How to CASH IN on Google Hangouts with a webinar system you can SELL

Episode 453

runclickOk, so Google Hangouts are free. However, webinar software can cost up to $497 per month. Yes, that’s super expensive, but don’t worry, RunClick Webinar Software is a one-time payment, uses FREE Google Hangouts, and is on sale for the next 5 days. But forget that for a second…I’ve got more exciting things for you.

In today’s interview Walt Bayliss brought up a really cool way that his customer Drew is using his software to make money. What Drew did was buy the first OTO ($67 for the developers rights) which allows him to install it on his customer’s websites as well. He posted back to Walt that he’d already made money by replacing TWO customer’s $6,000/yr webinar system with RunClick Webinar Software. And that’s just ONE of the ways you can monetize this software.

Today on the show we’ll talk about exactly what RunClick Webinar Software is and what it can do for your business.

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Watch the show below:

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