Episode 54: Groundbreaking plugin that lets users opt-in with Facebook, Twitter, AND their Google account – with Bryan McConnahea


On today’s Mike From Maine Show I chat with Bryan McConnahea about generating leads with a unique welcome op-tin page. You’ve all seen popups that come up asking for email addresses (there’s one on this site), but Bryan’s plugin gives multiple options for signing up, including Facebook, Twitter, email, and your Google account. The thinking behind this is that the more options you give for people to sign up then the more likely they’ll follow through.

Watch the show below: Duration: 30:35
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Hello there everyone!  It is Mike Thomas from MikeFromMaine.com.  We’ve got a great guest on the show today, Sam Zadworny.  He’s got an awesome plug-in that is called the Generation Plug-in that we are going to talk about.  It’s a great way to collect email addresses from multiple different tools.  Let’s just take a quick look at it here before we start.  He’s got a light box popup that comes up in the plug-in, it’s got a countdown at the top that is optional, a flashing buttons here.  For people who are frequent visitors to your websites, they can click a little thing here saying, “Don’t show again” so they don’t get annoyed with it everytime they come to your site.  There is a sliding panel that comes over here on the left hand side, you click it, it comes up with your offer where they can sign up through Facebook, a header panel that is going to come up on the top, footer panel, registration popup, exit popup, it’s got tons of different things going on with it.  Let’s see here, let me try to exit the site…and a little popup comes up, stay on the page, anyways for those of you who are doing affiliate offers or even on your own blogs, this is really something that you are going to be able to put into use.  I am going to pick it up myself and put it on my Mikefrommaine.com, so you should be seeing it in use on my site in the near future.  Anyways, let’s get to the interview.


Mike:  So, I am really happy to be here with Sam Zadworny.  In English it is “Zadworny”, but apparently in Polish it is “Zadvorny.”  Sam, how are you doing today?”


Sam:  “Yeah, great.  I am great, how are you?”

Mike:  “I am doing great as well.  Sam is actually in Poland.  You are originally from Poland, right?”

Sam:  “I am originally from Poland but I live in the UK, United Kingdom, England for seven years, I think, something like that.”

Mike:  “Was your English as good when you first came there as it is now?”

Sam:  “Of course not, no.  I learned English in Poland obviously, a little bit but you know for seven years I learned a lot really here so you know it is a completely different thing if you learn stuff in school and then in real life it is a completely different thing so…”

Mike:  “For me I am a past English teacher.  I live in Istanbul, Turkey and sometimes part-time I do English teaching work.  I lived in Prague before and when I was there I was also teaching English, so for me it is always an interesting point when a foreigner can be able to learn English so well.  Also,so congratulations to you.”

Sam:  “Okay, thank you very much.”

Mike:  “Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your online marketing background for people who might not know about you yet?”

Sam:  “Yeah, should I start from the beginning or…”

Mike:  “Let’s start from the beginning.  Start from your birth and then let’s hear about your childhood, no….The relevant points of…”

Sam:  “Yeah, first of all, you know, I came to the UK and my first job was, you know, I was a gardener so obviously it wasn’t the best job in the world and you know, the salary was not really, not so great.  So I started learning what design, graphic design.  First of all I was doing this kind of stuff for customers.  So then, my kind of journey, my adventure with the internet started and then it wasn’t so good money either so…obviously it was better money than gardening, but it wasn’t so good so I started programming, learning first of all, I started learning programming…”

Mike:  “Did you have any programming experience before you moved to the UK?”

Sam:  “Uh, no not really.  I studied IT, so you know I was familiar with this kind of stuff, but I wasn’t any good with programming skills so I started learning PHP which is typical internet language to make an internet plug-in so apps or dynamic websites, this kind of stuff.  So, I found a job as a programmer and I actually…I still work in that job but now just one day per week because I was moving to internet marketing full-time.  So, in that job I have been for three years, I think a bit more, three years and two months probably.  And then the adventure with internet marketing started when I received some message, some email from a Clickbank affiliate.  And then I found the link to Clickbank and I was really excited.  You know, I saw the Clickbank website, and then I saw that they pay to their affiliates.  It was like close to 2 billion dollars you know…”

Mike:  “Yeah, yeah.”

Sam:  “And I started buying some courses and tutorials about how to start with internet marketing and affiliate marketing.”

