy conversions unheard of in internet marketing in the high 80%. And just for instance, I did a test run. I ended up with just under 40,000 unique opt-ins within ah, within two months. So, just to give you an idea, you can go in and actually take the entire course. Find out what it is and then reflect on your experiences. Is this something I can do? Is this something I wanna do? Is this something I feel comfortable with? And then you can go ahead and get it if that is what you wanna do.

Mike: I like that. That’s pretty refreshing coz there’s so many – I mean, I cover a lot of WSOs and there’s so many of them that are – that will say like, this isn’t list building. This isn’t email marketing. This isn’t PPC. It’s like, okay, what the hell is it? You know, like please, please just tell me what it is. Why do I have to take out my credit card first just to find out.

Sarkis: I know. It’s – I don’t see, maybe because – maybe I did it this way because again, I’m not an internet marketer. I’ve been doing business offline but the reason I put it online for warriors and for other internet marketers is because taking this system and combining it with internet marketing, becomes a nuclear system. A completely explosive system because by the application of internet marketing to market this, it becomes absolutely explosive.

Mike: Now, I think the – the sale, the way that you’re selling this is a little bit different from the previous way that you did, that you did it. So, what else is new in this version that wasn’t in the previous?

Sarkis: That’s a great question, Mike. You see, in the previous version, I think it’s the other way around because in the previous version, what you were doing was you’re generating traffic, taking them to a squeeze page. So, you had to go spend money, get a website. Then you need an autoresponder, so you had to set that up. You had to get affiliate links, so you had to set that up. And that would take maybe 5 to – 5 days all the way to 20 days to set that up, depends on how quickly – I mean, there was a big process, right? So you – there was cost involved to – from the get go. With this system, there is absolutely no cost. You can um, you have the option of, let’s say you wanna build traffic. That’s what you wanna use this system. I mean, can you imagine any other thing that can build traffic as virally as telling the business owner, “Hey, I can give you up to $100,000 with no personal guarantees. There’s no risk to apply because they won’t show up on your credit report. Just click here”. Who wouldn’t opt in just to see, right? So, if you wanna do that, that’s fine. But the nice thing is you have the flexibility to start making the money we’re talking about: $10,000 a week, $8,000 a week. $12,000 a week; without spending a single penny because what you’re doing is you’re using social media, the free – like LinkedIn, for instance, Craigslist, advertising on Craigslist and using those services. Once again, you can actually take the course and you can see for yourself how it’s amazing that way. You don’t have to spend a penny.

Mike: Now, you mentioned that the guy in Africa that’s making $10,000 a week. And how much work does that involving for him to do that? Do you have any idea?

Sarkis: Um well, yeah I can tell you the work is about 1 to – 1 to 2 hours.

Mike: A day?

Sarkis: No, a week. Because it just involves – what you have to do is you have to post ads – swipe ads which I provide to you on LinkedIn, Facebook. You may wanna create a profile around that, something like that. So, you just create these things, right? And then you let it go. It just runs automatically. It creates a funnel system for you. That’s why it’s called the automated system because it’s completely automated. Once you set up, you forget about it. And business owners are just clicking on those hyperlinks and going to the lender and getting funding and you’re just collecting a paycheck.

Mike: You mentioned that the startup cost are $0. I guess there’s – you don’t need to get an autoresponder anymore. You don’t need to get a website. I mean, there must be some startup cost.

Sarkis: No, not – not for the targeted system. There isn’t. Now, if you want, I guess, to email business owners and – but that’s considered kinda spammy. You can buy scraper softwares, something like that. But, you know, the conversions aren’t as good as putting an ad on Craigslist or Backpage or LinkedIn. I mean, it’s just a swipe ad, I give it you, post it. Now, if you want to capture those leads and you want to get those person who is coming in to opt-in and – so you can build a list from that, then yes. You’re gonna need a website, you’re gonna need an autoresponder. And um, you’re gonna need these tools and if you log into the member area, you’ll see that I provide links to those tools that I recommend.

Mike: Okay. So, there’s a few expenses if you kinda wanna take it up a notch. You can go and get your website set up, do your autoresponder set up. I mean, these are – these are really basic expenses that I think most people at least have a website, I hope or – and a lot of people that are more serious about it, they’re willing to pay for the autoresponder which is a monthly fee in most places up to a certain amount and they should be doing these things, anyways. So, it’s not that big of a deal. If someone – I mean, I’m thinking like, okay, if I wanna really ramp it up, there must be something that I can, like I – do you recommend people that really wanna ramp it up to like pay for traffic or to like advertise on Facebook or do some solo ads or anything?

Sarkis: I – sit tight, I mean hold on because what I’m about to tell you is gonna blow you away. The conversion rates for the free forms of advertising that social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Craigslist, Backpage is more powerful than any PPC ad campaigns. Listen, the system is – you’re right, you know – most of, if you’re on internet marketing and you have an autoresponder, you have these things. Okay, fine. You can ramp it up and you can do these things. But you know what, most of us, including myself who know nothing about internet marketing, probably don’t have these things in place and it’s a financial hit for many people, especially in today’s economy, to go spending. So, the point of this system is start off with a free system. And by the way, it’s not gonna make you more money by getting the autoresponder, okay? What the autoresponder will do is it will help you make residual money because you’ll send monthly offers, right? That’s the only thing that it’s gonna do. So, it’s not gonna affect your income whether you have these things or not. So, what you would do is, start with the system that’s free because you’re making the same money, take the money you’re making from there and then invest it in to those things and then you can run, you know, whatever PPC, whatever you wanna try. And why, because you have the money backing, the cash flow to be able to experiment with different techniques and see which way you wanna ramp it up.

Mike: That’s the best part. When people start having a little bit of success online. Even if it’s just a few hundreds of dollars a month, when you’re able to – when you have that little bit of extra money coming in, you’re able to reinvest that and be a little more risky in what you try, to try out paid advertising, to try out a new tool, to try out different things where in other cases, you’ll just be spending and spending and spending and not seeing any return but it’s – it’s just really, in my personal experience, like that’s when I’ve seen the most results is when I reinvested back into my business, reinvested back into what I am doing to take those extra steps. Now, Sarkis, is there – before we wrap it up today, is there anything that we didn’t touch on that you’d like to mention before we wrap it up?

Sarkis: Well, let me just – not really. What I wanna do is I wanna reiterate the fact that you really – there’s two factors here. You really don’t need to know anything. You don’t need to have any background on internet marketing because I provide you all the tools. Again, once you take the free course, you’re gonna see everything that I provide to you before you do anything, okay? So, you have full transparency. Number two, what you have complete and total support. You can – I want people to skype. I want people to call me. Pick up the phone and call me. And I provide coaching that is completely free because the reason I provide that coaching is if you don’t make money, I don’t make money. And of course, I want you to make money and it’s in my best interest that you make a lot of it because it’s the same amount of work for me to coach you to make a dollar as it is to make $10,000 a week for instance. So, those are the key points that I wanna really highlight here today.

Mike: Great, Sarkis. Thank you again for coming on. I really appreciate it. Sarkis: Thank you, Mike.
Mike: And we are done.

Mike: I hope you enjoyed the interview today with Sarkis. If you’re interested in checking out his business Turnkey Exponential, go to mikefrommaine.com/turnkey. That’s mikefrommaine.com/turnkey. And you can check that out. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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