Episode 115: How to Launch Your Own Offline Video Marketing Business – with Peter Beattie

You’ve got a lot of skills ONLINE that can make you cash OFFLINE. If you get a little creative you can take these skills, repackage them, and offer them to local businesses at premium prices. Peter Beattie is on the show today to talk specifically about how you can take his pre-made local ad videos and sell them to businesses in your area.

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PLR Video Smackdown (affiliate)- Peter’s PLR videos for you to sell to local businesses

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Episode 115: How to Launch Your Own
Offline Video Marketing Business – with Peter Beattie

Mike: Hi there everyone! Welcome to Episode 115 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where do daily inerviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, I have Peter Beattie on to talk about his PLR Video product. I know that doesn’t sound very sexy but for those of you that are doing offline marketing, this should be interesting for you. What he’s got here is a set of videos in different niches. He’s got hair salon, lawyer, pizza restaurants, plumber and real estate agent. And what he’s done is he’s created essentially commercials for you to be able to sell to your clients. And the way that he has it set up also is that you can customize them, so that it’s not just gonna be the same video everytime. You can put in different things, for specifically for the business that you want to sell to. And on a side note here, we also come up — we talked about another idea where you could — if you know a little bit of video SEO, you could get those videos to rank in Youtube or on the front page of Google for the city name and then, sell that to a business as well. You could reach out to all the different businesses in the area and say look, I’ve got this videos ranking but yeah, we’ll touch on that in the interview today. Yeah, this is — the way this all works out, let’s look at the video, just so you have an idea of how this is before we get in.

Video Commercial 1: Looking for a salon that can offer the very best in style and service? If so, here are some top tips for identifying the right hair salon locally for you. When choosing a hair salon, identifying your needs first is the most important thing.

Video Commercial 2: Are you looking for a new hair salon locally? Looking for salon that can offerthe very best in style and service? If so, here are some top tips for identifying the right hair salon locally for you. When choosing a hair salon, identifying your needs first is the most important thing.

Video Commercial 3: Are you on the search for the right lawyer? If so, these two crucial tips will help you in choosing the right lawyer for your needs. Firstly, it is — firstly, it is — personal injury and employment law.

Mike: So, as you can see they’re — in general, they’re generalized. They are just general videos but there’s also a product, a tool that’s included here where you can change them or it teaches you how you can go in and customize them, so that you can use them for any kind of business. Anyways, let’s get into the interview with Peter Beattie.

Mike: We are here today with Peter Beattie. Peter, welcome to the show
Peter: Hi. How are you?
Mike: I’m good, thank you. Let’s start right up by having you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you make money.

Peter: I’m a 28-year old guy living in Southern Min. I started my internet marketing business or my internet marketing journey back in 2009 when I, you know, have to quit my job because they were laying people off and I got my hours count down and I just bought a house and I have no way to, you know, pay that mortgage now because you know, I was getting you know, my hour is cut. So, I started a local web design business, sort of saying. You know, a local businesses in my area. I used a number of different techniques to get clients which were very welcome in the beginning. So, I started that business and then after about a year and a half with that business, I started teaching other marketers. You know, how to start and run their own web design business and you know, how to get clients, what products to sell, stuff like that. And the next four years, it kinda revolved into, you know, me mainly focusing on teaching others how to use web videos to grow their businesses. And that’s one of the main things I offer clients now. So, that’s kind of a short story.

Mike: So like, yeah. When you guys started doing it, you were doing offline stuff. So, you were what, building websites for people and doing SEO, content marketing? What were you doing there?

Peter: Um, mostly web design. I built a lot of websites. I mean, probably the number of websites that I built myself and outsources, it’s probably embarrassing to count them up. But you know, I’m here to make money and that’s the easiest way I could fairly know how to make money which is cranking out websites for local businesses.

Mike: Cool. And the reason why I decided to have you on the show today is because you’ve recently put out a product and it’s called PLR Video Smackdown Version 2. Can you kind of give us an idea of what that is all about?

Peter: Yeah. The PLR Video Smackdown 2, it is basically a you know, a set of pre-created videos that you know, pretty much anyone can take and re-sell to a local businesses. So, it allows, you know, anyone to start selling video marketing to local businesses. So, we

created different videos based on different niches. For example, dentist. We will create, you know, we create a web commercial, that’s what we like to call them. And it will be a generic web commercial promoting you know, a generic dental business and basically — so, if I give that video to you, you could take that video and re-sell it to potential dentist client. You could use it as is or you could customize it and re-brand the video to fit that specific business. It’s up to you.

