How getting hacked during a Flippa auction and losing $20,000 moved Ken James to email marketing with solo ads


Episode 14

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I talk with an online marketer who has gone from Adsense sites to flipping on Flippa to media buys…the list goes on. He’s focusing on creating his own products and buying leads with solo ads. The interview has a TON of great info in it, so grab a coffee and let’s go!

What’s in the interview?

1. Where can you buy solo ads and how much do they cost?

2. What are the advantages of selling your own products as opposed to selling as an affiliate?

3. How big a list does it take to get to his level? (he reveals his list size)

Watch the show below: Duration: 46.40 [leadplayer_vid id=”50744A1E96838″]

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  1. This is awesome how Ken can go from losing $20,000 to making another profitable business. We can all learn a lot from this determination! I keep getting knocked down from Google but I’ll eventually figure it out!

    1. James,

      I also know what it feels like to lose thousands of dollars at a time…it’s not a good feeling 🙂 But that being said, you can bounce back from it if you keep working at it.

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