How To Use Contest Domination To Make a Business

Contest Domination

Contest Domination PluginI used to buy a lot of shiny objects like Contest Domination when I was first getting started in Internet Marketing. But this is the first thing I’ve seen in a long time that has really caught my eye. I can think of all kinds of things that I could do with this plugin. What for example?

*I’d like to be clear that if you buy this plugin through my affiliate link I do make a commission and I’d like to thank you in advance. I have also bought this plugin, so I would never promote something that I don’t use or truly recommend. Ok, now on to the ideas!

1. Create a website that gives away something free every day

There are lots of things you can give away. You could reach out to different companies and have them give away a product in exchange for free exposure. You  could do this in the Internet Marketing niche, electronics, makeup, iPhone apps…the list seems endless. You could make money through affiliate links on the website, plus you’d have the people on a targeted list where you could sell them related items over and over. I think it could work.

2. Give away your service

A lot of us are creating something online. Some of us are article writers. Some of us make headers. Some create niche sites. Why not give away your service for free and in exchange create a list of people interested in that service? A great example would be someone like Alex in the WP Goldmine forum. He makes headers for $5 a piece. I’m sure if he had a contest giving away a few headers that people would join. And how many new customers could he get out of that? I bet it would be a big return on his investment.

3. Give away money

Ok ok…maybe not exactly money…I think that may be illegal as it could be seen as a lottery. But how about a niche site? I’m thinking about giving away a site that’s been making a certain amount of money for the last few months. The going Flippa price for a website is about 10-15 times monthly revenue. So if I give away a site that makes $10/month that prize would be worth $100-$150. Would that be worth it for you to sign up? Let me know in the comments below.


If you think I’m onto something here you can pick up a copy of Contest Domination HERE. If you use this plugin and Aweber together then you could really build a list that is Google-proof and quite profitable.

And please chime in if you have any other ideas to use this cool plugin in the comments below.
Contest Domination Plugin


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  1. Mike,

    I think #2 and #3 would be great ways to build your list if used only once in awhile. I especially like #3 and will add that to my bag of tricks.

    I wonder if #1 would have much traction as you might build a list of people who only want to contest for the freebie that comes out every day. Dunno.

    1. Sandra,

      I think you’re exactly right about #1. Maybe you could give away things to a specific niche…for example a glucose meter to diabetics. Then you could promote specific diabetes-related products to that list. It’s just a thought. Thanks for your advice.

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