How to make Facebook Pages that ACTUALLY make money…without paying for likes

Episode 326


fb classroomSo everyone is always talking about how many “Likes” they have on their Facebook page. They’re asking you to “Like” this and “Like” that…but what do all these “Likes” mean??? You can have a Facebook page with one million “Likes” on it, but if it’s in a niche where no one buys then your asset is USELESS! But there’s a way to find out if a niche is profitable BEFORE investing in…which will save you a lot of time and money.

Bill Guthrie is on the show today to talk about how he and his partner Will Haimerl make profitable Facebook pages. In fact, they made over $40,000 in January alone. Bill will also be talking about his course FB Classroom which comes out Tuesday, February 18th at 11am EST.

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”530284314F0FA”]

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