The Mike From Maine Show

Revenue Update for January 2012


Domains: $433

Social Adr: $38

EZarticle spin credits: $180

Ezarticle link subscription: $30

AMR/UAW outsourcing: $60

Odesk writing: $215

Long Tail Pro: $72

ManageWP: $50

Copyscape: $10

Build My Rank:$59

peasy ads (CLOSED): $17

Free Jing and ScreenCast Subscription for
easily explaining things to workers : $10

Whoosh (CLOSED) rank tracking subscription: $30

website creation outsourcing: $30

CTR Theme: $27

Header: $5

Total expenses: $1,267


Text link ads: $67

Adsense: $1,305

Total Revenue: $1,372

Total Profit: $105


Only $105? What’s going? Last month was so great! Well, the reason is I’m really ramping things up lately. Justin from Adsense Flippers Empire Flippers made a comment on my blog about how I spend only my profits each month on website creation. He mentioned how him and Joe also did this at first, but it was too slow in order to make a lot of websites quickly and scale things up. I totally agreed with them so I’m changing my strategy.

Last month I spent $1,267 on my business. That’s completely fine since I created about 40 new websites and bought domain names for others that are in the process of being built. As of today I have 69 websites. It’s a huge investment which I hope will really pay off in the next few months.

Recovering from the “Above the fold” Google Update

I got slapped a bit at the end of last month  by the Google algorithm update, but I’m already starting to see improvement in my rankings after changing my ad layout. I’ve started using the CTR theme on some of my sites and it really seems to get a good click through rate so far. I’ll keep you updated with how it works out.


  • February 3, 2012