How to get 10 million views to your offer…for $0.00001 per view – with Anthony Aires


Episode 102

We all want more eyeballs on whatever it is we’re selling. I don’t care what kind of traffic it is, if you get enough people paying attention to what you’re doing then eventually something is going to convert…right? Well, it can’t hurt 🙂

Anthony Aires is on the show today to talk about how you can get 10,000,000 views to any kind of offer you have for a fraction of a penny per view. Check out today’s interview to find out more.

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How to Get 10 Million Views to Your Offer for $0.00001 per View – with Anthony Aires

Mike: Hi there everyone! Welcome to episode 102 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do daily interviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas and today on the show, we got Anthony Aires on to talk about how to get 10 million views, 10 million visitors to take a look at your offer. Now, this can be a dating offer, this can be something that you’re trying to get people to come in and sign up for your mailing list, it can be an email submit, anything that is not illegal, is what you can do with this. And he’s gonna talk about today how you can get it, what kind of traffic it’s gonna be and just the way that this whole launch is gonna happen. He’s also gonna talk about his internet marketing journey, how he got from nothing to where he is today. So without further ado: Anthony Aires.

Mike: We are here today with Anthony Aires. Anthony, how are you? Anthony: I’m doing good. How are you, Mike?

Mike: I’m doing fine. Let’s get right into it and tell us a little bit about who you are and how you can get started making money on the internet.

Anthony: Sure. My full name is Anthony Aires Gomes. I go by Anthony Aires online, and the reason why I do that is, um, I actually lost my dad in 2008 and he was young, he was only 54 years old. And my dad, when he was still alive, had seen the collapse of my real estate career, my real estate empire dim, real estate moral crash. So after he passed away, I started having successful online marketing and it was a way for me to just have my dad with me in everything that I do, because usually the middle name is silent, people just go by their first and last name. So I decided that I wanted to have him with me in everything that I do, so I kinda just drop my last name, you know, for my — I guess, marketing persona, and I go by Anthony Aires.

Mike: Cool.

Anthony: So that’s about me. How did I get here, marketing on the internet or being an internet marketer. Um, well I remember when the internet got started. I’m 38 years old, so I would still go in to get my degree in school. I remember when it was starting to come out and it was a big deal and, you know, people are trying to, I mean there was all this crazy articles about how to surf the internet coz we didn’t have fancy browsers like we do now. And, um, it is something that intrigued me and I’ve lived through the .com boom, so I was just intrigued by the money that was being made there and I knew that I was something new and exciting and I wanted to be a part of it, but I just didn’t know how to be a part of it, I didn’t. It was like beyond my scope of understanding at that time, plus I was really young, and I was chasing women and so I’m really scared about. So I was really intrigued by the internet but women were my primary focus in my early twenties.

Mike: Anthony, sorry to interrupt. What intrigued you about it? Was it the money? Was it the lifestyle? Was is the stay at home? What was the part of it?

Anthony: Back then, it was so new, that none of that stuff, like the lifestyle, the internet marketer lifestyle wasn’t really being marketed yet. It wasn’t that. It was, it was the, I think it was the newness of it, it was the hearing about people making fortunes overnight, watching .com websites, you know, .com businesses. That was like, wow, it’s just really intriguing to hear about that stuff. And um, you know when everyone was talking about how it was the future of communication and my degree was in business, I have a degree in finance. So, you know, I was in the University Business Administrations, so you know, with something that, it was being talked about a lot and so, you know, the seeds were getting planted. But, you know, this is like 1994, -95. It was a long time ago. But you know, I didn’t even really, I didn’t even really get involved in internet marketing per se until 2002, like I didn’t really dive in until 2002, 2003. Ah, so it actually took a while, like from the first time I heard about the internet which is 1993, -94, until I actually did something, it was around 2002. So what end up happening was I had gone, I always had a love of computers too. I think it was another reason why I was intrigued by the internet. You know, my dad worked for Hewlett Packard, he would bring home these PCs, and I will mess around with them, like old two ladies sixty’s and stuff with dual floppy hard drives and you know, I was just intrigued by computers and um, so that also had, that also was a part of the reason too. So, in 2002, what ended up happening, like how the whole thing unfolded was I start to work for Staples Corporate, in their network administration department helping set new stories and helping them link to the network but it was just something that, like, I just didn’t see that going anywhere. You know, I didn’t wanna do the whole cubicle feel thing for the rest of my life. So, ah, I got in a real estate, I have like massive ADD so like sitting in an office all day long was just like not something I can do. So, I’m very personable too, I’m outgoing, I’ve got sales skills involved. I got a lot of sales skills, so that mixed with technology makes me, I guess, a whip of combination, so I wanted to get into real estate. It was

