Marketing Plan for November

Last month was my best month online in over three years. No, I didn’t make a lot of money, but after deducting all my expenses I came out with $355 in pure profit. That’s not bad since I spent $265 to make it.

Therefore, for the month of November I’ve decided to budget my spending and see what happens. I’m going to simply work with my profit from October. That means that for all my Internet marketing efforts I will only be allowed to spend $355. So how’s this gonna work?

Already I know I will spend a certain amount on subscriptions and monthly payments. That means that $130 is already going to be used up. That leaves me with $225 to spend.

I know that for each new piece of content I create it costs me $3 to outsource the article, $3 to have it spun, and $3 to outsource AMR and UAW to it. That’s $9 per article. So, that means that for the month of November I can create 25 new pieces of content.

The problem is I need to figure out which sites to build on. I have about 30 sites going right now, but there are a few that have been pulling in some adsense clicks so I’d like to focus my effort on those.

My system is that for every $10 in adsense clicks a site makes I will add another piece of content to it. I have one site that made $70, so it will get 7 new posts. At the same time I will be adding backlinks to my other sites to give them a chance to start earning as well. However my logic is that Google already favors authority sites, so why not simply build upon what’s working.


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