Explain how you’re making at least $5/day online and win a Free Niche Website!

This contest ends on Thursday, September 13 at 11:59pm EST This contest has finished

I’m always looking for more ways to add different streams of income to my portfolio. Yes, I’m currently making money selling Adsense Niche Sites, but I’m also trying to branch out into different ways of making money online like my Online Income Experiment that I’m still learning from (update will be posted).

The ways of making money online that I’m looking for are the ones that are repeatable and teachable. I’m trying to find processes that I can learn and then teach to a virtual assistant. These income methods might only make $5, $10, or $20 per day, but if I can find and implement enough of them then I should surely see a big increase in monthly income. The main point here is that these ways of making money don’t have to be epic…they just have to work.

I already have figured out how to make successful niche websites (check out my current Flippa auction FINISHED), but I know that there are others out there making decent incomes ($5/day, $10/day, $20/day, $50/day, $100/day, $300/day, $500/day) doing completely different things online…and I’d love to learn from them.

How to win a free niche website?

-In the comments below explain (in detail) how you make at least $5/day online. You are allowed to include links to posts and income proof if necessary. The more detailed the better (don’t just put “write articles” or “from Adsense”). Please write AN ACTUAL METHOD of how YOU make at least $5/day online.

-On September 13th at 11:59pm EST I will stop accepting entries. I will choose the winner from the comments below to win a free niche website.

-This is NOT A RANDOM CONTEST. I will personally be choosing the best method and announcing it.

I really hope this can be a helpful post for all of us…good luck!



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  1. Hey, Mike. This is a post I really like. My method of my at least $5 a day online isn’t too far from yours. I just started building niche sites about 5 months ago and it has been an ordeal. With Google updates knocking my new sites down in the rankings and what made it even harder was that I had NO money for any type of link building at all. I had to write, spin, and submit articles to big directories all on my own.
    It became so tedious and underwhelming seeing the sites not doing anything at all that I almost gave up. Honestly, the thing that kept me going was your redesign of your blog. I remember when I first found your site about 8 months ago and you had that really lame, sorry to say :), theme and all you posted were income/expense reports. But then you started giving us more and more on how you were living your life from the internet and that and the site update showed me that you were actually ready to help people.
    This taught me how to pump out quality sites, get them ranked and start bringing in money. The cash I’ve made so far has allowed me to be able to pay for link building services that have changed everything.
    Even if I don’t win I just want to say Thank You. You are making my life and my business so much simpler.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I’ve been reading your site for awhile and without revealing my niche, I’ll fill you in on my little project. Currently I make about $8 to $10 a day with Adsense, Amazon and even a little from Cafepress. This comes almost exclusively from one authority niche site.

    Two years ago I decided to start a blog about a niche I’m passionate about, related to my career. I didn’t know anything about keyword research or SEO. I was looking for some specific information and couldn’t find it. I checked some forums and found a lot of people asking the same questions. So I decided to fill this gap and start a website.
    I researched as much as I could about the specific information I was looking for. Then I started posting articles that pointed out where to find these answers. After about 10 posts, I created a summary of my posts. A list of where to find the best solutions to the specific problem. This is the backbone of my site. After two years, I have 150+ posts in this niche and I rank #1 for this particular problem. And, although the content is unique, it isn’t new. I just point the reader to many existing resources all over the Internet. Even though my blog is full of outgoing links, because it’s such a useful compilation of resources, it gets backlinks naturally. I have never done any linkbuilding, besides posting the odd comment in a forum and a youtube video or two. All other backlinks are natural.
    Now, this seems like a lot of work for very little money, but I have never had to worry about any google algo updates. My traffic grows even if I don’t post anything else. I currently post once a week. As well, my site is laser focused and my next step is to develop a product to sell. There is plenty of room to grow.

    Since then, I’ve started 3 other similar style blogs in different niches. I create a list of useful resources and build a site around it. The more you add to it, the more useful it becomes and more people will build natural backlinks to it. As well, the people you link to will often link back. This is my method for the long term. My first site was slow going, but now that I know what I’m doing, I’m moving faster and the traffic is coming. You just have to be careful about selecting your niche. You need to find the problem that everyone is loking for answers to. Even if the answer is already out there, just show people where it is and offer your opinion (good or bad). You become the expert without coming up with the answer yourself. After the initial work, the rest is virtually passive. You just have to decide how far to take it.

    1. Just to clarify with an example:

      Let’s say you were writing in the Personal Finance niche. You determine that many people are trying to figure out the best way to budget. Specifically, they are looking for a template to use for budgeting. This is just an example. I have no idea if this is true or not. But let’s go with it.