something I wanted to do, I just wanted to try it and at that time I live in Boston and the real estate was fun to do because you will work in the city, and you will show apartments and you can make a lot of money doing apartments and you know, you are just driving around, driving people around and I was like I wanna get out of the office. So, I got involved with real estate and I did that for about a year and then I wanted to start my own company. So to start your own company, you have to work as, I guess, an apprentice to the another real estate broker, I guess that’s what you call it, as an apprentice to another real estate broker for a year before you can start your own company. Well, it was tough for me to start my own company. I didn’t have the capital to take out advertisements in the Boston globe which is really, really expensive to try drive leads, to try to drive the phone to ring. So I started thinking, well, you know, this websites are coming up from the first page of the search engines. Back then, it was Yahoo! and MSN were the big ones, Google was kinda starting to come out but they really hadn’t had any attraction yet. And, you know I said, there’s gotta be like, why are these sites coming up when I type Boston Real Estate or Boston Apartment for Rent. Why are these websites coming up? You know, what are they doing? And then, I said there’s gotta be a way to learn this stuff, so I actually just walked over to the Barnes and Noble and I bought this book right here. This is the book, that that guy got in for me: “Search Engine Positioning”. It’s a thick ass book.

Mike: Who is that by?

Anthony: It’s by a guy named Fred Martini. He owns a company called and they’re still in business today. They’re actually conversion masters. They specialize in conversion science and search engine optimization still. So I basically, to those, more than 2002 I read this whole sucker and I learned how to get my, I learned how to build a website, I learned how to get it on, you know, how to get hosting, I learned about the mail. I learned all about that stuff. And by summer of 2003, I had over 30 websites ranking for, like, the top keywords in Boston. They were in the top 5 web positions on all search engines. And, but this is just literally exploded and, because this is 2003, the real estate market was, it was just like, September 11 happened. Interest rates, they just slashed them and then next thing you know, there’s a big real estate bloom and I just rode that sucker the all way up. And ah, you know, made a load shit of money, driving, ah, you know, business on my real estate website and converting those leads on the real estate transactions. And I went on and did the same thing in Florida, because I had a lot of customers in Boston. So, I was — I had moved to Florida, then I moved back to Boston. So, I knew that there was a boom going on in Florida, and I had a lot of customers in Boston looking for pre-construction deals in Florida, so I just started, I got my license in Florida and started following people from Boston to Florida. I did the same thing, I built this website called and we basically have all of the pre- construction property listed in Florida. And I was able to rank that, it was an authority website, I was looking at that website to come up on all major projects, and so people will inquire about them and then I would just connect with the developer and send them the lead and, you know, make a feat for doing that.

Mike: So, you were just doing a lot of lead generation, it sounds like.

Anthony: Yeah. Yes, lots of lead generation. All are SEO-based. Ah, and then, I ended up getting slammed by Google. November of 2003, they slammed – they have this thing called The Florida Update, which was one of their first updates that anyone had ever known about or documented. And it slammed most of my sites. Back then, there was no web 2.0, there was no social bookmarking. So you had to like, get links, it was really, you had it – you had to get links from link farms, and you got links by linking your own sites to each other and kinda create your own, what they call today blog networks. It was like a link networks coz there really weren’t — blogging wasn’t, ah, rolling back then. So that’s what I had done. I have, like, created this big link architecture for all my sites and connected them all. They had figured out that I had done that and so, in The Florida Update, they slammed all my sites. And I woke up one morning, it was like November, and everything was gone, were sucked —

Mike: What did you do? What did you do when that happened?

Anthony: I freaked out, obviously. But what ended up happening was I started thinking on my cellphone, sitting all this time learning SEO, I might as well also learn pay per click because the amount of time I put into learning SEO, I could just learn how to do pay per click and generate the leads and um, because a lifetime customer value was so great in real estate, like if you do $400,000 transaction, and that’s $12,000 commission. So the lifetime customer value is just so much that you can, if you got your conversions down, you know, when your leads are coming in, and you got your conversions down, you can view pay per click marketing pretty effectively and you have a lot of room for profit in there. So, I learned how to do PPC, and then I wanted to get the sites back up immediately, or keep he leads flowing, because I have brought on agents to help me at this time. You know, so I was like right filling leads off to agents, and so I was splitting it with them. I had to like, to put food on the table for people, so I have to immediately figure out a way to get leads coming in while I figure out what I was gonna do to get sites backed up. So, I got pay per click going and then I was able to resurrect some of the sites and you know, I built an authority sites for pre-construction stuff, because I have figured out back then, true that authority sites were big, and I said to myself, instead of having 37 sites, I really should just go to one site that has all of the listings in it and so that’s the pre-construction site ended up taking off and it did really well and killed it from 2002 to 2007. And then 2007, Bear Stearns had their, their – they had their collapse, then the other one followed Lehman Brothers

