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UnLimited Leads With LifeMail

If you want to get real customer leads. So we have brought for you Mobile and Email based client leads form items. Where you will get the customer verified leads. We have designed many forms which you can use as per your requirement. You will get leads from a real customer. Which can be mobile or email based.

Second thing, the mobile verification form works globally, that is, if the user of one’s country fill the inquires, you will get a valid lead. If you want specific country mobile verification then it is also possible.


FaceBook Page Scraper

Scrape public information from any Facebook page by keyword within a location. Get page name, check-ins count, likes count, email, phone, website, address and more.


LinkedIn Emails Scraper

Scrape list of emails for LinkedIn professionals by any keyword or location using Google search.


Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab is a Powerful and yet simple to use PHP affiliate Management System for your new or existing website.

Let affiliates sell your products, bring you traffic or even leads and reward them with a commission.

More importantly, use Affiliate Pro to track it intelligently to keep your affiliates happy and also your bottom line


Website Survey

Website Survey is a seo tool which will help you analyse your web page. This app provide a full information about links, meta tags of chosen domain. In addition you will see personal advices how to optimize your HTML.


Store Locator Pro

The Store Locator Pro will be able to list nearby stores / outlets around your web visitors from nearest to the furthest distance away.

Your customers will never be lost again getting to your stores / locations.


Session Management

Most shared hosting providers use a shared temp folder for session storage, this opens a very large security hold for any sites that rely on the session being private as it allows anyone with access to the server to spy on your users sessions.

For this reason most sites that use shared hosting resort to using custom session handling code, this is the functionality that this item provides along with a simple and easy to use admin area to view active sessions.


Simple FTP

Simple FTP is a PHP class that makes life easy for PHP App Developers and System Admins. It is simple to configure via a central configuration file and simple to use via one line commands.

It also builds on the current PHP FTP functionality by offering multiple file uploads in a single command. This super easy script handles the connection and authentication facets of FTP so you can focus on creating your business logic or running your admin scripts. 


CloudFlare Software

Major features in CloudFlare Software include:

  • Show real IP in your blog.
    Block selected country to access your blog.
  • Whitelist IP to access your domain name.
  • Blacklist IP to access your domain name.
  • Purge entire cache for your domain name.
  • Purge single file URL for your domain name.
  • Check your domain name analytic.
  • Check your domain name latest visitor IP.


Secure Captcha System

This helps you to stop spam by asking the user to type a random generated Verification Code.


Website Compressor

Compress your Sites


Key Generation Software

Generate your custom keys online.


Image Server

Retrieve your images at any-size without the need to store Thumbnails and different size images of the same image.


Visitor Heatmap on Your Websites

The Visitor Heatmap is for recording and visualizing user behaviour on your posts or pages. This is especially useful for acceptance testing, A/B tests and many more for your website


Visitor Stats for WordPress

Visitor Stats’ is a WordPress dashboard widget that allows you to monitor visitors to your website in real time. Easily ban IP addresses from accessing your website, and redirect them to a URL of your choice.

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Writing a blog post from scratch is hard, staring at a blank page with no way to get started is what keeps most people away from writing content.

That's why they can never get anything done on their website or write blog posts every day. 

But what if you did not have to start from scratch?

Introducing 1-Click Blog Post.

This wordpress plugin takes you from a blank page 

to a complete blog post in just 3 seconds.


CLOUD EDITION of 1-Click Blog Post
Based on a lot of feedback from affiliates & customers we have added a CLOUD VERSION of the software on the front end as well.

This helps people with non wordpress sites or any kind of site or business to generated fresh content in just 1-Click.

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