Offline Bullet Cash interview with Paul Nicholls

How Paul Nicholls spent $20,000 on Internet marketing products before he finally made it big


Episode 36

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I’ve got Paul Nicholls on to talk about his journey from knowing NOTHING about making money online to launching multiple WSOs in the Warrior forum. He’s definitely an example of a newbie-to-pro evolution, and it was a pleasure to pick his brain.

Watch the show below: Duration: 51:02
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  • November 9, 2012
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Shaun Baird - November 12, 2012

Hi Mike, Ive used Getresponse getsubscribers before… 6 years ago though and it helped me get my list at the time to 2500 subscribers which was fairly responsive but again youve got to warm them up and build that relationship. I toyed with going to back to getresponse before joining aweber for my latest project, and searched online.

Saw a number of negative reviews for the getsubscribers service so in the end I went for aweber and am pretty happy to date.

I want to add a note about Paul’s course for list building -love it! Have digested it all and have implemented it into my website, providing video content for free.

Thanks for the interview – I wish you both the very best for 2013!


    Mike From Maine - November 12, 2012


    Thanks for letting us know about your experience with GetSubscribers. Did you just abandon the list, or do you still use it?

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