Mike:  “Can you let us know, was there anything that you bought when you first started out that really helped you in your journey?”

Sam:  “Sorry?”

Mike:  “Was there anything that you got that really helped you journey, anything that was memorable for you?”

Sam:  “Uh, it was a really slow process, but when I started learning, you know, this whole thing, with internet marketing, so slowly I was buying program after program, some tutorials and now I created the plug-in.  And in creating this process of creating this plug-in, obviously my skills of programming, you know, the skill I used the most, you know.  It was great, I had a background in programming, web designing, graphic design, so I have done everything from scratch, all the graphics…well, you know, some graphics I used to build my offer…”

Mike:  “Of course.”

Sam:  “like most marketers are used from PLR, some buy bathrooms or this kind of stuff…”

Mike:  “Yeah.”

Sam:  “But generally I build everything from scratch.  So, it was good, you know.  I remember the multi-millionaire marketer, Ryan Lee, he said “You should outsource what you are not good in, you know, and do stuff what you are good…”

Mike:  “Exactly.”

Sam:  “…at making. So…”

Mike:  “Yeah, you shouldn’t spend your time doing things that you do not like doing and you should spend most of your time…”

Sam:  “Exactly.”

Mike:  “…doing things that you want to do.”

Sam:  “Exactly.  So, but yes.  I was obviously I was in in programming, web designing, so I started creating product based on my skills, obviously.  So because I was a PHP programmer for the last three years, over three years, so, and you know, WordPress plug-ins are based on, are built in PHP language, so, it was great for me.  It was great to use that skill to build something that will bring me some, you know, better money, a better life hopefully.”

Mike:  “So, most of us do not do programming for free.  I mean, there is a reason why we do it, to help people of course, but to also you have to make money and you have to make a living for yourself, so it’s normal.”

Sam:  “Yeah, that’s right. So I was a programmer, I was working as a programmer full-time really, and I was making my plug-in, I was programming my plug-in after my regular work daily, at evenings, weekends, Saturdays, Sundays, so it was like that.  So, first of all, first I know a year probably because it took me about a year to create that plug-in.  So, I have been working like probably I know 12 or 13 hours per day including weekends, you know, because I wanted to change something in my life, you know.  You know, because someone may think I was a programmer so it was, you know, it was great money probably; you know all programmers earn very good money.  I was probably kind of an exception, it wasn’t so good money, it was ten British pounds per hour…”

Mike:  “Yeah, which is in about American dollars, what is that…about $20 or $25 an hour?  What is that in dollars?”

Sam:  “Uh, no, it’s much less. I think it is like $16, yeah.”

Mike:  “So, $16 an hour.  Were you working 9 to 5, or what were your hours?”

Sam:  “Yeah, well first of all I started working 9 to 5, five days a week, but then I decided to work 10 hours per day but four days a week, so I saved one day.”

Mike:  “And now you are working one day a week?”

Sam:  “Sorry?”

Mike:  “And now you are working one day a week, as a programmer?”

Sam:  “That is right, yes, yes, just one day per week, but hopefully I will change it.  It will probably be for the next couple of weeks and then I want to change to internet marketing full-time, so…”

Mike:  “Now Sam, we are going to into your, getting to talking more specifically about your plug-in in a minute.  My question for you is your background, your…I mean you don’t speak English as a native language, you’re not necessarily a marketer, you don’t really have a business background, you’re more of a programmer, you do technical, you know the technical aspects of all this…”

Sam:  “That’s right.”

Mike:  “When you decided that you wanted to build your plug-in, is something that you promoted all on your own or did you pair up with someone else to try to help you market it?”

Sam:  “Uh, well, I created that plug-in and then I wrote my offer, I created the kind of website, and then I started promoting it just on Warrior Forum, and without any email lists, any affiliates, nothing, just I uploaded the offer…”

Mike:  “You just put it on Warrior Forum?  You didn’t do any, you didn’t contact any of the other internet marketers, any JV…”

Sam:  “No, no, nothing like that.  So, I was really surprised that it actually works and you know the most surprising thing was, like I said, I done it without any affiliates, any JV partners, any, you know with email lists, zero, zero contacts.”

Mike:  “Wow.”

Sam:  “Yeah, it was a great success really with, you know, the plug-in, especially…it was just, as I said, just Warrior Forum listing that’s it.”

