Video Marketing Debunked review with Mark Thompson

How to drive quality traffic from your Youtube videos that will CONVERT – with Mark Thompson

Episode 2

Sure maybe your videos get lots of hits on Youtube…Mark Thompson says “So what?” The important thing is how well these leads are converting and if you’re actually making any money off of this traffic. It’s kind of like the whole how-big-is-your-list competition…what really matters is not the quantity, it’s the quality…it’s whether or not it converts or not. Conversion is key.

Stuff mentioned in the show

Video Marketing Debunked – This is Mark Thompson’s course that shows you how to really capitalize on Youtube views to drive traffic to your money making websites.

  • September 21, 2012
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jeff - September 21, 2012

When I suggested you do more of these interviews I didn’t realize your turn around time would be so soon.
Mark is truly one of the good guys even though he said he would never do another WSO As soon
as I received his email about this Youtube product(VMD), the same thought ran through my mind. I purchase
the product and currently about to view the third video. There are many tips he discusses that the average
marketer doesn’t know. Mike, please wait a few days before the next interview because I have too many
offline projects that I must complete. Thanks!

    Mike From Maine - September 22, 2012


    I think I’m addicted to them 🙂 I’m really hoping that both myself and my readers can get a lot out of them.

    Chime back in later when you’ve finished the course and let me know your whole take on it.

kEVIN - September 21, 2012

Hey this is great! Anything that Mark Thompson does i am all in. In my opinion he is best person out there in the internet marketing “anti guru” out there. He is real, honest and whenever he speaks i listen. It would be great if i was the winner of these free products. But i will let you pick out the random comment and i hope it is mine.

    Mike From Maine - September 22, 2012


    I’m accepting bribes 😉

Jason - September 21, 2012

Great point about view count. Big numbers and lots of traffic doesn’t matter if it doesn’t convert.
You’ve had a lot of YouTube products lately. I have a feeling we’ll see YouTube related income in your income reports soon…

    Mike From Maine - September 22, 2012


    You’re right about my interest in Youtube. As I mentioned in the video, I’ve recently changed over from Wistia to Youtube because I wasn’t seeing the value in paying for a hosting platform when Youtube does the job just as well. Yes, there are some nice perks with Wistia like automatically changing to HD when the video is enlarged, but it doesn’t justify the high price tag for me at this point. Perhaps in the future…

ivo - September 21, 2012

Long time reader, first time commenter. I’ve never even considered using Youtube for IM but I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of posts/videos you’ve put up. Make we want to diversify a little after what I’ve seen. Would be awesome I my post gets chosen!

    Mike From Maine - September 22, 2012


    Thanks for commenting…I hope to hear more from you. Diversification is definitely the key if you want to continue being successful in Internet marketing for the long run.

Matt - September 22, 2012

Hey Mike, digging the interviews! Very insightful, you have anybody else in mind for future interviews?

Would love to check them out!

    Mike From Maine - September 22, 2012


    I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I’m going to keep doing them and giving away free stuff. I’m aiming on releasing a new interview every week day.

Anil - September 23, 2012

Hi Mike,

How are you adding call to actions onto your video (click to skip ahead…’)?

    Mike From Maine - September 23, 2012

    Anil, I’m using Lead Player. You can find a great review for it from Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income

Shaun Baird - September 23, 2012

Hi Mike, I really enjoyed this video interview with mark, very humerous and well presented. You did a great job! I loved mark’s terminology about creating “pathways” 🙂

All the best Mike

    Mike From Maine - September 24, 2012

    Hey Shaun,

    Great to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview…I’ve always wanted to pick Mark’s brain a bit.

    I hope you’re doing well.

John - September 27, 2012

Hey Mike,
Thanks for all the great info on your site.

James - September 30, 2012

Hey Mike – loving the interviews and the free giveaways. Keep it up!

Hopefully I’ll win something in the future. Would love to learn more about YouTube traffic.

    Mike From Maine - October 1, 2012

    James, I’m glad you like them. I’ll try to keep my guests giving away products, bonuses, and discounts. They are usually more than happy to provide something for my readers.

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Huw Hughes - January 24, 2015

It is great to see the first video interview you done Mike and then see how they have been getting better and better. 🙂

    Mike From Maine - January 24, 2015

    Haha, don’t watch these…I’m embarrassed 🙂


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