Stop wasting time and put your business on Auto Pilot with Trello

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Resources mentioned:

Trello (free)- I can’t recommend this project management system enough. It’s free and it can save you so much time when trying to manage multiple writers, site builders, and link builders. Use it now!!!

Step by step niche site instructions– This is my free course showing the exact process how I make niche websites.

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  1. When you have someone create your website how do you deal with giving out passwords? They would need your Cpanel password wouldn’t they? Is it just trust or is their some other method to keep all your sites secure.

    Also on the waiting to be indexed step does the person just check google to see if it has been indexed or is there something else?

    PS. I bought a site from you last week and it is working out well. Count me as a satisfied customer.

    1. Mark,

      I have the same workers work on all my sites. I trust them.

      When checking to see if a site is indexed you just go to google and search for: site: (of course you put in your site name instead. If it comes up with results then it’s indexed. If not, then it isn’t.

      I’m thrilled that your site is doing well. Keep me updated about it’s progress.

    2. Nicole,

      I know this answer is like a year late, but I’ve had a lot of success with lastpass ( The free plugin allows you to do a lot of things but the premium version ($12/yr) allows you to share passwords. When another person (your developer) has the plugin installed they can click a link and it will fill the fields with the username and password.

      If you ever don’t want that person to have access you can just revoke the login. I still create a separate user for my employees than myself for logging reasons but if I have access to a site that I need them to use I can just invite them to lastpass and they are in. This can work for other things too when you only have one set of credentials to get them into a site they need to use.

  2. Wow, that was really cool. Thanks for sharing, never heard of Trello before but I can think of a lot of other project’s it would be good at managing too! If I were you I would also use it to manage the number of tabs I have open at once in chrome! I’ve never seen that many open before. Pretty amusing:)

    1. Nicole,

      Haha, I’ve got a lot going on right now…those tabs are open because I’m in the process of making another video.

  3. Interesting task management solution for niche site building. However, will the dates tasks were completed be recorded? That seems important to me. Also how is searching per site name? Thinking that a true CRM might be a better way to organize the data especially for people with a large amount of sites.

    I am in the process of setting up our process in vTiger, it will be interesting to compare the systems.

  4. Joe,

    Yes, the dates are recorded. You can also put due dates for things. You can also search the whole system for site names. It also serves as a backup system since all my domains are in there with their content attached.

    It’s a good system if you want something simple to use. However, I’m sure things like vTiger will provide a lot more data and tracking.

  5. Thank you Mike, This is so helpfull tip for me.
    I’ll try Trello today with my Odesk worker.

    And I have a suggestion for you: I think you should use Youtube for your videos. I think youtube more usefull and more viral than Wistia, I dont know about Wistia statistic page but I suggest Youtube.

    I tried use “Google Alerts” for take indexed message but doesnt work, maybe we’ll find a way (:

    Thank you again (:

    1. Batuhan,

      I’m glad it’s helped you out.

      I’m using Wistia because I an have complete control of the videos. Plus it’s better quality than Youtube. It’s a personal preference for me.

  6. Do you make a new board for every site? Or do you use the same board?

    Are you using Trello also for different puposes?

    1. Sulejman,

      I make a new “card” for every site. I use the same board.

      I also use Trello for a Mastermind group.

  7. I have several organizations withing trello. Each org has several boards. Even though I have added a person to an organization (either as a member or admin) I then have to add them to the board(s).

    Is this the process or am I doing something backwards or is it broked?!?

    Jason Ansley
    Business Development Coach

  8. I would recommend checking out for an online GTD manager.

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

    1. Dan,

      I checked it out, but I think Trello is a much easier tool to use. Of course, if you have a really complicated sales force then maybe your product would work, but for now I’m super happy with Trello…and it’s free.

  9. I just wanted to say that it’s awesome to see another marketer using a Mac OS instead of the usual Microshaft OS. I have several computers in my home, including a Macbook Pro, two desktop computers with Linux/Ubuntu OS’ (One of which acts as a 10TB storage server for the other computers), and only one Windows computer (Which is used for playing games with friends).

    1. Teravel,

      Haha…with virtual machines now you can run Windows programs on a Mac now, so whichever one you prefer is fine. And I love my Macbook 🙂

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