Episode 46: How to create mobile apps for clients without having to deal with the App store – with Andy Fox-Hulme


On today’s Mike From Maine Show I have Andy Fox-Hulme on to talk about making mobile apps WITHOUT having to deal with the stresses of the App Store. He’s discovered a great way to create fully functioning apps for clients without having to actually deal with all the headaches of making an app.

Watch the show below: Duration: 32:26
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  1. Interesting ideas here. I can see this becoming big for small businesses and as an extension of blogs for branding purposes and obviously for the push messaging.

      1. I’m working on something similar at the moment in how I’m selling app development solutions to local pizzerias…however that would still be using the App Store. I’d have to look into the strategy a bit further, but I could definitely see this as something I might explore in the future!

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