How an Irish hacky sack champion made $15,000 with Youtube helping people get rid of their cankles


Episode 1

You’re going to really like this interview that I’ve done with Fergal Downes about how he makes money online driving traffic (80%) through Youtube videos. Fergal’s method is so good that it’s been chosen as WSO of the Day on the Warrior Forum.

One of the things that I thought was really smart is how on his Clickbank sites when a person clicks the “Buy now” button they are first taken to an email optin form. In order to even get to the shopping cart they have to put in their email, so even if they don’t buy the product, Fergal can still email market to them. Brilliant!

Stuff mentioned in the show

Video Traffic Giant (closed)- An instructional program about making money with Youtube traffic and lead generation that has made Fergal Downes over $20,000. It was the WSO of the Day on September 20th, 2012.

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  1. Mike,
    First off, very probing questions, many of which could have been answered with vague responses.
    Fergal was not hesitant at all in giving a lot of very good information. As you brought up, the Warrior Forum
    does not always showcase the best of internet marketers and internet marketing. You can tell a lot about someone
    when you can see and hear them. It was great hearing from a successful internet marketer who is not afraid to share
    his “secrets”. Please keep providing quality interviews.

    1. Cesar,

      I agree…2 weeks is a pretty quick timeframe, especially when I’m used to waiting three months for my niche sites to rank.

  2. Interesting. I think it’s important to diversify away from just SEO/google traffic. This product would be good just for more insight on how to rank in YouTube.

    Good interview.

    1. Jason,

      I agree with you completely. It’s completely fine to make money with authority/niche sites depending on Google traffic, but there’s always the possibility that they’ll be some animal update and the traffic will stop. That’s why it’s a good idea to start diversifying NOW before any Google slapping occurs.

      Youtube traffic is a huge money maker, one that I’m just starting to tap into by putting my videos on Youtube. Even this video is hosted there with a link to…like Pat Flynn says “Be everywhere”.

  3. Pretty smart to get their email address before they buy.
    I know there is a plugin which does the opposite but this is such a “duh” moment 🙂

    Thanks for the interview guys!

    1. Ralph,

      It got me thinking about doing the same thing on my Sites For Sale page. Lead collection is so important…much more important that Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds…in my humble opinion.

  4. Great interview Mike,

    I purchased the WSO yesterday, I am only halfway through all the videos but am blown away by the quality of information provided. I even received an email today from Mike Thompson that he will be adding additional videos to the members page, well worth the investment.

    Brent @ Niche Site Success

    1. Thanks, Brent.

      Mark is well-known for providing quality no-BS reports. Expect to be over-delivered on this one.

      If you like Mark’s work you should definitely check out his forum WPGoldmine.

  5. great video indeed. I’ve made money from different sources and I’m recently testing youtube. I heard Fergal said he had a list to make his videos rank higher? is he talking about the back link websites? (Social monkee, etc.) or there is an actual given list? haha!

    1. Miki,

      I don’t think he uses his list to make his videos rank higher, but he uses it to send offers to the leads he collects from Youtube. I think he uses Social monkee to build links to his videos.

    2. Hi,

      I meant that I have a step by step list to follow when uploading my videos and then I have another list of things to do post upload so the video gets to the top of youtube for the selected KW.

      Sorry if I wasn’t clear about that 🙂

      Best wishes,

  6. Good interview Mike and Fergal, keep it up! I just finished the course, I did not even finish the interview before I went and purchased it and then came back to finish the interview.

    To sum up it up, its niche sites but on you tube. A lot of the same principals apply. Fergal does a good job of keeping it simple as if the viewer is new to youtube and online marketing. Now its time for to put it into action so I can get some money coming in while I wait for my handful of niche sites to rank. It is definitely worth the lil money he charges, especially if you can get a $100 a day. Rinse and repeat!

  7. Hey Mike,

    Maybe you can forward this to Fergal…


    Hey Fergal…

    I couldn’t locate a contact page on your Video Giant.

    One of your downloads has a VIRUS! I thought
    you should know.

    Your zip file ‘video traffic giant’
    has a ‘W32.Trojan.grn

    It’s the ‘ava66.exe’ file that is infected.

    This may a a False Positive I’m not sure…
    you should check it. A buddy of mine was
    freaked out when his virus program revealed
    this baby. Malwarebytes did not pick it and
    neither did Microsoft Security Essentials, but
    Webroot did.

    Please email me back so I can let my friend
    know when to go back in to the member’s
    area and download a clean copy.

    Thanks. Steve 🙂

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