Mike:  “How many copies have you sold so far?”

Sam:  “Uh, 150 plus.”

Mike:  “So, once you get it on your Clickbank and people start finding out more about it, it’s going to continue selling and just continue getting bigger and bigger.  So why don’t we…”

Sam:  “I hope so.”

Mike:  “Yeah, why don’t we transfer, if you’re, for you all watching this right now, underneath the interview, I’ve put Sam’s explanational video, his explanation of how the plug-in works because it’s got so many different aspects to it, that it is un…we are not even going to try to explain it all right here, so he’s done a great job of showing how this actually works, so if you are interested, pause this interview, go down, watch that, and then come back to us so that you will know what we’re talking about.  Sam, can you tell us a little bit about the Generation?  Tell us about the Generation plug-in.  Basically, if you had to explain to someone, what does it do?”

Sam:  “Uh, it builds your list, your email list on auto-pilot and it’s a WordPress plug-in first of all.  It’s a WordPress plug-in, you install on your WordPress blog or whatever it is you can build a website on WordPress.  And then the plug-in contains ten different tools such as popup, lightbox popup, header panel or footer panel, side bar box, or what else?  Or sliding…yeah a lot of tools…”

Mike:  “Yeah, the people that have watched the video, yeah they have seen all these things that it does, one of the things that came to mind when I was watching it is that it’s got things like…there’s the popup that comes up, like Popup Domination, it’s got a bar at the top of the screen which is like a…there is like one plug-in that I know, it’s Hello Bar.   So it got something like that, and also, I do not know if Popup Domination does this or not, but the popup box, you can also put your videos in there, it’s got a little panel on the side that comes out, and you can…a little slide panel.  I mean, you can, it does so many things.  It has an exit popup on it, and the only thing that I am worried about here is when you have an individual plug-in that does one specific task, you are going to be able to do that task maybe better than a plug-in that does everything.  It’s kind of like when you go to a restaurant, and you go to a restaurant and instead of just having spaghetti or having Mexican food, it has spaghetti, Mexican food, Italian, like Spanish, like everything on there, Chinese.  If it’s got too much stuff on the menu, probably it’s not going to be that great.  Are you following me here?”

Sam:  “Yes, yes.”

Mike:  “Okay, so what would your answer be to that?  Is this plugin, does it have a lot of bugs in it, is it functioning correctly, what’s going on?”

Sam:  “Uh, no it works great so far, I’ve had just few support tickets where…you know many of the support tickets was just incorrect installation or something like that, but I keep fixing some tiny bits and just…well basically I keep improving the plug-in, and you know, and I try to make it comparable to Popup Domination, or this kind of software on the market, so it probably has almost all of the features.  If we talk about just one tool in my plug-in which is Lightbox Popup Box, it probably has as many features as Popup Domination has.  So, same with all the tools.  And there is still some, a lot of things to add.  I can, you know, keep adding things and improving the plug-in for the next probably year, that’s, you know….For example, Popup Domination was doing this, a lot like, you know, keep improving it for the last probably two years I guess.  So, imagine if they kept improving stuff in just one tool, you know, just Popup box, you know, there is even a lot more to even improve in for my plug-in.  I mean, improve, just add some new features or new tools, you know, because it works great in my opinion.  So, and you know, I have great reviews from Warrior Forum so I guess it is a successful plug-in.”

Mike:  “So, yeah, I mean a big concern for a lot of people is that they buy something, like a tool, or a keyword research tool, or a plug-in like this, and then after the sale is finished, then all customer service ends.  There’s a problem, there’s a bug, it never gets fixed…are you continually fixing it?  Are you continually answering customer support questions?  Are you going to be there if someone has a question for something?”

Sam:  “Absolutely, yes!  You know, I’ve worked too hard to, you know, on creating this plug-in to just disappear after…”

Mike:  “It’s your baby, it’s your baby here that you have to nurture…”

Sam:  “Yes, it really is, yes.  Yeah, so I spent a lot of time seriously, a lot of time creating this plug-in, because, you know, as a creator, you have to create everything from scratch basically.  You can’t you know steal some code from Popup Domination or any other software and just you know, change it.  You will land in jail probably or similar fate.”

Mike:  “They are going to send you back to Poland, Sam!  They are going to send you back!”

