How to make $75 per call as an EMERGENCY lead consultant

Episode 370


Have you ever had a pipe burst in your kitchen sink? How about having your car break down in the middle of nowhere? Or perhaps you’ve been locked out of your apartment? I wouldn’t be surprised if at one of these times your first reaction was to do a quick Google search on your phone to get the problem solved IMMEDIATELY. In fact, that’s what most people do, and THAT’S where YOU come in.

The businesses that provide the services that solve emergency problems WANT their business desperately. They will happily pay you as a consultant for every call, or lead, that you send their way.

Joe Martin is on the show today to talk about getting clients and providing them with leads using his Mobi 911 Leads system.

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”534F0090BC397″]


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