​​​​Russ Ruffino Cheat Sheet

-You have to have the right product. A cheap, Fast, Newbie friendly method…it needs to all three in order to succeed. If they have to invest $500 to make it work then it won't work. The end result has to be something that has universal value
-If you're teaching something that's a bit advanced you still need to position it as being cheap, fast, and newbie friendly
-Most people who buy your product will never actually apply the methods
-The sales copy has to be superb…you can't do a WSO launch without amazing sales copy
-Russ writes his own sales copy. Amazing sales copy is expensive. Everyone should try to get good at writing sales copy
-Just model other successful WSOs…don't try to reinvent the wheel…just copy other successful people…from there you can learn certain principles that work
-Watch me get "amazing result" in "short time" that's "really easy"…how to "awesome" without "suck"…how to get something without doing something that you don't want to do…what is the problem that this solves…explain why it sucks and explain the solution
-Sub headlines on the Warrior forum are more important than anything else…when someone looks at your sales thread they will be skimming it…the subheadlines need to tell the entire story of the sales copy…you should be able to get the gist of the entire sales copy just by reading the sub headlines…
-He recommends Dan Kennedy's "The Ultimate Sales Letter" as a resource for learning copywriting
-He doesn't do drawn out launches with contests and stuff…he makes the product so that the EPC is high so that people will mail
-$7 to $17 dimesale…price goes up EVERY ONE SALE…you want the "Buy now" button to say "one left at this price" all the time…if you think it's going to go up really quickly then do $.01 per sale or $.02 per sale…
-You know if the WSO is going to be a success or failure in the first few hours…you want to see 10 to 20%
-You want to have two OTOs…$27 and $37…and a very very very expensive something to pitch them on the backend of the WSO itself…$2,860/month mentoring is something that he pitched on the backend
-The first OTO should solve the next problem that the person will have…the second OTO will be some way of making the process even easier
-For the OTO you never want to undermine what you just sold…you should say "Thanks for buying, you just bought an awesome course, it's going to blow your mind…but now you're going to need to know this…"
-For the 2nd OTO it should be a done for your version
-If everything goes wrong BUT your sales copy and concept are phenomenal then you can still make money
-Too many people spend way too much time on your product and not enough on their sales copy…you should write your sales copy before you make the product