Product Launch Competition – Which team will YOU support?

Episode 281

I'm excited to bring you a completely different type of episode today. As I'm typing this, there's currently a competition going on where TWO TEAMS of marketers are going head to head and launching a product at the same time.

Where do you come in?

First off, watch the video below and I'll explain a bit more in detail about what's going on. Then, check out the two interviews below and choose which FREE webinar you'd like to sign up for that will go live today, Monday, December 16th at 3pm EST (noon PST).

After watching you'll then decide if you want to join the SEO Rehab webinar or the Retargeting Revolution webinar at 3pm EST.​

I think you're really going to have fun with this, so check out the videos below and join the webinar that YOU think will be right for you.​

Check out the interviews below and join the FREE webinar that you're most interested in

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