How Yaros Pacheco sells pre-made websites to help new marketers make money


Episode 29

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I interview Yaros Pacheco about how he makes money selling sites on Flippa. He also talks about his new product Web Cash Stream where he sells pre-made sites to new Internet marketers.

What’s in the interview?

1. What kind of sites is Yaros selling?

2. Where is this “limitless” traffic coming from?

3.  How many of these sites does Yaros use himself?

Watch the show below: Duration: 19:33
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  1. Mike,
    It took a few minutes for me to get it, but the word missing from Yaros’ presentation was “unique”. So he has a couple of hundred sites that get given to his membership, copy and pasted into their URL? And the identical sites get recycled over and over again. The only difference is the URL name? Mike, when you sell sites, do you sell identical sites over and over again? This is an interesting IM model.

    1. Jeff,

      I was also a bit confused, but I think that each site he sells is unique, but I could be wrong. Yaros, do you sell the same sites over and over, or is each site unique?

      To answer your question, the sites I sell are all unique. My sites also include the domain name.

    2. Hello,

      Thank you for your question! These websites are initially unique but can be used by many times by different customers. So, they will lose their uniqueness of course. However, every site has its own unique domain name and you have a right to make any changes including design and content to make these sites unique – necessary instructions how to do it are provided. Besides, WebCashStream also offers a special service of changing design of a site (header, logo, color, content, etc.) for $15. Furthermore, we are adding more and more websites every week, so there is no point to be afraid of the market will become oversaturated.


  2. Hi Mike,
    thank you so much for bringing us such insightful podcasts, I must admit since you started I have always found one thing new I can take away from each of your interviews.

    The uniqueness of those sites actually had me a bit apprehensive but since he has a way to make some changes that will be just perfect.

    I would like to ask about the traffic system that Yaros uses, how good or effective is it and how fast can that traffic generation system translate into cash?

    Thanks and cheers

  3. Hello,

    I am quick to answer you.

    I was always trying to sell only unique websites at Flippa, but as my experience shows, buyers are not interested much in uniqueness… If they are interested in particular niche, like design, domain and see the potential they buy. But, it must be stressed again that there are no any difficulties in changinf these websites making them unique if you need.

    Regarding traffic and promotion methods.

    At Web Cash Stream there are a lot of them offered – various methods and techniques which I used in my own practice and applied by other successfull marketers. Some people take websites, install them and flipp instantly on Flippa without any promotion, other send traffic and sell websites at a higher price, another try to earn first and then flip. And there are many users of course, who take these website for regular earnings. So, there are realy plenty of opportunities.


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