and it has essentially just created a ripple effect that had so many ideals in the pipe that just fell apart, like they didn’t — we worked — we would go to the closing table with our customers and the banks would even fund the loans. It was crazy. So, um, I had invested a lot of my money in real estate and I had also sold the company in Boston in 2006. I actually sold it at the top of the market. It wasn’t because I was smart, it was pure luck. And what I then focused is on Florida, so I have reinvested, I used all the money from the company that I had in Boston. You know, like, I had sold everything, like the websites, the customer list, everything. So, I had taken all the money I made from that, I reinvested in real estate and then crash happened. I basically lost my ass. I sold the company at the top of the market, but I also bought property at the top of the market. So when everything collapsed in 2007, it was pretty ugly. It was an ugly situation. It was just like damn, I worked so hard to build all this stuff. And it’s just so fast, it just like unraveled. Um, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And when there’s something – when something negative happens, there’s always a positive reaction to it, right? So, there’s always an opposite reaction to everything, right? There can’t be an up without a down, there can’t be a left without a right, there can’t be a good without a bad, right? So, it was a tough time for me too. 2007, 2008 were really tough time for me too coz I lost everything in real estate, then I went to a year-long divorce, I lost my wife, I lost my dog, I lost all my property, then my dad got sick in 2008. He was in a coma for 6 months, then he passed away. It was really all of a sudden, you know. It was like, he’s 54 years old and it’s like all of a sudden —

Mike: It sounds awful. Anthony: What’s that? Mike: It sounds awful.

Anthony: True. It was absolutely horrible, man. It was as though I’m crawling through a cave, and I don’t talk to anybody. You know, it was just like really, really tough. Um, what ended up happening was I had figured out, you know, how to just stick and move and deal with the situation at the time. Since I had so many properties that were going in on for closure, the banks would be calling me up and there were actually real estate agents who is calling me up because they wanted to do all my properties what is called a BPO, it’s a Broker’s Price Opinion.

Mike: Okay.

Anthony: And ah, it’s ah, it’s like an appraisal but it is not federally certified. And the banks need this because when they for close on a house, they need to know what to put the house up for sale. They need to have a value but they don’t want to spend the money to get a certified federal appraisal. And it’s much cheaper to do a Broker’s Price Opinion. So what they do is they hire a local real estate agents to do this and they pay them a cash to do it. It’s like half the price of an appraisal. And so, these real estate agents were calling my house to do these BPOs and I’ve never, I’ve been in real estate for so long, I’ve never heard of the BPO. But you know, I had been in a rising market, not enough for closure market so I didn’t know or any idea what that lingo was. You know, if you were my ideal customer, if you were some who had met me up and say, “Hey Anthony,” during the boom, during the real estate boom and say, “Hey Anthony, I want to buy for a closure property, and this is what I’m looking for.” I would say, “You know what, I’m so sorry I can’t help you. That’s not what I do”, because I’m moving so fast and so good in what I was doing that I didn’t focus on that. I didn’t know any of that lingo. So, when these people are calling me to do a BPOs on my properties, I was like, what the hell is a BPO? I had no clue at all. So, I meet them out of my properties to have, to let them in and then I would engage them and figure out what it was and explained to me that the banks were paying them this money to do this, like, you know, uncertified appraisals. And I’m like, shit, light bulb went off on my head. This is a huge opportunity, because this is what’s gonna be happening for the next few years. There’s gonna be tons of for closure on the market, and I didn’t know anything about this. I said to myself, I know that I’m not the only one that doesn’t know about this. I know there’s gotta be other realtors out there that don’t know about this. So, I started to do some research on Google and I realized that that there was like no information on how to become a BPO agent. So, how they know — get in with the banks to help them — because the banks needed help to sell these properties. They don’t do it without realtors, And so, lemme shut this stupid thing for a second —

Mike: I thought it was me for a second, I tried to reach out and grab my phone coz I thought mine was ringing. But it was yours.

