My “Secret” Link Building Weapon Exposed – How To Setup EZArticleLink To Rank Your Niche Sites

A lot of you have asked me to explain how I use EZArticleLink to rank my websites in Google. EZArticleLink works really well to get your sites on the first page of Google, but setting it up can be a bit complicated. What I’ve done in this video is go through step by step showing you how to setup an EZarticleLink account. I invite you to sign up for your own free account and give it a try. If you sign up for any of these link building services I will receive a commission, but I wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t use….ever!

A Quick “How it works”

It’s basically a blog network where you get links from other people’s websites that are in the system. For every “Standard domain” (a website that only is used for link building…not for making money) that you add to the system you get one credit for a “Post only” domain (a website that you want to build links to and make money from). If you get the paid membership you can add 20 “Standard domains” and then have unlimited credits for “Post only” domains so you can build links to as many sites as you want.

Those of you familiar with my Free Niche site building course (just enter your email in the sidebar to get the full course) will recognize the video below from my link building explanation section. I’ve used it again here as it explains exactly how I get my articles spun at EZArticleLink and then use them to build links with SocialAdr, Unique Article Wizard, and Article Marketing Robot.
I really hope these videos have answered most of your questions in regards to EZArticleLink. I’d like to use this post as a place to ask and answer all your questions in regards to this great link building service. If you use this or have any questions please sound off in the comments below.

Get your free EZArticleLink Account now!

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  1. Nice new website Mike! (was about time 😉 )
    Love the new theme 🙂

    I’m gonna try and do the same for my linkbuilding, as it is something I really hate to do …

    1. Ralph,

      I know I know…I hope this video helps you guys out. Link building can be a pain in the butt, but this really makes it a whole lot easier. Especially if you combine it with socialadr, Unique Article Wizard, and Article Marketing Robot.

  2. Hi Mike,

    thanks for another great article.
    I think for fairness reason you should just mention that once you cancel your subscriptions or remove your sites EZArticleLink will delete all links that have been created in the past, which, if you used EZA for quite some time, can be a lot of links that are basically gone by night and this in return can lead to a huge drop in the rankings.

    1. Daniel,

      I’m not sure if that is true or not…I think if you cancel your Gold account it will just stop building links, but I could be wrong. I’ll ask Kenneth at EZArticleLink and get back to you.

      Anyway, at $34/month it’s a super cheap service.

  3. Great job on the new site Mike 🙂

    Still experimenting with link building but its a tricky one as you can’t really test how effective a strategy is for a few months after starting. Might give EZ a try if my current setup isn’t getting results in a few months time. Be very interested to here whether links are removed if you cancel though. I’d be surprised if they did do that as a lot of links won’t be on sites they own…?

    SocialADR is an interesting one as many niche don’t lend themselves that well to social links I wouldn’t have thought?

    1. Andrew,

      I’m glad you like it…it’s still not finished yet.

      I don’t think they remove the links if you cancel since you can have a free account and those links will stay forever. It just stops posting if you cancel is what I thought.

      Anyway, it’s not something that I’m worried about because I’m not gonna cancel 🙂

  4. Nice video! Very well explained.
    2 questions:
    – Can you use this also for non English sites? (Dutch?)
    – Can you make a video how you combine this with the other services you use?

    1. Sulejman,

      I don’t think you can use it with other languages, but I’m not 100% sure. Perhaps Kenneth can chime in here.

      There’s a video under the first video about how I use it with the other services.

  5. Hi Mike,
    Great videos. I’m definitely going to give this a try since backlinking has always been a struggle for me.
    Do you create a new hosting account for each standard domain directory you create or do you have one hosting account with multiple article directories?

    1. James,

      I use ONE hosting account for the 20 standard domains. If you have 20 standard domains you can pay $34/month and have UNLIMITED post only domains.

  6. Are the Article directories just general directories with all sorts of articles going into them or do you get to pick a category so its more focused on only Business Articles or Consumer Articles? Also are all the links going to be PR0 page rank I assume. Do you have a Directory Website link you could point us to that gives an idea of what content gets placed on those sites and what the spun text reads like?
    Lot of Questions — Sorry but I think many who have used several other services in the past would have these as well.

    1. Daniel,

      You don’t have any control on the content going into the directories. It really doesn’t matter because these sites will only be used as standard domains…you will essentially forget about them.

      All the links won’t be PR 0. Not everyone sets up their EZarticlelink this way. Lots of people just put them on their regular domains because they don’t want to buy extra websites. I suggest buying extra websites because it’s a safer way of doing things.

      Here’s a website that I only use for EZarticlelink:

  7. I thought panda and penguin were supposed to do away with link building tactics like this. I’m assuming this still works for you? Don’t you think it’s just a matter of time before this “blog network” gets hit as well?

    I’m currently experimenting with SocialAdr only on one of my niche sites…see how that goes. I love the idea and concept of SocialAdr, but wonder how much value those links really hold. Would love your input.

    1. Matthew,

      These tactics still work…not as well as they used to…but they still work.

      Socialadr is a great tool as well. I think that the most important part is to have link diversity.

  8. I love the new look of your site Mike, keep up the great work! My sites are starting to come together nicely and are starting to rank, thanks for everything you have done for me.


  9. I spoke with Kenneth about links staying if you stop paying for your subscription. He said:

    “[The links] Remain as long as they remain as a Silver. If they completely delete their account, then everything will be gone. Hope that makes sense. 🙂 ”

    So as long as you keep your free account your links won’t be deleted!

