How to stop rat bastard pirates from stealing your stuff – with Mark Hess


Episode 18

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I have plugin-maker expert Mark Hess. We discuss the need to protect your digital products from piracy by using a system to lock them down.

What’s in the interview?

1. How big a problem is piracy when it comes to digital products?

2. Learn how Mark makes a living online simply creating and selling plugins

3.  How long did it take Mark to create WPSecureLink? 1 month? One week? One day?

Watch the show below: Duration: 20:09
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  1. I met Mark recently at The Warrior Event in Orlando. He’s a great guy and loves sharing tips and tricks of the industry. He definitely knows his stuff! Great interview.

    1. Jerry,

      Mark definitely has nothing to hide 🙂 He’s very open about his business model and it was a pleasure to have him on the show.

  2. Mike, you got me to do two things I don’t normally do 1) an interview 2) appear on camera 🙂 our WP Digital Delivery plugin will be released early next week. It will be 100% FREE we’re just putting together all the documentation/videos.

    When your listeners hear how quickly we’re able to turn out plugins, it’s because the style of plugins we create lend themselves to either it works or it doesn’t. We don’t do massive plugins, we do simple stuff that gets the job done.

    If users request additional features we update the plugin. Since we have built-in auto-updates, we can update everyone automatically and they don’t need to re-download the plugin.

    Honestly, if you’re selling products, it’s your responsibility to protect them the best you can. You owe it to your customers and affiliates. There’s no way to completely prevent piracy, but at least make an effort.

    Mike, thanks for the opportunity, I really appreciate you taking the time…

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