Anthony: Sorry about that. So, I realized that they were gonna need realtors to sell these properties, they were gonna need realtors to do these BPOs, to do these short sales. And there was like no info on how to do this stuff, and I was always intrigued by info marketing because, like, I learned all my SEO stuff from info marketing. I started with these guys, with this guy and then I got in Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon’s funnel because I bought Straw Burnett, the first one, like, I think I got it in here somewhere, like the old, the old ones that came in the CDs. And, yeah, check it out, over here. I mean, can you like, can you imagine listening to SEO on audios? This is old, old stuff.

Mike: Stomping the Search Engines

Anthony: Old stuff from Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins, and these are MP3s of doing SEOs, like a great way to fall asleep, right here. This is how I get into the IM funnel, it was with these guys, and so, to 2004, and so um, I was getting their emails, you know. I was intrigued by info marketing but it’s just, it wasn’t, I was just so focused on real estate that I thought of something, whatever’s considered at that time. So, in 2007, it was like, okay well, I just lost my ass in everything. My life is falling apart. I got nothing to lose. I might as well try to do some info marketing, I mean, what’s the worse that’s gonna happen? And so I decided to create this product, at that time I call it the BPO kit and it was, ah you know, it was a product — I hate saying you know, I keep trying to catch myself from doing that. Ah, coz people don’t know. It’s the things that we say that we don’t realize we’re saying. As I’m doing this interview, know I’m always trying to improve myself.

Mike: You’re doing great.

Anthony: Yeah, thank you. And so I created this website that I call the BPO kit since I had experience with PPC, I saw that nobody is bidding for Broker’s Price Opinion, or the keywords that I thought will be well. I had done all this research and then I documented everything that was going on with my old properties which was great coz I have real world experience. I created my product and I have, it was like the ugliest website, the ugliest sales letter. I didn’t know how to write a sales letter. I didn’t know how to do any of those stuff. I mean, it was just ugly. I wish that I had it still today, up to this day, I need to haunt it down, it was like probably on my one of my old computers. It would be cool to see, to have that website and show to people what it looked like coz it was terrible, man. It was like with all of these weird colors and highlighted headline and stuff.

Mike: How did it go?

Anthony: It did really well when I launched it on Google, the next day I woke up I have like 20 something sales. I was like, oh my god, I’m on to something here. You know, this is like incredible—

Mike: And you were just marketing that with AdWords?

Anthony: I was using Adwords at that time, yeah. No one was binging for those keywords either. And so, um, and I wasn’t even squeezing people. I was just driving them right into the sales page, and ah, so this is July in 2007 when I launched that. And then, I just, I hoped at that point I just really got into learning more about info marketing and I just started buying a bunch of stuff. I started learning, I got in a current’s fall, mass control back then. And I learn about, I get into the info sales funnel, I got into walker’s funnel. I just started learning all these stuff and I started squeezing people in October of 2007.

Mike: When you say started squeezing people, do you mean you started an email list?

Anthony: Yeah, I started — so I was driving all the AdWords traffic to a sales page instead of a squeeze page, and Heather said – yeah, I was like, “You know what, Heather —“, coz Heather has helped me, my fiancé has helped me through the whole thing. She’s helped me build the business. I said, “You know what Heather, this thing that I read here is — I’m reading here is that I should be driving the leads to what’s called the squeeze page”, and it’s like a lead capture page and then I thought to myself, I shouldn’t be driving them into a lead page called BPO kit. I should be driving them into a lead page that’s like BPO agents wanted. And so I created this lead page and ah, I started driving traffic to that and it was unbelievable. Like the amount of leads I was getting versus before with the sales, it was like 150 to 200 leads a day were coming in but I wasn’t getting that sales, right? So it was like, whoah, I’m missing out on all these people so what I had read was right, you know. Capture the leads and your response rates will go up. Your conversion rates will go up because they’re all on your fall, so I learned how, after that, I learned about that whole concept, then I learned about how to write an email sequence, I learned a lot of that from Frank Kern. You know, how to give, give, give, before you ask. And then I created this awesome sequence where I just give tons of information, then like, literally, our business quadrupled. It was like, just like that, it was crazy and I started doing 4-day cash machines every month and that was like, it was just like —

Mike: What’s a 4-day cash machine?
Anthony: I don’t know if I can disclose that because that’s a product that Frank Kern sells. Mike: What’s the general idea of a 4-day cash machine?
Anthony: You hold a sale to your list every —
Mike: Ok.

