Flipanomics – How to sell websites on Flippa from the #1 seller with over $1.3 million in sales – Thomas Smale


Episode 5

Depending upon where you look, Thomas Smale has sold anywhere from $1.3 to $1.6 million worth of websites as a broker on Flippa. When I sat down and asked him about the true numbers he told me that including private sales the amount was closer to $5 million. Either way, as the actual #1 seller on Flippa he deserves the long conversation that I had with him which include the following subjects:

1. What kinds of websites sell for the most money on Flippa?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of confidential listings?

3. How can you start brokering your own websites on Flippa?

Check out the answers in the show below:

[leadplayer_vid id=”5063314F07D3E”]Stuff mentioned in the show

Flipanomics (CLOSED)- Thomas and Bryan’s course where they teach you how to sell websites on Flippa and make the most profit. When you buy you will also get a free $20 coupon that you can use towards your listing purchase on Flippa.


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  1. WOW

    Another great interview Mike! The information presented is so key to overall success in this business, you are truly providing much needed and quality information to those of us who need it.


  2. Hi Mike

    Your web setup must be burning with all these interviews 🙂

    Whilst i have not bought from flipping enterprises (yet) they have been very knowledgeable and professorial when dealing with my enquiries.

    Flippa is great for exposure. The only issue is the cost. Although i protect publicly they seem to be deaf. I call it the arrogance of eBay who never listen. other than to shareholders. I expect flippa to float or sell inside 12 months. $39 minimum to sell a site is a killer..

    Having said that I sold a site recently on flippa and got a very good price and exposure so worth the cost. its a solid platform to work with.


    1. Steve,

      My traffic is soaring to new levels, you’re right.

      I have to agree that Flippa does provide a lot of leads for me when I list with them. I usually just list for that reason.

      Flippa is the best place to get the most eyes on your listing at this time. Unless you have a list of buyers like Thomas, there’s not many other good choices for a seller.

  3. I have bought several websites on Flippa and so far no problems at all, everything went smoothly (can’t say that about other sites – got already scammed twice). Don’t know if I was lucky, but if you do thorough website check, check users history and for higher amount of money use Escrow I think Flippa is great place to buy websites (can’t comment on selling, so far no experience).

      1. It was very simple, I paid for a website and didn’t got anything. And because the payment was sent through Moneybookers – I ended with nothing. So when buying website use either Paypal (for lower amounts) or Escrow.

        1. It’s people like that who make it difficult for people to trust honest sellers like myself. I always use Paypal and I’ve never had a problem with not getting funds.

          Thanks for your warning, Zdenek.

  4. Great interview Mike. I’ve been browsing your site as well as Flippa for a while now just trying to come up with some sort of plan. With Thomas’ information I should be able to get my first site sold. It won’t be for much but will at least get the ball rolling.

  5. Great interview. It’s been a while since I’ve toyed with flippa, but now I’m looking to start using them again. I really like the idea of brokering other peoples sites. It’s amazing how they were able to make so much with doing this.

    1. Josh,

      I think you really need to have a lot of contacts before you can broker. First you need to focus on selling your own sites…like what we’re doing 🙂

  6. Great interview mike. Lots of useful info, and has me considering getting into flipping. What sort of sites would you recommend building if you want to build sites to sell? Adsense? Amazon? Clickbank?

    Thanks a lot for this great interview… one of the best so far I think

    1. Big Mike,

      I think the easiest sites to sell are Adsense sites because if you can prove consistent income then it’s easy to assign a value for them. That being said, a lot of people sell sites that haven’t made ANY money so far…perhaps Thomas can weigh in on this one.

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