Sam(laughing): “So, you know, I created everything from scratch, so every single tool…you know, it was a lot of testing, with you know, Warrior’s themes, WordPress themes, check if it works with the other plug-ins, test it with different auto-responders like IWeather or Icontact, or some contact or…”

Mike:  “So it works with all those different services?”

Sam:  “Sorry?”

Mike: “It works with all the different Awebber…”

Sam:  “Yeah, right, yeah. Sorry, I keep asking ‘Sorry? Sorry?’ Because the quality is not great here…”

Mike:  “No, no, no.  It’s good that you ask.  Another thing, it’s a feature that I would personally be looking for, is…Chris Guthrie over at…oh, what is it?  Makemoneyontheinternet.com, he has a plug-in that is called ‘Welcome Splash’, where what happens is when someone visits the website, immediately on the page pops up a full page, I guess…A full page popup comes up where you have to either enter your email to continue or you can skip to go on.  Is this something that you are considering adding to your plug-in?  Like a welcome gate type of thing?  There is also another plug-in by Clay Collins.  It is a free plug-in I believe called “Welcome Gate”.  Is something that you would consider you would consider adding to your plug-in?”

Sam:  “Oh yes, I plan to add a lot, lot more features really.  For now, I want to for the next probably few weeks I want to, two weeks probably, I want to add, for example a contact form so instead of a regular sign up form or a Facebook connect button, which is already in the plug-in, or link button, so there is three options in every tool in Generation Plug-in.  So, above that, I want to add a contact form, so, you know, just a regular contact form so if someone searched his name or email and message and send it to you, to the blog’s owner.  So, that is the next feature that I want to add.  Another one is display.  Because for now we can just display just one kind of, one type of sign up form in tools, so you know, you must choose between a regular form, Facebook connect button, or link button, but it would be great to have a feature to give the user, you know, a choice to choose between regular signup for example, and Facebook signups.  So, I want to add to this feature as well, and what else?  Yeah, somewhere I have a full list….”

Mike:  “I am sure you have.  So you have a big list of everything that you want to do.  So, one thing that I would be really interested in, I am not sure if you have done it yet, is instead of having to put in both the name and the email, having a choice of just having the email address.”

Sam:  “Uh, there is already a few templates in chosen tools where you can do this actually.  There is only email  fields….”

Mike:  “Okay, great.”

Sam:  “Yeah, but it would be great obviously, it would be great to have this choice with all the tools.  So, because for now, as I said, you can choose between tools.  You can choose tools with name and email field, or different template with only email field.  But that is the feature that I want to also add to the plug-in where for every template you can choose if you want to display name and email or only email.  So, it will be that soon.”

Mike:  “So, people that buy this now, and all these updates you are doing, are these going to be free updates that will come to the plugin, or do you have to buy them later on?”

Sam:  “No, no, absolutely!  Free updates, free updates and I am going to as I said, I am going to keep adding new features, new tool, absolutely for free.  So, if you buy the plug-in, then, you know, there will be free updates.  Not only some small improvements or some fixes, but also new features and new tools.  Yeah, absolutely for free.”

Mike:  “Is there any one time offer after you buy the plug-in, is there any other upsell that you are doing?”

Sam:  “There is, there is, but the plug-in is absolutely complete without it.  It’s just a lot of tools which will help you build your list even faster, so but it’s not a part of Generation Plug-in.  So, you know, a lot of offers in Warrior Forum, when someone offers a product and then upsell, like you are almost forced to buy upsell because it is part of the product.”


Mike:  “The product won’t work as well if you don’t have the…”


Sam:  “Exactly.  So I do not want to do that really.  So the plug-in is absolutely complete on the first buy.  You choose between an unlimited license or the developer license and that’s it.  It’s your choice if you want to buy OTR one time offer or not, it’s your choice because you don’t need it to have the plug-in to work.”

Mike:  “Okay, what is the big difference between the unlimited and the developer?”