Anthony: So, I started doing like, ah, like, I started doing like ah Thanksgiving Day Sale and I started doing like a Christmas Day Sale. And what started to happed was, it would be like, I will send an email out and I will make like $10,000 and I would be like, holy crap. You know, like, I was like, wow. And that’s when I saw the power of, like email coz we were doing okay with, before the squeeze page, we would be doubling our money, like if I put a buck in to AdWords, I would get two out. And so I think, I was doing great, right? So, if I put a couple of hundred bucks in, I’ll make 400. So that would be like a 200 per day profit which isn’t bad, right? But when I started doing the email stuff and I started holding like a monthly sale, and I would send an email and make 10 gran, on top of the 200 a day you were making, I was like whoah. I was just like, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been doing this sooner.

Mike: Is that business still going on with you?

Anthony: What happened was, I sold that business in March of 2011. I sold it to Rob, my number one student. Rob Krzyston, K-R-Z-Y- S-T-O-N. Rob Kryzton. And um, Rob had got my course like in 2007, and ah, he had gone on to kill it, like, like unbelievable. He had started to take the, coz when you get the, when a bank orders a BPO and a property, you know that that property is going on for closure before anybody. Even before the phoning vultures, the guys that send you those letters in the mail. You know that it’s going in for closure before anybody. So, Rob realized that he had really important data, so what he started doing, he would go and do BPOs on these houses in his town and he would find houses that he’d thought would make good flips. And he didn’t have any money, really awesome guy, he has actually come as a great friend now too, he lives in Florida. He lives about an hour away from me, so we connect a lot, he has become a great friend. Um, and he realized that he’s had all these data on these houses that were going in for closure, and so what he did was he took it out of the paper looking for investor and says, hey I got access to all this for closures, but I needed an investor and he ended up lining up investors and doing these deals with these properties, fixing them up, flipping them and started killing it. This guy is a mechanic before he got into this stuff. And, I’m so proud of him because he has done so much. And um, what has happened with REO kit, it ended up going from the BPO kit and then also the REO kit. So REO means Real Estate Owned. And what that means is when the bank finally for closes your house and takes it over, it’s called an REO. And um, so the BPO and also the REO kit, the REO kit was like the flagship product. It had the BPO kit in it but it also had new training modules that taught the realtors how to get in with the banks. So, it’s not just appraisal but to also get the properties to sell them because the banks pay, you know, anywhere from 5-6% to sell the houses and it’s like, instead of having you as my customer to sell the house for you, now I’m working for the banks to try and sell houses for them and they are the ones getting all the inventories, millions and millions of orders, so the products, so I had, so from 2007 to 2011, I just grew that business, I set up blog feeder site, I held a whole bunch of them and I just literally became extremely prolific in that market, so no matter where you look, I was under every single keyword, I was in all the major forums, I was everywhere. So, they would be like, oh my god, this guy is everywhere. Who the hell is he? How does he know so much about this and so the product just took off and did really well. We grew the list to about 70 to 80 thousand people. Um, it is incredible. I have 5 or 6 feeder sites feeding into different squeeze pages and different bottles and, but what happened was the product, after I have sold the product, which was a $97 product, that was it. I didn’t have anything else, like I didn’t have like a coaching program. I just did it, I was more intrigued about the IM side, than I was about the exploring that info business and the real estate side. I was kinda like done with real estate, I was like being in that niche. I’ve been doing it for so long. I wanted to be teaching, make money stuff on the IM side.

Mike: Is that more your passion, then? Is the whole IM thing?

Anthony: Yes, very much so. And so, I sold that to Rob because Rob wanted to take it to the next level, and he had been a part of it and had been a part of his success. So, he wanted — all of my customers had already known who Rob was, coz he was in a lot of case studies and stuff. So it was like a really easy transitions, he took the business over and I launched my first WSO or Warrior Forum Special Offer in May of 2011 and it was for a product called Tool Breaker. What had happened was, since the only product that I was selling was the REO kit for $97 and this huge list, I started to get into the real estate launch game because all the real estate gurus were launching products. They were learning from Walker and Kern too, and they were launching this high-end real estate investing products, like how to flip for closures and how to do all those stuff for the for closure market. So, I started selling that stuff and promoting the real estate launches to my list. And, um, I tried to do, like in the beginning was really easy to do SEO because a lot of folks were not competing in that space but then as they grew, more and more people came in and started to compete in the SEO and I had discovered that I could easily get videos to rank in the SEO for these launches and so, Jesus, if I could do that with these launches, I wondered if I could do that with click buy products. I started doing it for click buy products and it started to work. And I documented that all thing, I created my first WSO called Tool Breaker and then I launched it and it was a huge success —

Mike: Does that still work?

