How to get your Kindle book to rank on the first page of Amazon – with Rachel Rofe

Episode 34

On today’s Mike From Maine Show Rachel Rofe talks about how to get your Kindle books to rank on the first page in the Amazon search results. If you’re publishing books on Amazon or interested in doing so then this is something you definitely should pay attention to.

Watch the show below: Duration: 14:05
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Page One Profits – Rachel’s course that teaches you how to get your Kindle books to rank on the first page in Amazon.

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  1. Hi Mike, that interview was awesome, I have one book up on Amazon but it was poorly done and just one bad review knocked it off the shelves. I have been given different ideas how to rectify it but I have just been dragging my feet on that. Well not really, I have been writing my 2nd book with what I learnt from the 1st one, I hope to do a better job this time.

    The biggest problem I have is time, am still working though, so if you please I would like to know more about the coaching mentioned in the interview.

    1. Thanks, Ejeke.Feel free to contact Rachel if you have any more questions about ranking your Kindle books…she’s the expert not me 🙂

  2. Great stuff. Kindle is really a great avenue to spend your time right now. With the way Panda and Penguin have changed the SEO game, Amazon is ripe for the pickins! I’m super excited about my first book going live in a week or two!

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