How Jonathan Smith consistently makes $100-$2,000 per day with CPA ads


Episode 20

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I have CPA (cost per action) marketer Jonathan Smith. He’s made up to $10,000 using Bing paid traffic, solo ads, and Facebook advertising using the tactics he has learned from Joey Babbs. Now he wants to share them with you.

What’s in the interview?

1. How much money do you need to start with CPA offers and paid traffic?

2. Where did Jonathan learn how to make money with CPA ads?

3.  Do all CPA ads convert the same on each day of the week?

Watch the show below: Duration: 17:13
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Stuff mentioned in the show

CPA Cash Vault (CLOSED) – Jonathan and Joey’s CPA course


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  1. One to watch later on, thanks Mike.

    How did you get on with your CPA thing that you did via WSO, are you seeing any profit from it as yet?

    Cheers, Andrew

    1. Enjoy, Andrew.

      I’m still testing it out and I’ve started making a bit of money with Bing traffic and cpa ads. I’ll post about it when I have more stuff to share.

      1. Mike,

        Just a suggestion…I would try split testing that offer you mentioned. Maybe you can try collecting leads and split testing another landing page without collecting leads. Should tell you if it is worth the trouble or not.

  2. Thanks Mike for the interview… if any of your viewers want to contact me about learning what we have to offer they are welcome to email me. [email protected].

    It was a pleasure talking with you and hope to connect again.

    I will be subscribing to these comments for any questions anyone has.

  3. I wish we would have gotten more out of this. Some more examples, something we can use, try… how does he select campaigns, how does he do testing… what does the traffic cost… percentages… and and and… I think he was ready to give more than this…

    1. Alex,

      Thanks for the tip. If you have more questions you can contact him by email and I’m sure he’ll be happy to help you.

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