​​​​Sam England Cheat Sheet​

-Make sure it's a good product. Make sure the market will respond to it.
-Use mind maps to chart it out. If you've got a partner then get your agreement written out. He uses Free Mind
-He uses two screens so that he can have the info on one screen and then use the other screen to create videos and other stuff
-When you launch with a partner you can put a list signup on the product page so that people can sign up for both lists…about 80 to 85% sign up for the second list…revenue share should be 50/50…also decide how long you'll keep it open
-He pays $200-$300 for copywriting…he found them on the Warrior forum…some of them will take 3-4 weeks to deliver
-If you partner with someone make sure you have your name on it and are actively participating in the product or the moderators in the Warrior forum will warn you
-Have everything ready BEFORE you announce the launch…then start recruiting JV partners.
-Get in a Skype group or Facebook JV groups
-You can start private messaging some of the top people on the Warrior forum…3-4 weeks ahead of time..do 8 to 10 per day…give them a review copy…that way they can plan and put it on their schedule
-When messaging people try to be personal…don't just pitch
-He doesn't do contests…it can be risky…when he mails for people he doesn't even look to see if there's a contest
-He'll mail for someone if he likes their stuff, if they have a real name with a picture, just because he doesn't know them doesn't mean he won't promote for them
-No less than 50% to JVs, no more than 75%
-Have at least one oto…you can sell a 2 hour webinar for $7 to $17…if it's an info product then it can be helpful…you can get a guest speaker on
-Have a followup sequence for the list starting 7 days after they buy…first push the OTOs if they haven't bought it, then products that compliment it
-Go to events to meet JVs and create relationships

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