Mike: Let’s say like, I don’t know how to edit videos. I don’t — like, I’m gonna get this video file from you and — is the average person gonna be able to change that and customize that so that it fits their clients.

Peter: Yeah. We actually provide training on exactly how to do that. And you know, the easiest way. You know, I like to use you know, editing software like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere. So, that’s how I show people how to edit the videos and I always say, you know you can do it with a free software, you can download it a 30-day free trial for any of these softwares. So, no one really has an excuse. I mean, you can download the 30-day free trial. You know, I saw a video and pay for the software. So, you can use, you know, software like that or you could use some like Windows Movie Maker. If you really, really don’t want to spend any money. Yeah I mean, it’s not hard. We explain how to do that.

Mike: How much did these videos cost you to make?

Peter: I would say, I mean, the ones that we’re creating specifically for other marketers to sell, probably I’d say a hundred, 200 bucks per video. It’s probably foreseen for a client to. So, I mean, we have a pretty high profit market.

Mike: Yeah, I mean, I was looking at them. The quality of them is pretty good. And the voice over for them, I’m seeing here you’ve got professional voice overs and when you listen to the videos, you can hear it. It’s not just someone like me sitting down and reading it. It’s a professional voice, it sounds like you’re hearing a real commercial. You’ve got it for US and UK audiences. So, that’s a plus there. Do you — how do you recommend, if someone wants to buy this today, how do you recommend that they go ahead and profit from this? Because like, I’m thinking someone sees it and goes okay, well I can see the — I can see that there’s an advantage in buying this. I can see that businesses would wanna buy this but I don’t know how to sell it to them, I don’t know how to do this. Do you cover any of that or is that something that’s in another course?

Peter: Yeah, we don’t cover too much of like the sales aspect of it. You know, we did that for you know, another course. Mainly, because I think it belongs in a certain topic but I mean, that’s gonna be different depending on you know, where that specific person is and their business. What place it’s on? If it’s someone brand new, these videos are gonna work way to use as a foot-in-the-door technique. So, if you’re offering — say, if you wanna offer a mobile marketing or something, and you’re having trouble like, you know, getting the attention of potential clients. I mean, you could use this video as a way in to talk to that client. You could take one of the videos and you know, just try focusing on you know, small local keyword and get on the front page of Google or Youtube even. Maybe, brand a little bit for a couple of clients and say hey you know, check out this video, I promoted on the front page for you. I mean, you know, just use that as foot-in-the-door and say, here are my other services, you might be interested in it. Now, that’s just a very rough explanation but you could also take the video as is and just resell them to clients. I mean, as a standalone service. Maybe, if that’s what you want to specialize in and offering video marketing, you could sell you know for anywhere from a few hundred bucks to I mean, I just sold some for almost 8, 9 a thousand dollars with just these simple videos. People like to just customize it more and make it more fancier and rebrand them and try to give them more. So, which means, there is many different things you can take it and use it for.

Mike: Go ahead.

Peter: I was gonna say, but I think you know, the majority of people that you buy probably don’t have a huge client base. So, I think there’s people who will really benefit from using them as foot-in-the-door services.

Mike: One thing that I was thinking that came to mind was — I’m looking here, on your sales page and number 4 is — I guess, there’s five niches that you’ve got set up here. And the fourth one is plumbers. And what I — the first thing that comes to mind is what I could do is take it, make a video, perhaps about plumbers in — I don’t know, in Bangor, Maine — in my hometown. And if there’s enough, I mean obviously I would do a little bit of keyword research and try to rank or something that’s got a few — a little bit amount of searches. But anyways, go put this video up, customize it so that it’s for, so that it talks actually about Bangor, Maine. And have that kind of in the videos, so it’s not just the same one — I guess, you wouldn’t even have to do that if you didn’t want to. But um, put that up. Get it to rank for a keyword. And of course, that’s gonna take a little more expertise but a lot of people watching this — there’s been previous guests that I’ve had on the show where we’ve talked about Video SEO. So, I mean that’s another skill but if you’ve got that skill or if you wanna learn that, it’s pretty easy to get along these videos to rank. But get it to rank and then approach — go and approach a bunch of different plumbers in that city and say, hey look, I’ve got this video ranking on the first page

of Google. Even if it’s not number one, it’s on the first page. I’ll be perfectly willing to sell this to you for 1, 2, 3, 500 dollars. I mean, depending upon on how you get it all positioned. This could definitely be a way of monetizing.