Anthony: Yeah, it still works. Absolutely. Lots of people rank the videos or click buy products. It’s not as easy as it was because now a lot of people know about it, you know. Um, and so, I launched that product and then, it took off. I think I did 589 units in a 48-hour

period, which for me was like insane because with the REO kit, we would sell like 100-150 a month at 97 bucks. I never sold that many units of something in a 48-hour period. And I was like, whoah. I mean, I was like, I was like, this is insane. I said there’s something here. So, it was awesome that I just sold the REO kit in March and then in May is when I launched my first WSO. So, I had nothing else going on but that and I just focused in on that um, and you know, have lots other wants and have done, I have great success doing it and totally grateful to be teaching people the stuff that I do, all of them I’ve taken them to the lab that I do.

Mike: Is that — go ahead, what was that?

Anthony: And the teaching. I mean, I love to tinker. And then when I discover something, I like to teach it.

Mike: Is your – I mean, you sold your main business that you’ve been working on for years. So, and now you’re working in IM. Is that your main income source now? Like, WSOs? Or is your income coming from AdSense sites like or affiliate marketing, through different sources? Where is your money coming from?

Anthony: At the time I was doing the REO kit, I was like, I was also intrigued in the IM stuff. So, I was doing pay per click for quick bank offers back then, I was doing pay per click for Amazon stuff back then. It’s awesome coz nobody is doing anything to Amazon back then. It was very rare that anybody is doing anything. So it was like, I was doing well with that stuff, like through those years, like I said my interest – as I was selling, like the REO kit had pretty much been on autopilot. It was just running, so I was taking income from that and doing stuff, you know, taking them into the labs. We have tons of Amazon affiliate sites, about over 200 of them. They all got hit in 2009 by the search engine, by Google and that all got slammed. But I got so much experience in that stuff because I have been doing it for so long and messing around with PPC and setting blogs up and doing all that stuff. So, when we were doing the REO kit, we had put – we had driven a lot of traffic into rebillable offers, so we had built a nice base of rebillable stuff like software and real estate software and IM software and um, lots of, lots of people inside a Webber and Sendpepper, and um, the commissions are a lot, like $4-10 a month but the pain in disconnect with that stuff is huge. So, you know, we still get you know, nice tracks from that. I have also built a hosting business, we have over 200 people inside of a hosting business at $9.95 a month, that was held by Paypal in 2012 when I lost my Paypal account, I had lost this people, which sucks. We’ve been so busy with other stuff, I didn’t even have the chance to go in and try to put them on a new billing platform. We’ve just been giving them free hosting because we’ve been so busy with other stuff. But yea, essentially my income today comes from a lot of rebillable stuff that I’ve done, I got some other ah rebillable stuff too. I’ve got, um, I’ve got a membership called the underground marketers that I do with Derek Pierce, we’ve got over 500 members in there . And then, I’ve just struck a deal with Brad and Justin where I’m gonna be their partner inside their membership, a platform called The Passport. I’m gonna be their affiliate manager for that. So, I’ve driven, I’ve put a lot of people inside in there. That’s why we created this relationship called because I’ve driven a lot of members into that membership. And so, essentially, a big chunk of my income comes from rebillable offers, and then another big chunk of it comes from doing affiliate marketing through launch promotions.

Mike: You and, um, Brad Gosse are gonna be releasing something called 10 Million Visitors. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Anthony: Yes, 10 Million Visitors. Ah, it is actually, it is all Brad’s idea. This is – Brad is traffic maven, for folks that didn’t know anything about Brad, he is a revered traffic maven by the internet industry. Those guys look up to him as, like, a big traffic – I guess you can call him, a rockstar god. He, ah, for 18 months held the number 1, number 2, he said he was bouncing back between number 1 and 2 position on google for porn. So he would get anywhere from 250,000 visitors units per day, when he would hold the number one spot and then when he was number 2, he would get down to 150,000 visitors per day. Yeah, it’s crazy. In addition to that, he had set up a lot of traffic networks in that industry and he just gets traffic. So, he had been at my house, it was September of 2012 for the world live event in Orlando, and he would stay with me and he had told me about this, ah, traffic co-ap that he had done back then where he had a — he had gotten a webpage and he had sold some banner space on that webpage. And he had told the people that he sold the banner space and he was gonna drive a million visitors to that page, and so people paid for the banner space and he had done really well with it. He had, um, the customers had really done well with it. Some of the folks that bought the banners actually had resold their banner space when he closed the offer down for more money. So that they like, like doubled – they turned around and sold their AdSpace and made money from that. And so, he had told me about this idea, and I’m like, that’s pretty cool, man. I didn’t know, I didn’t even know that you could do that. And he says, oh yeah. This and this, and then he explains it to me and then we never talked about it again. And in December, we went to the marketer’s mansion and he said, ”Hey, you know, I’ve got this other idea to do something like what I did in September, it’s called 10 Million Visitors and I wanna drive 10 million visitors to a website and I wanna sell banner space on that website”. And I said, damn dude, that’s an awesome idea. And he said, “I wanted you to help me create the buzz for it.” It is essentially what I do well, coz I get this going for something really well, coz I have been doing launches and promoting launches for so long that I understand the architecture or the anatomy of a launch. And he’s like, he’s like, “I’m really weak in that part, like you’re really good at that part so I would love for you to be a part of that. I’ll handle all the other stuff.” And I said, yeah, I love doing a part of it, essentially what it is, is we’ve got this offer wall and you pay us a little as $100 to get a spot on the offer wall, we’re gonna drive 10 million visitors to the offer wall. The demographics are great, like on the sales

