Explain how you’re making at least $5/day online and win a Free Niche Website!

This contest ends on Thursday, September 13 at 11:59pm EST This contest has finished

I’m always looking for more ways to add different streams of income to my portfolio. Yes, I’m currently making money selling Adsense Niche Sites, but I’m also trying to branch out into different ways of making money online like my Online Income Experiment that I’m still learning from (update will be posted).

The ways of making money online that I’m looking for are the ones that are repeatable and teachable. I’m trying to find processes that I can learn and then teach to a virtual assistant. These income methods might only make $5, $10, or $20 per day, but if I can find and implement enough of them then I should surely see a big increase in monthly income. The main point here is that these ways of making money don’t have to be epic…they just have to work.

I already have figured out how to make successful niche websites (check out my current Flippa auction FINISHED), but I know that there are others out there making decent incomes ($5/day, $10/day, $20/day, $50/day, $100/day, $300/day, $500/day) doing completely different things online…and I’d love to learn from them.

How to win a free niche website?

-In the comments below explain (in detail) how you make at least $5/day online. You are allowed to include links to posts and income proof if necessary. The more detailed the better (don’t just put “write articles” or “from Adsense”). Please write AN ACTUAL METHOD of how YOU make at least $5/day online.

-On September 13th at 11:59pm EST I will stop accepting entries. I will choose the winner from the comments below to win a free niche website.

-This is NOT A RANDOM CONTEST. I will personally be choosing the best method and announcing it.

I really hope this can be a helpful post for all of us…good luck!



  • September 10, 2012
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