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Build My Rank – This Is Not a Review

build my rankThis month I’ve decided to give a bit of link juice to some of my websites that are sitting on the first page of Google. They have links from Article Marketing Robot, Social Adr, and EZ article link so far, but I think they need a little PR juice to move up the ranks. So what will I do?

Build My Rank

I’m going to shoot Build My Rank links at 5 websites in February. How many links? I will give each websites 3 links per day. I think this will be enough to have an effect but not too much to look fishy in the eyes of Google. Do I have kind of research backing this up? No. However, it seems quite logical.

How will I get 3 links per day to 5 websites?

I really don’t like writing so I’ll be outsourcing all of this. I’ll be paying $60 for the BMR subscription plus $120 for 450 150-word articles. That’s $.4 per article…thus $.40 per link. I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Site # 1: Page 1, position 5

Site # 2: Page 1, position 2

Site # 3: Page 1, position 3

Site # 4: Page 1, position 5

Site # 5: Page 1, position 3

All these sites are in strong positions, but I know that if I can get them to move up the page I can make a lot more money from them, especially the ones sitting in position 5.

Let the games begin 🙂

  • January 28, 2012