page we actually break down the demographics of the people of the traffic we are getting: it’s US, UK and Canada-based. Average income is six figures. They do a lot of opportunity stuff. We lay it all out on the sales page and for as little as a hundred dollars, folks can get, you know, exposure on that page. So, what’s really great about that is it’s a great way for you to test also what’s like responsive, right? It’s hard to get ads, like this week, we tried to get a few ads approved on facebook. It’s over 10 ads that I got disapproved. And it is like so annoying because you can’t even test, like we wanted to do 10 different ones, we couldn’t even get any of them approved to test which ads are gonna work. So what’s really great about 10 Million Visitors is you can — we’re not gonna disapprove any of that, I mean, it has to be legal, obviously. It can’t be something that’s illegal. But it’s a great way to test, like what’s the response of your ad, what’s the response of your offer. Brad had past success over this offer walls, through his own offers. So, you know, if somebody has a good offer and they have a good banner, they’ll get a response from it. So, it’s a great way to test that. Now, folks are gonna be hosting their own banners and they’re gonna be hosting their own links. So every day, you could swap out a banner. You could swap out an offer. You don’t have to hit us up and say, could you change the banner, could you change the link. You don’t have to worry about any of that. You could take care of that. You can go in and swap out your banners, swap out your links. So, what some people are doing, they’re buying a lot of banner spots and then they’re gonna turn around and re-sell them when we close the offer down. And sell them either for more money. You could, like one guys is gonna sell weeks. His plan is he wants to sell weeks out. So like, he’s gonna buy banners and he’s gonna sell them – he’s gonna break them down and sell them by the weeks. So there’s, some cool, some crazy ways of creating revenue yourself —

Mike: You know what this remind me of? Do you remember The Million Dollar Homepage? If you open a link there in the interview, The Million Dollar Homepage, for those of you who didn’t know, is a website – I think it was an English guy who set it up and he sold just a little pixel, like a million pixels and he sold them for a buck a piece. People will buy blocks of pixels or just different random shapes and they’d have their advertisement there with a link to it.

Anthony: So, we thought of doing that. Here’s the problem with that. If you take a 120 X 60, so 120 pixels X 60, it’s 7200 pixels. So that would be $7200 for the same kind of AdSpace that we’re giving folks. So, we’re doing 120 x 60 for $250. And then, so there’s 3 prices, for a $100 you get a tag’s link. Um, you can do, a banner which is 120 x 60 and that’s $250. Or you can do $120 x 60 banner with an iframe overlay, that when you hover your mouse over, it will look expanded. I forgot what he says the dimensions are, it’s 300 x something. But what you can do also is to autoplay Youtube videos. So, if you get 1% of the folks that hover over your video, that will be 50,000 views to your video. And so, with The Million Dollar Homepage, we were gonna, we were thinking about using that model, that dollar per pixel but what we kept running into was that we did, you know, 120 x 60 will be $7200, you know. That’s just way too much money. So we thought, we have to make it more affordable. We really wanted this to be an opportunity for the average person that’s never tried any paid traffic, that’s never, you know, like this is, this is for someone who has just been out of reach. Or they tried to get their offers approve or they haven’t got their offers approved and they wanna get exposure to maybe their brand, or maybe they want to get exposure to maybe their fan page, or Youtube videos. It doesn’t have to be an offer, could be anything you want. It could be a squeeze page, it could be a website, it could be a fanpage, a Youtube video. If someone just wants to get exposure without putting a lot of money out, this is a great way to do it.

Mike: What’s the traffic source?

Anthony: The traffic source is the same as, I don’t know if he wants me to say what it is, but I know I can say this: it’s pop under traffic source that’s coming from sites like mediafire and right now, one of the big three networks, it’s a three-letter network is buying up tons of adspace over the year. So, we’re basically gonna be in the same space as them and they’re pushing a lot of their TV shows on there. So, it’s the same traffic source as that.