      Find a bunch of templates on the Internet (Excel, Word, web based, iOS apps, whatever). I imagine there are tons of them. Write a post about each one. Insert your own opinion about what you think, how they broke out different categories etc.. and link back to the site where you found it.
      Now create a master page that lists all the different budget templates you found, with a one sentence description. Each of these items links to your post about each template. This page is the anchor for your site.

      Other personal finance sites have one page with a budget template. You will have 50-100 pages of budget templates. You will beat everyone to the top of the search rankings. And you haven’t created anything yourself, except for an amazing resource.
      Another thing that’s key, is that when they go to your massive page of links, each link will go to another page on your site (your post about that particular template), so your bounce rate will be low. And each reader has the opportunity to comment on a specific budget template on that page, so the resource improves as other people add their opinion on each one.
      Now you have extremely targeted traffic in a hot evergreen niche. While they’re on your site, why not offer them more personal finance articles? Expand where you want to go. You have the base audience already.

      1. Scott,

        It sounds like you are an authority site builder…or some would say a “real” website builder 🙂 I agree with you that your sites have more “staying power” in Google because they provide a lot of value, even though the content isn’t necessarily anything new.

        It goes to show you that hard work pays off and that link building isn’t always necessary if you make great content.

  3. My method is using instagram and adsense (or you cn replace adsense by a CPA advertisement)

    1. Get yourself an instagram account
    2. Fill in your complete profile (give some interests, fill in your mobile website and ask to check it out)
    3. Make a simple mobile website (You can find a lot of free mobile templates)
    On this mobile website I put some information about the instagram account (nickname, age, location, interests, favorite tags) and you place an ad (can be adsense or a CPA)
    4. Go follow some people (tips: use popular tags; search by #followback, #followme,…
    5. Post pictures and add popular tags on it. This gets the attention of a lot of people.

    This might be a little bit of greyhat but people you follow will check out your profile and visit your mobile page. There they see an adsense ad of CPA ad.

    – Use an attracting female (you will get followed faster)
    – Add some extra pages on your mobile site (disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions,…)

      1. I used it with adsense (and it worked) I got 0.5 – 1$ / click (because there is only 1 ad on the mobile page

        You can also add some information on your mobile page to ‘guide’ the ads (for example : interests : traveling, beaches, vacations, flying first class,… or you can write a paragraph)

        A second idea is instead of using adsense, using a mobile dating ad (you get a commission per free signup) Tell you have more photo’s on the dating site.

        Follow people interested in RAP, R&B and offer them discounts on CD’s (amazon) or use iTunes (and get a itunes commission)

        The power is that you can follow people interested in a niche : people posting pictures of their favorite artists, authors, movies, gardening . Then you can make a profile with the same interest. (example: gardening tips). Make a mobile gardening page with ads.

  4. Hi,

    Nice idea for a contest. There should be some interesting replies here.

    Here is an idea of mine – it works, its simple and anyone can do it.

    I also use eBay to top up my Paypal account – this easily makes me more than $5 per day. I am guessing that anyone in the Internet Marketing/Online game has plently of content? Well, what I do is ‘package’ the content together (as long as I have the rights to do so, i.e Master or Resell or PLR) and then sell them on CD’s on eBay for $5 each – I sell at least one per day. This is not where it ends though, throughout the content on the CD’s any article or package that can be edited (PLR) has been with my own affiliate links so every so often I make an affiliate sale to boot!

    I have been using this method for years – it keeps my Paypal account topped up!


  5. Hey Mike,
    Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing your methods with us. The first video I saw about the Micro Niche Sites was on your blog 2 month ago. Thanks to you, other bloggers like you and http://www.cordlessscrewdriver.org/ I started my first 5 MNS babies and I’m very optimistic about them. So I really appreciate what you do.
    OK, let’s cut to the chase. My answer for your question “how to make at least $5 / day?” is Social Media. Check this new social advertising company called SociaBuzz check it out here >> http://tinyurl.com/8caxlbr where you get paid for clicks from social networks such as Facebook – Twitter – Youtube – etc. You can get paid up to 15 cents / click from social networks, they pay weekly through Paypal.
    Your VA will have to drive clicks from social networks like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks, and if he or she managed to get only 50 clicks / day to a 10 cents Ad (Which Sociabuzz have many) You’ll get an easy 5$ / day. Think big and you can go far beyond the 5$ by promoting these ads with other promoting methods and techniques. Remember that you don’t have to do drive sales or leads or any hard work, just get clicks and you’ll get paid.
    That’s it. Hope you the best 🙂

    1. Matt,

      Actually a lot of people make some pretty good money on Fiver. Unfortunately I think you actually only take home about $4 after they take their fees.

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