Sam:  “Uh, yeah.  The unlimited license…with the unlimited license you can add, you can install your plug-in, in as many pages as you want, as many websites or blogs as you want, blogs that you own.  So, the difference between unlimited license and developer license, is the developer license allows you to…it includes actually unlimited license where you can install the plug-in on as many blogs as you want, plus you can  install the plug-in on your client’s websites, so it is great if you build websites or if you buy some websites and sell them again, you can also install the plug-in in all those websites and sell the website with Generation Plug-in installed.  So, the value of the website is already is already higher and plus you will receive PSD 5 so, if you are familiar with PhotoShop and graphic design, you can create your own popup  boxes or any other templates for any other tool, you know, in PhotoShop.  Yeah, it is the developer’s license, so obviously you have to have some basic skills, some graphic design or…”

Mike:  “Yeah, you say basic-you have to have technical skills to actually be able to use…”

Sam:  “Actually, yes.  But I am talking just about the extra PSD 5s.  So, it’s just a small part of the developer license.”

Mike:  “So, Sam, I’ve got one last question for you.  Really, who are your…you have gone out and you have made this great plug-in, and I am wondering, who are people who have most influenced you in getting this done.  I mean, you’ve gone from working as a programmer, making $16 an hour and trying to transfer over into a more of an online marketing lifestyle where you are going to be free to continue building on your plug-in, so who are your biggest influences?”

Sam:  “Uh…”

Mike:  “Like different online marketers that are your influences?”

Sam:  “Yeah, it’s a…I learned stuff from, you know, lots of different marketers, and I remember Ryan Lee.  He is a great person, you know, teaching internet marketing. Or Chris Farrell, actually, yeah, he is amazing.  I bought a lot of courses and tutorials from him.  But I don’t think I will be comparable to Chris Farrell or Ryan Lee because they moved to millionaires, so…”  (laughing).  So, I would be, I would like to be comparable for example, to have my Generation plug-in comparable to software like Popup Domination, so I guess I would be comparable to Michel Dunlop, so, yeah, I think that would be great for me, I would be really happy.  I already have some success with the plug-in when it’s on the market, only for a week, and I earned already four times more per week than I earned in my regular job, so I am already really happy.  You know, I finally started doing something in terms of my marketing.  Because, actually, yeah, I started you know, selling my product for a week, so I am really under internet marketing on the market for a week, but I have been learning this stuff for probably the last two years.  So, you know, I just learned stuff in kind of silent mode, you know, just stay alone in my room, in my office and learn stuff…”

Mike:  “And just plugging away and trying to learn, and just…”

Sam:  “Yeah, it’s coding, and programming, and then you know, just started with something big.”

Mike:  “Well Sam, it’s been a pleasure talking to you today, it’s really interesting your story from really small beginnings to working as a gardener, to working as a programmer, to now really getting out there, really great job to you and thank you for coming…

Sam:  “Thank you very much.”

Mike:  “Thank you for coming on the show and I hope to talk with you again soon.  Oh, one thing, sorry!  Where can people get in contact with you if they want to find you, Sam?”

Sam:  “Uh, actually yeah, there’s no, there’s no my contact details on the Generation Plug-in offer, so the easiest thing would be, the easiest way would be probably contact me via helpdesk, but uh, also you can find me on Facebook, Sam Zadworny.”

Mike;  “So we can find you on Facebook, yeah, I will put that under the video, I will put that under the interview if you like, and also I think you are on the Warrior Forum, so maybe should people contact you through there as well?”

Sam:  “That’s right, yes.  I am also everywhere; my nickname is Sam Zadworny, my full name really.  So you can find me, Sam Zadworny on Warrior Forum, on Facebook, on Twitter, but I don’t use Twitter really much so, very often so…”

Mike:  “Great.  Okay, so we will send people to your Facebook and we will send people to your Warrior Forum.”

Sam:  “Yeah, of course, yeah.  I guess I am the only one Sam Zadworny in the world, ha ha, I suppose, because I couldn’t find any other Sam Zadworny’s so it probably would be quite easy to find me anywhere.”

Mike:  “Well Sam, great, thank you very much for coming on the show and you have a great day.”

Sam:  “Okay, thank you very much for the opportunity, so thanks a lot.”

Mike:  “You’re welcome.  I really hope you all enjoy the video today with Sam.  Be sure to check out his Generation plug-in, I think that it is really awesome.  I’ve got it installed on MikefromMaine.com right now, so you will be able to see it working live on my site.  Also, he’s got another website that he uses to kind of display how all of the different features work, because I have been personally using all of them on MikefromMaine.  Other than that, if you want to get in contact with Sam, you’ve got links underneath the video for that, and be sure to check out another episode of MikefromMaine tomorrow.







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