​​​​Mark Thompson (USA) Cheat Sheet​

-You need to think long term with your business. Product launches are short-lived. After that it dies down. What are you going to do with these leads?
-You need to have a balance between short term and long term revenue
-He strongly recommends doing video training because it's the cheapest to produce
-Software has more perceived value, but it costs more to produce
-Mark is moving away from doing launches on the Warrior forum because people complain too much
-He prefers self-hosting…make sure you have enough bandwidth if you are self hosting so you don't crash your server…he recommends Liquid Web because you can add and remove resources as needed (memory and bandwidth) He pays $120-$150 per month…he bumps up to the $300/month plan on launch days…but just for that time
-have a video on your sales page so people know who you are
-Launches with a lite version and full version of products…most people buy the full version…
-Anything below $10 you should give 100% commissions…$10-$27 is 60%…$27 and upwards is 50% commissions
-When creating a sales letter he spends an hour or two figuring out the angles for the product and then pays $197…then he takes it and tweaks it…you can try to do it yourself, but having a copywriter will help…it's hard to find good copywriters
-Make sure you know what your goals are for the launch…is it to make money or build a list?