​​​​Fergal Downes Cheat Sheet​

-5 to 7 days before launching send an email to your list letting them know that you'll be launching…then the day before…then the day of the launch with a very short email with the link
-He sends the free info and personal information to build rapport
-If the course is short, but still good, you should price it low so that you don't anger people
-With a low price point you're likely get more buyers
-Offer a refund that stipulates that you have to go through it to get a refund…don't do a "no questions asked" refund because black hat marketers will just buy and refund and then share the product
-He usually promotes a high end product on the backend a day after they buy mentioning a high end product
-don't under price your product…make sure you outsource some sales graphics…should cost $110