New SNEAKY Software That MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds

‚ÄčEpisode 898

Take a look at your browser tabs. If you're like most people you have 5, 10, even 20 or more tabs open right now! This makes it all too easy for a visitor to your site to get lost in their own "sea of tabs" and navigate away from your site. Think of all the new subscribers you could add to your list, or the number of sales you could make if you had a tool to recover, or re-engage, these wandering visitors. Fortunately, there is such a tool!

Today Tim Verdouw is on the show to talk about Re-Engager and how you can use this software to recover, or re-engage, visitors who have left your page through the use of a special browser tab notification that gets their attention.You can even use this software to build, add coupons, and lots of other marketing tactics.

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