  10. Mike you F’in rock dude! Thanks for the awesome informational video. I was hesitant at first about how EZarticlelink worked. But now im excited to jump in and see how it works with my own sites! Cheers!

    1. Matt,

      I’m glad you like it. I hope you like EZarticlelink…it really has helped to take my business to the next level.

  11. Mike,

    Pretty awesome link building strategy. How long did it take you to come up with this idea?

    I really like the flow from getting your article spun and then you using that spun version in SocialADR / UAW etc.

    I’ll be using a different strategy I have come across and see how it goes. I know its not difficult and you’re being cautious by setting up additional .info domains but to me it seems a bit to much.

    Anyway, keep up great work!

    1. Thomas,

      Glad you like the link building strategy. The idea is a combination of a lot of different ideas put together. It may not be the best, but it works, and that’s what’s important.

    1. Dave,

      Yeah, I think that there are way too many sites out there just offering general information. Many people (including myself) need to be walked through things the first time.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Videos like this are great hands on tutorials that allow us to go in with “some” knowledge and then we can then go in and tweak for performance and results

        1. Sebastian,

          I’m glad you’re able to get something out of my videos. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me or make a comment.

  12. Just want to clarify that you do in fact post the spun articles you want to build back links to from the “post only” site, which would be under the same domain?

    This is a different system, but you video makes lots of it understandable!

    Love the tutorials, I am currently giving ezarticlelink a spin<- ha get it? (used ur affiliate link too)

  13. Mike, I just came across your site while searching for domains to buy over at WF.

    I think this is the first site that actually tells people HOW to make money on their own. I am def. going to come back and read more of your posts. I dabble in flipping sites but I think that after reading your articles I will able to increase the amount of sites I develop and possibly raise the amount I make.

  14. Great stuff mike! Can I add adsense on right after my sight get indexed? I never did adsense and was also wondering if the ctr theme is prone to get you banned

    1. Barry,

      Perhaps if you put way to many ads above the fold, but if you use their layouts you will most likely be ok. Lots of people use that theme.

  15. Hey Mike, I was wonder how well Article Marketing Robot and Unique Article Wizard works?

    I have a few site pulling in a decent amount of money a month but I’m looking to up my game and revise my strategy including both the tools. I was wondering if they’re really worth the money?

  16. Great stuff, Mike–as you know, I’m a fan and a member of your info list. Thanks for uploading further clarification of EZArticleLink. I will hopefully be able to report some level of mastery of it in the near future. Still working on it with my VA, for now though.

    One point,–somewhere around 12 or 13 minutes into your original EZarticleLink video, you segue into SocialAdr uploading. Some of us may be wondering how and if the EZArticleLink process was finally “completed”. The final steps to completion seem to be missing.

    Anyway, thanks for the useful guide and tips, always!

    1. What final steps did you want to see? I’m planning on doing a video with a more in-depth explanation of SocialAdr if that’s what you’re looking for.

      1. Thanks, Mike. No, Social Adr has crystal clear instructions. My question is what is happening from about 13:40, and at what point is the EZ Article Link submission “completed.” The first 11-12 minutes (of the 2nd video above) are very clear, then you seem to be dealing with the spins you have outsourced, then you are suddenly on SocialAdr. So I was wondering what happened with the EZArticle link submission we were working towards finishing in this tutorial.

        I think UAW has a message that says “congratulations-you’re done” or something, so I was looking to get to that point in the process, if that makes sense.

        1. James,

          After you submit your ezarticlelink article it will automatically start posting after 3 days if you don’t go back in and start it up.

  17. Hello Mike, Dori here . I do a lot of difference types of Link building . I have still not tried out “EZArticleLink” . I want to ask a personal question.

    Sir, from your experience so far , how long does it take before you start see results with these types of links?


    1. Joe, I wouldn’t say it is better, but it works very well ALONG SIDE IT. I use both services to build links to my websites so that all my links don’t just come from one place.

  18. Hi Mike, Thanks for sharing this information! Do you use UAW? If so how many links do you put in the article? Love to see a tutorial! Thanks again:)

  19. Great post Mike! As always right on the ball. Im glad to report that 2 of the domains I bought from you a couple of months ago have turned into $15 a month sites and all I’ve added were 2 articles to each site and added them to socialadr. I took a while for me to see some action from my other sites, but it’s coming along. Do you need to setup a contact and privacy or about us page on the .info standard domains to be used in EZA?

    1. Thanks, Sebastian.

      I’m glad to hear that the two sites that you bought from me are doing well. It’s always nice to hear feedback from customers.

      With the EZArticleLink sites you don’t need to have contact or privacy pages. You just need a basic site.

  20. Great vids Mike! Are you still going with the keyword anchor text since the last google update or adding “click here” etc? What percentage are using?

    Thanks Josh

  21. Hi Mike,

    I’m sure you’ll be asked this ad infinitum over the next few weeks. How did your sites handle the latest Google update and more importantly do you think it’ll have any effect on the valuation of Adsense micro sites, eg the default multiplier of 15-20x will drop to a figure such as 10-12x?


    1. Adrian,

      Yes, I’ve been affected. I’m not sure about the value being affected. In fact sites that withstood the slap could be worth more. It’s too early to say a lot though. I’ll post an update soon.

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