How to use .EDU backlinks to rank your websites in Google – with Veit Schenk


Episode 22

On today’s Mike From Maine Show we have SEO expert Veit Schenk on to talk about the effectiveness of using .EDU links to rank your websites.

What’s in the interview?

1. Are .EDU links still as powerful after the Panda, Penguin, and EMD Google updates?

2. How do these links help with the EMD update slap?

3.  Why are .EDU links worth more than other links?

Watch the show below: Duration: 62:08
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Stuff mentioned in the show

EDU Powerpack (CLOSED)- Dofollow contextual links from your own .EDU blogs


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  1. Using Veit’s language, this was an epic interview. One thing that resonatated with me the most were Veit’s productivity notions, especially the idea that things are just intellectual concepts until you’ve experienced them.

  2. Mike
    The 60 minutes flew buy. Great information from an impressive guy!
    I vote to make every Friday interview “Veit Schenk Friday”.

  3. Hey Mike. Slowly working my way through your past interviews and listened to this one today. I’ve probably listened to 30 or so interviews now and this is right up there with my favorites. I’m sure Veit has a few more hours of wisdom to share so I’m looking forward to a follow up interview with him! Just joined his list too.

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