Episode 43: How to network, email people the RIGHT way, and become famous – with Derek Halpern

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I’ve got Derek Halpern on the show. Derek really knows his stuff when it comes to positioning himself in a market and separating himself from the rest.

Watch the show below: Duration: 23:03
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  1. Great interview Mike!

    Really liked the specific questions like the thing about funny pictures and the reason why he doesn’t have dates on his posts (I have wondered that myself).

    And tip noted about having a network of connections.


  2. Awesome interview!

    I’ve subscribed to Social Triggers and will be trying to get in touch with Derek in the near future.

    Thanks for the resource Mike! I’ll be back in the near future 🙂

    1. Dan, I’m glad you liked it. Derek does a great job of creating high-quality videos that educate. You’ll be happy to be on his list.

  3. Man, Derek always cracks me up. He’s so over the top! However, his stuff works! The post date thing is pretty smart as is the way he thinks through opt-ins. Thanks for having him on the show!

    1. Travis,

      You’re welcome. Derek’s done a great job of building an audience quickly. A big part of his success is how he’s positioned himself.

  4. Great interview Mike. Socialtriggers.com is currently one of my favorite blogs to read so I actually went and searched for this post, I really believe Derek makes some of the most knowledgeable posts about blogging and marketing online out there!

    1. John,

      Yes, Derek Halpern is a smart guy who has positioned himself in a specific niche as an expert. By focusing on one thing and covering it well he has been able to build a huge following in a relatively short period of time.

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