Mike: So the page, basically the page is gonna pop up under a website. So, when someone closes the website that site will be sitting underneath it?

Anthony: Yes, correct. Yup.

Mike: Cool. And what’s, I’m trying to think like if you were gonna buy an advertisement there , if you were gonna put something up on the page, what do you think would get the best conversions for people? Is it gonna be ads where people are gonna be driving traffic for lead generation? Is it gonna be people maybe doing an email submit thing? What do you think is gonna perform the best?

Anthony: Um, it’s gonna be an offer that obviously engages people, something that gets attention. You know, like if you think about facebook. What are the CTRs on some facebook campaigns. If you get 1% click through rate, you are doing great on a facebook campaign. So, it’s the same idea. It’s about knowing you know, what is going to engage people. I don’t know what will do well. I know what’s done well for Brad. Um, dating offers have done well for Brad. Um, obviously CPA offers do like, submits do really good because people didn’t have to buy anything. If me, personally, I would focus on trying to capture leads or do zip submits stuff so, you know, email submit stuff. Um, I believe videos will be great too because I’m a big video guy, so like if I can get 50,000 views for a

couple of hundred bucks, that will be a big deal for me, you know. So, if I wanna try drive traffic to a video and that video blow up, that would be good way to do it. And you know, you can do like a banner, that looks like a video thumbnail. I’m sure, those will do really well because people, you know, if you got good thumbnail and a video play button on it, I bet those will do really well.

Mike: This is gonna be really interesting. Even if people are watching, even if you don’t buy it, like, it’s gonna be interesting to see what people do buy and how it performs. And if it does work well, then I’m sure you’ll see people copying this in the future.

Anthony: We’re doing it again coz other ones have done well. So he had done it on a smaller scale. What he had done was, what Brad had done was he had done bigger banners. They were more money, though. It was like, I think as high as $2000 for like the top banner on one of the offer walls that he had done before. And he had done really well. People were happy about it, so he says well, let’s do it on a bigger scale. Instead of me driving a million visitors into a page, let’s do where we do 10 million visitors to a page.

Mike: If you guys sell out the whole thing, how much will people have paid you for that?

Anthony: You know man, I haven’t honestly figured that out, to tell you honestly. That’s his department. It’s two – you know, it’s two thousand, I believe it’s two thousand banners and what happens is the banners, every time the page fires up, the banners are random. So, it’s not like, you’re gonna have a fixed spot. You’re gonna be buried at the bottom, below the faults. Every time the page fires up, there’ll be new banners and they’ll get rotated all the time. So, everyone’s got a shot at getting prime at real estate. It’s not — its how we are do it, so it’s not unfair to anybody. I believe it’s 2000 banner spots and 2000 text links on a page. So I don’t know, I don’t know what the math is on that man. I honestly don’t. I’ve been so busy with trying, we got like, I dunno how many hundreds of joint venture partners recruited for this and that itself is a huge task, I haven’t even thought about it. I’m like a —

Mike: I’m just trying to figure out because of course you gotta pay for the traffic and you gotta pay for the ten million visitors. I’m trying to figure out how much he’s gonna pay and how much the profit’s gonna be in the end.

Anthony: It’s a bug traffic buy. I know that it’s a five-figure traffic buy, it’s a big one. But I honestly don’t know the numbers. I’ve been so busy, dude and so like as a JV guy, there is no solitude coz everybody’s pulling on you. You know, you should see my skype. It’s like *prrrr*

Mike: I have to hit up Brad and ask him what the numbers are, maybe I can put that in the show notes under here. Well, Anthony, really, thank you so much for coming on today and sharing with us your story and is there anything that I didn’t touch on, that we didn’t mention that you wanted to add on today?

Anthony: I don’t mean to be obnoxious with my shirt. I’m not smarter than anybody watching. This given by a friend, ah Dice and Freddie Belcher. And it’s launch week and I have been so busy, that I haven’t had any of the laundry done. This is the only clean shirt I have. So I want all your viewers to know that I am not trying to be sort of an asshole saying I’m smarter than anybody.

Mike: I’m just glad that you wore a shirt. Anthony: Yeah, it’s true.
Mike: Thanks again, Anthony. I appreciate it.

Mike: I hope you enjoyed the interview today with Anthony. If you’re interested in checking out how this whole Ten Million View thing launch is going to work, it’s being launched today, on Friday, February 15th. So you can got to and check that out. I also have links to it in the show notes. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday.

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