Peter: Yeah. They will call out in the ranking for technique basically you know, ranking it first and approaching a bunch of businesses like that. And you’re offering to rebrand the video and basically you know, give that spot to a business owner. So yeah, I mean, that’s a great technique as well.

Mike: Cool. And when people buy this, I think there’s different packages that you can pick up. There’s the beginner, the professional — what are the major differences here?

Peter: The main difference is that the beginner package comes with the video comes with one color style and yet the professional package, each video comes with three additional color style. So for example, version 2 comes with plumbers. I can’t remember the default color style but let’s say it’s brown or something. With beginner package, they just get that one video with the brown color skin. And if they bought the pro package in, they get orange, green, black, for example. It just allows them to maybe increase the chance that they can choose the videos as is. You know, offer more different types of businesses and branding.

Mike: Another question for you, what — how did you get the idea of creating these videos and then instead of just using them for your own business, you’ve gotta had and sold them as a PLR product so that other people can re-brand them. I mean, you can use them yourself, other people can use them. It’s not gonna affect — the market’s so huge, it’s not gonna affect your marketing. So, how did that happen? Tell me about how that ended up?

Peter: Well, there’s two different reasons or two different things that gave me that idea. The first one was, I was seeing other people create PLR videos and I’m thinking you know, I’m already making these videos. I mean, that could be an opportunity for me to help more people and for me to you know, have or create more products and get my work out there. And the other thing is, I always get a lot of questions in email from — I always do, from people who buy my products, you know. Specific questions on how can I make a video for this niche, how do I make a video for art of the harm for example. I got this client coming up and I want to impress him with the video of how do I do these. So that, you know, I get all those questions you know for the past two years. You know, that’s more the main things that gave me the idea for this, is I just wanna give people a ready definite solution, that would give them – It was a while before we started with video marketing because there’s not a lot of people know how to create fancy videos. They’re still learning and I wanna give them a way to get started. You know, the least is give assistance if possible and then teach them — hopefully, teach them on the way with — you know, the training that we give them end up for ready or they can visit my other more advanced products down the line.

Mike: It’s really interesting that you mentioned the questions that you get in your mailbox because I’ve talked to a lot of other people that have gone their best product ideas and really been able to feel out their audience through the questions and the emails and the connection that they have for their customers and their audience. For me, I’m on the verge of putting out my product which will be about interviewing other people and how that whole set goes and one of the reasons why I’m gonna do that is because I’ve started to get lots of questions from people saying, “Hey Mike, how do you do this? How do you do this?” And of course, it dings in my head, why not make a product, sit down and record something and then sell it and be able to make some kind of a product or a profit off of that and help people at the same time.

Peter: Right. Yeah, I think the best product ideas come from the customers. I mean, once you get that same question over and over and over again, you’ll finally get a point when I gotta do something about this. You know, people want this, people need this. So, I gotta put this together and you know, and help them.

Mike: Cool. Well, thank you Peter for coming on the show today. I really appreciate it. Is there anything that we didn’t touch on that you wanted to mention before we wrap it up?

Peter: You know, as far as what I do or about the PLR videos in general?

Mike: About the PLR videos, anything that you wanted to touch on that we weren’t able to get on.

Peter: Yeah. Those who don’t know, I do – I have a site called videorevolver.com. I just started a podcast, The Video Revolver Podcast. I started a new web show, Video Revolver TV, just recently. I started about a week ago. So, that’s brand new. So, people who are interested in learning how to create better web videos, you know, for themselves or for their clients, maybe wanna check out my site. So.

Mike: Awesome. We’ll have links to that in the show notes. Obviously, we’ll link to your product. Again, thank you very much, Peter.

Peter: Thank you.

Mike: I hope you enjoyed the interview today with Peter. If you’re interested in checking out these offline videos, you can go to mikefrommaine.com/smackdown. That’s mikefrommaine.com/smackdown. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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