My “Secret” Link Building Weapon Exposed – How To Setup EZArticleLink To Rank Your Niche Sites

A lot of you have asked me to explain how I use EZArticleLink to rank my websites in Google. EZArticleLink works really well to get your sites on the first page of Google, but setting it up can be a bit complicated. What I’ve done in this video is go through step by step showing you how to setup an EZarticleLink account. I invite you to sign up for your own free account and give it a try. If you sign up for any of these link building services I will receive a commission, but I wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t use….ever!

A Quick “How it works”

It’s basically a blog network where you get links from other people’s websites that are in the system. For every “Standard domain” (a website that only is used for link building…not for making money) that you add to the system you get one credit for a “Post only” domain (a website that you want to build links to and make money from). If you get the paid membership you can add 20 “Standard domains” and then have unlimited credits for “Post only” domains so you can build links to as many sites as you want.

Those of you familiar with my Free Niche site building course (just enter your email in the sidebar to get the full course) will recognize the video below from my link building explanation section. I’ve used it again here as it explains exactly how I get my articles spun at EZArticleLink and then use them to build links with SocialAdr, Unique Article Wizard, and Article Marketing Robot.
I really hope these videos have answered most of your questions in regards to EZArticleLink. I’d like to use this post as a place to ask and answer all your questions in regards to this great link building service. If you use this or have any questions please sound off in the comments below.

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  • August 20, 2012
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